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  1. AOL rep fired
  2. Illegal Rapes Four-month Old
  3. Almost a good idea!
  4. CO kills federal agents in Florida
  5. Troops Killed By Iraqi Police.
  6. Speaking of out-of-control Judges...
  7. Cop killer claiming insanity, saying the devil and evil spirits were after him
  8. Judge dismisses case on child rapist after prosecutor is 45 minutes late to court
  9. Penis Pump Judge set to go to trial
  10. The house of Hulk Hogan is up for sale. Price tag: $25 million
  11. Both of Florida's Republican Governor Candidate's admit to smoking pot
  12. You Come any Closer and I Swear the Flamingo Gets It!!!
  13. Girl, 16, flies to Middle East to visit man she met online
  14. Report: U.S. Activates Missile Defense System Over N. Korea Test
  15. Latinos Rattled by Ohio Sheriff's Mission
  16. Photo in the News: Rare "Rainbow" Spotted Over Idaho
  17. Girl, 14, Sues MySpace.com Alleging Assault
  18. New York the politest city in the world? Get outta here!
  19. 60-page clout list is 5,000 strong
  20. More reasons to shop at Home Depot...
  21. Bodies of missing soldiers found
  22. Update: Inquiry Into Reporter's Death Finds Multiple Failures in Care
  23. Portland Mayor demotes Portland's Chief to Captain
  24. The Other Side Of The Coin,good To Know
  25. Severed head flies from truck in 'bizarre and tragic' collision
  26. 2 College kids found dead in balloon ( im lost on the balloon part )
  27. Jersey City Mayor Arrested in Bar Incident
  28. Police Officer gets mouth full of maggots...
  29. Pedestrian hit and killed by police cruiser
  30. Wearing 'purity rings' is banned at girls' school
  31. Police responding to family fight find 2 tons of marijuana
  32. Brooklyn Student Accused of Facebook.com Coed Nudie-Pic Scam
  33. Gangs everywhere
  34. New Orleans mayor wants national guard
  35. Special forces to use strap-on 'Batwings'
  36. Police Captain Grabs Homicide Offender
  37. Peeping suspect flees, impales self on iron gate
  38. Report: Insurgents captured soldiers
  39. ACLU Probes Six Flags Hairstyle Ban
  40. Yearbook pics prompt new rules
  41. Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway
  42. NKorea threatens to 'wipe out' US forces in case of war - KCNA
  43. Still Think This One Is Innocent?
  44. Just an excuse for more violence.
  45. Glad thats been handed in...
  46. Authorities continue to investigate tainted heroin
  47. 2 COs quit amid inquiry
  48. Fighting man shot outside restaurant
  49. 429 tickets written in traffic crackdown
  50. S.D. police to add 400 Taser guns
  51. Man given probation, must pay restitution in dog neglect case
  52. 2 convicted in death of rival gang member
  53. 'I am an American'
  54. Man arrested following shooting at San Marcos nightclub
  55. S.D. officer accused of attack keeps job, receives reprimand
  56. Abducted tot found safe
  57. Twenty-two members of Mexican Mafia prison gang indicted for racketeering
  58. Off-crash crash leaves one dead east of Chula Vista
  59. AP Enterprise: 9/11 thefts not prosecuted
  60. Man Pays Speeding Ticket 52 Years Later
  61. F-14 Tomcat retires
  62. Bye-Bye Mall Rats: Shopping Centers Restrict Teens
  63. No charges against McKinney in scuffle with Capitol Police
  64. Boynton Beach, FL LT accused of theft from FOP
  65. Art gallery loses its head, displays plinth
  66. Gold Hunter Digs 60-Foot-Deep Hole In Front Yard
  67. Ontario crushes `hot wheels'
  68. Drunk armed with vodka steals police car
  69. $150/month, forest views!
