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  1. N.C. Governor creates country's first "Innocence Inquiry Commission" for prisoners
  2. Felon denied permission for AR-15 silencer by Chief, decides to blow up the station
  3. So called leader of Church says molesting kids is ok and protected by law
  4. Man buys beer for minors..Judge dismisses case..says D.A. didn't prove Miller is beer
  5. Midge the 6lb Police K9
  6. City policy restricts website access tying Investigator's hands
  7. Five young women sue Casey County schools over alleged bullying
  8. Cynthia McKinney Ready To Sue Atlanta Newspaper For Libel
  9. PBSO Deputy gets probation for shooting into vehicle after sex act not completed...
  10. Customer Robbed, Shot In Head At Gas Station
  11. Such a damn shame!
  12. Beware the 'Bump' Key
  13. Fired DJ files defamation suit against New York councilman
  14. Frisco, Texas Teen Vowed Random Killing, Police Say
  15. Another underage male student/hot female teacher sex scandal
  16. England lawmaker calling for ban on men going shirtless...hopefully others to follow
  17. Drunk Passenger Fights DUI For Steering While Driver Eats Sandwich
  18. Good Luck
  19. Preacher's wife pulls gun in Church on Preacher after he sends naughty text messages
  20. Camp Counselors at Christian summer camp accussed of playing explicit games with boys
  21. Chuck Norris leads vote for Budapest bridge name
  22. How To Find a Meth Dealer
  23. Dumb and dumber, out on the town.
  24. Another Atta Boy for Sheriff Joe..
  25. Michael Moore claims Republicans are hugging and agreeing with him more than ever now
  26. Berlin Opera House encouraging attendees to smoke marijuana to enhance the experience
  27. Killed Marine's father suing crazy Phelps woman and her looney tunes "Church"
  28. "student Busted For Taking Cop Pictures"
  29. Man charged after woman dies during home liposuction surgery
  30. Family Rape
  31. Police officer saves child stuck in river
  32. SCARY: Since annual drug testing in 1999 by Boston PD, 75 officers have come up dirty
  33. Sheriff arrested for felony theft after stealing $$$ at work..will stay on as Sheriff
  34. F.O.P. Calls on Congress to Condemn Tribute to Cop-Killer
  35. Sheriff Puts Dogs in Jail
  36. Wanted By H.P.D.
  37. Kan. Workers Find Pot at City Hall
  38. Jury Acquits Man of 'Handshake' Assaults
  39. More from the Peace and Tolerance Crowd
  40. Mel Gibson arrested for driving under the influence
  41. Bank Robberies Up Dramatically in North Texas
  42. A Day Late, Capitol Police Expected to Patrol Mall Friday
  43. "Something told me it was him when I saw his car flying"
  44. 3 accused of turning real bills into fakes
  45. Darwin award winning Prostitute propositions police officer in full uniform for sex
  46. Man released on bail for sexual assault re-offends before leaving courtroom
  47. Daytona Police Officer reprimanded for calling prostitute 82 times over 3 months
  48. Don't make donut jokes to cops when you're carrying a stolen stereo
  49. 81 yr old Senator's father busted for doing 38 yr old in pizzeria parking lot
  50. Parents of the Year forced to give award back after the little arson/assault thing
  51. N'Sync boy band member, Lance Bass, reveals he's gay.....
  52. Dumb: Screwing girlfriend in elementary school bathroom. Dumber.......
  53. Calling 911: Ok/ Calling 911 because your power is out and you're missing Leno: Bad
  54. Canadian charged with urinating on war memorial of dead soldiers
  55. Escaping from jail and flagging down an undercover cop for a ride is a bad idea
  56. 60-plus members of violent gang arrested in N.J. raids
  57. Legislators warned about border gangs
  58. Gangs starting Early
  59. Legislators warned about border gangs
  60. Cindy Sheehan buys land near Bushís ranch
  61. Shocking News: Knives Cut People!!!!
  62. Colorado killer admits to 48 other murders
  63. Maryland Officer Shoots, Arrests Man
  64. Cop's night job as hooker is nixed
  65. Tour champ had high testosterone levels
  66. Hillary's $3,000 Hair Cut
  67. Fake Zombies Arrested On WMD Charges
  68. Cows about that then
  69. some people would pay for that
  70. One Shot, One Kill!
  71. Bad guy Tried to shoot us bad guy shot instead
  72. Bush Gropes German Chancellor
  73. Dallas: Texas Truck Chase, Hostage Drama Ends
  74. You think your partner is bad?
  75. Drug War Police Tactics Endanger Innocent Citizens
  76. Ex-girlfriend found guilty in Little Elm Officers death
  77. Nice Site from Ohio state highway Patrol Many Videos
  78. Videotape Shows Wild R.V. Chase That Ended in Maumee Bay
  79. Caught On Tape: Police Pelted With Shoes
  80. Chilling traffic stop shooting video
  81. Prosecutors: Attack not hate crime
  82. 14 Year Old In Coma
  83. White Kid Gets Beat by Black Kids
  84. Banger Info Released
  85. Four teens charged in attack using artificial leg
  86. Dangerous Job?
  87. Call girl Cop.
  88. Chef Arrested for Beating Colleague in Dispute over Hors D'oeuvres, aka Horse Duffers
  89. U.S.Navy releases Al Qaeda Terrorist
  90. Taser Taser Taser
  91. Applesauce isn't necessarily good for you
  92. What in the what now???
  93. Bandit Blurts Out Partner's Name During Robbery - Police Arrest All 4 Gunmen
  94. Human Trafficking
  95. Evidence Chicago police tortured suspects
  96. Man accused of posing as agent
  97. Couple dies in Petersburg accident, police blamed
  98. Americans with No Abilities Act of 2006
  99. SPCA Rescues 200 Dogs From Animal Control Officer
  100. Dumbass politician waved weapon at utility workers
  101. man injured in RAM raid
  102. Pink Floyd legend Syd Barrett dies
  103. Ted Nugent on deer hunting
  104. Officers surround house to negoiate with suicidal woman...to bad she isn't there
  105. Air ambulance stoned by yobs!!!
  106. Fire fighters face attacks
  107. Famous Bow Street Magistrates Court to close
  108. Woman asks 911 to send 'cutie pie' deputy
  109. Crazy court decision on custody issue
  110. More signs that the media can't get their story straight
  111. G-8 protesters plan to march despite ban
  112. Ugly ass cat born
  113. Yours Truly In the news
  114. Stealing from the Judge
  115. Do not Spit on the public!
  116. Reca?
  117. Three Cheers For Australia !
  118. The scars you donít see
  119. Bush: Florida crime rate down to lowest level since '71
  120. National emergency? Check your text messages...
  121. Inmate killed in struggle after shooting sheriff's deputy
  122. Virginia death row inmate chooses electrocution
  123. Ohio executes prisoner using new injection guidelines
  124. Inspector: Homeland Security database flawed
  125. Boy, 3, shoots father
  126. Report: Bonds indictment could come soon
  127. Los Angeles city task force sharply criticizes police department urges reforms
  128. DMV Instructor Killed in TC
  129. D.C. Police Chief Declares Crime Emergency
  130. Mother Killed Possibly With Own Gun
  131. Police Officer Shot On South Side
  132. New fashion trend has men now wearing women's jeans. Straight from the bizarre files
  133. Mother charged for throwing beer bash for her 18 year old son
  134. Parents to allow 5 yr old son to enter Kindergarten as a girl
  135. Judge strikes down Alaska law making possessing small amounts of marijuana illegal
  136. Sex offenders file lawsuit to overturn law & allow them to live near schools
  137. 6 Jersey Officers Arrested
  138. Mayor uses racial/sexual slurs towards police & tells them to write Hispanics tickets
  139. Celebrity nudity and weirdness
  140. 6'7, 240 lb 25 yr old man beats 5'02, 100 lb, 72 yr old to death...and gets off
  141. Proposed law changes to cause bar owners to be fined when a customers BAC is .14+
  142. Newsweak points out those poor tortured souls...
  143. Man Dies After Being Stunned By Wisconsin Police Taser
  144. Judge sentences boy to 26 years in prison for killing playmate when he was 12
  145. Omaha Sailor Missing
  146. 4 Year Old Survives 11 Story Fall
  147. 5yo Girl Okay After Carjacking.
  148. Judge Waives Elderly Woman's Jaywalk Fine
  149. Police shoot gun weilding man..family says police overreacted and weren't justified
  150. Drunk man plays Russian Rhoulette with a semi-automatic handgun....DOH!!!!
  151. Glads the Yankees got him (Johnny Damon)
  152. High speed chase...man runs right off 70 foot cliff...officer follows
  153. 11 year old dies, to save her little brother's life from an impaired driver
  154. Montana Marine Phony Gets Creative Punishment
  155. Two Mounties Shot
  156. Teen Pleads Not Guilty in Tongan Crash
  157. Paster hit by lightening.
  158. That's one big Puss...
  159. Meth Rocket
  160. D.C. Officer's Weapon Linked to Violent Crimes
  161. Man Indicted For Poisoning His Own Children
  162. Doctor Allegedly Told Patient To Shoot Self
  163. Aiken Man Arrested on Rape Charges
  164. Remembering victims of 7/7
  165. Man Threatens Officer In Open Court
  166. Gun Missing From Police Custody
  167. New billboard for the Sony Playstation Portable considered as racist by some
  168. Wife of former prison-bound Enron CEO Ken Lay denounces faking death allegations
  169. Taser wins again
  170. Saturday Night somewhere near me.
  171. Deputy Constable fools robber
  172. Rename Castor Ave for P/O Skerski
  173. NAACP/ACLU allege racial profiling & excessive arrests during Urban Beach Week
  174. LAPD having difficult time recruiting (Gee, I wonder why?)
  175. Funny ESPN sports clip involving athlete with the last name "Gay"
  176. If you have several older brothers, you are likely to be ghey, according to one study
  177. Veteran's Affairs refuses to give dead soldier wiccan symbol on military gravestone
  178. 4 year old Pageant winner stripped off the title for flipping off the crowd
  179. Skiing accident leaves man with brian damage, and a loss of sexual inhibitions
  180. Man awakes and can speak and move, after being in a coma for nearly 20 years
  181. Chicago Bulls team mascot arrested for punching Sheriff's Deputy
  182. Teenager seriously injured when someone put a lit firecracker in his pants
  183. U.S. officials: North Korea tests long-range missile
  184. Wow. Musta been a heck of a heel!!
  185. There Are Simply No Words
  186. Man Arrested for Putting out Cig
  187. Virginia Break out
  188. Jessica Lunsford's Murderer's Confession Thrown Out
  189. Man calls 911 from the back of a cop car to get away from abusive cop and it works
  190. Talk about a rats nest call
  191. Judge gives 3 people who stole alcohol during Hurricane Katrina 15 years in prison
  192. Enjoy July4th and make sure not to speed in the following 10 city's
  193. But they will not let us carry our guns into court...
  194. NYPD Mob Cops Guilty Verdict Thrown Out
  195. Don't smoke pot in the drive thru...
  196. Utah's Top DUI Cop cited with.... DUI
  197. Officer busted by citizen with camera, having relations in the daylight in his car
  198. Nun arrested for spending church money on gambling & other sinful activities
  199. Leprechaun Spotted in Mobile, Alabama
  200. Reserve Transfers
  201. They were armed with Mighty Joint!
  202. Letís hear it for the pos.
  203. GA's new "Shoot First" Law
  204. Guilty: Judge Accused Of Using Penis Pump In Court
  205. Man gunned down at church by Police
  206. That's a good boy!
  207. Teen Who Cut Off Corpse's Head To Make Bong Sentenced
  208. Seriously twisted...
  209. Goat Demoted for Marching Out of Step
  210. Off-Duty Officer Injured Clinging To Suspect's Car, Firing Shots
  211. Man Sues Penile Implant Company for 10-Year Erection
  212. Security guard shoots man at hotel
  213. Yeah, This is Gonna Happen: Proposal Would Require Pimps To File Employer Forms
  214. The rules have changed
  215. Police confiscate illegal guns
  216. Amish Farmer Busted, selling an illegal substance
  217. Accused Cop Killer Estaban Carpio....
  218. Judge Dismisses Child Rape Case After Attorney Late For Court
  219. Blowing Up Chicago's Sears Tower
  220. Cop Witnesses Shooting, Apprehends Suspect
  221. Cops called "testosterone gushers"
  222. 06Accord, there is hope!
  223. Police finally act on '74 warrant
  224. Curse Word On Check May Cost Jail Time
  225. Fake cops steal 100 kg of cocaine from Milan lab
  226. 4 Cops die in ambush
  227. Flying while intoxicated?
  228. Victim of home break-in ends up in jail
  229. PBSO Deputy pulls gun on other deputies...
  230. Nice drug bust 100 metres from my home...
  231. VT- Officer Involved Shooting
  232. Glastonbury CT Officer Down
  233. OH-Marshall & suspect dead
  234. Harrassed by helicopter (video)
  235. She swallows!
  236. Great Grandmother Guilty On All Counts
  237. Myspace Murders....
  238. Trouble flares in Germany - World Cup 2006
  239. Couple Allegedly Stealing Patrol Car
  240. Well, I bet he won't be climbing trees for a while...
  241. Westboro shows up at yet another funeral.
  242. 7 Men Charged in Terror Plot
  243. Bandana Cuases Problems..
  244. Karzai says 600 Afghan deaths 'not acceptable'
  245. Coward Cops Fired
  246. Operation Snakebite Nabs a Bunch O Gang Bangers and a Female Copper
  247. Tagger is a Moron
  248. Thou shalt not steal
  249. AOL rep fired
  250. Illegal Rapes Four-month Old