  70. Ramsey Man Accidentally Digs Himself Into Hole
  71. Hooters Wants to Pay FEMA for Champagne
  72. Wife's Severed Head Flies From Truck When Man Crashes
  73. Snow day for 2 students ends in teacher arrest
  74. Supreme Court: Police Can Collect Evidence Before Knocking
  75. Speeder moved road sign to escape fine!
  76. Man sentenced in K9 death
  77. Despite record low approval ratings, congress votes to increase it's pay
  78. Troops reducing illegal border crossings
  79. Outrage over five week sentence for Paedophile
  80. Karate Kid 12, breaks 15 stone mugger's nose.
  81. Chicago Police Only Kill Black and Latino Males
  82. Officer accused of racism
  83. Brad, drink it up!
  84. UofC Police say it's not easy driving a VW with a ladybug on it as a patrol car
  85. Parents reward their young children for good behavior by giving them marijuana
  86. Duke Pretty Boy Arrested for DWI
  87. Raid brother tells of death fears
  88. Officer shoots man after chase, standoff
  89. Bush makes surprise visit to Iraq
  90. Lion mutilates 42 midgets...
  91. Expensive Thing to Lose
  92. Voluneers Needed in Rescure Efforts, to find a missing LEO's Son
  93. Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle continues cleaning house
  94. Pastor shoots mentally disabled 14 year old in the ass after the boy annoys him
  95. The British media allows the case for gun rights to be heard!!!
  96. Clawless cat chases off bear
  97. Would-Be Robber Sues 2 Who Foiled Plan
  98. Homeless need legal services, too
  99. On Guard....Part2
  100. Always on guard
  101. Alistair Cooke: Revered in life but desecrated in death
  102. Muslim group protests school calendar
  103. Dozens of cyclists ride naked to demand respect from the motoring public
  104. Criminal suing auto-parts store after he tried to hold them up
  105. 86 year old woman with a broken hip, and using a walker fights off a mugger
  106. Deadlocked jury in slayings dismissed
  107. Police dog bites burglary suspect
  108. Border Inspector charged in bribe case
  109. Sycuan tribal police get the power
  110. Teen critical after his car hits pillar
  111. Would-be thief tries to steal ATM
  112. Driver crashes, then claims he was carjacked
  113. Robbers take wallets, car
  114. Protest leads to police escort for construction workers
  115. Girl injured in crash with Border Patrol vehicle
  116. Gang member found guilty of murder
  117. County's suit over pot laws to proceed
  118. Man shot six times expected to survive
  119. Logan Heights street fight leads to shooting
  120. Two men shot near Camp Pendleton
  121. Neighbors panicky in aftermath of sweeps
  122. British "human Rights" Madness Again
  123. With media like this
  124. Perfect form: Bad guy shoots at Cop
  125. Boob
  126. Captain's Son Pleads Not Guilty To Robbery Charges
  127. Boy, 13, guilty in dice game murder
  128. Man Accused Of Bizarre Crime Headed To Mental Hospital
  129. Couple Accused Of Selling Kids In Mexico Charged With Kidnap
  130. City Settles Pension Fund Lawsuit For $173 Million
  131. Red-Light Cameras Causing Unexpected Problem
  132. Carlsbad to add staff to safety agencies
  133. Widow's case about cop's vest will go to trial
  134. Teen critical after his car hits pillar
  135. 2 teens die in car crash after night of drinking
  136. San Diego border agent pleads not guilty in bribery case
  137. Dallas Chief Kunkle Fires 9 Officers
  138. Police Find Body In Car At Sam's Club
  139. Dog owner allegedly hits breeder with dead pup
  140. not dead
  141. "English Only" ordering for Philly restaurant
  142. Violence
  143. Youth activist carried badge, made arrests,' police allege
  144. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi killed in air raid
  145. Nebraska Troopers Prevail In Fatal Standoff
  146. Texas Officer Shot Continued Pursuit
  147. The Ultimate Wannabe
  148. Superman
  149. This is so funny.
  150. What's Canada going to do?
  151. Funny as hell
  152. Local Video
  153. This Guy Is Fast!
  154. Mother of the year candidate arrested for leaving kids in her car as she dances nude
  155. Angry man accidentally shoots himself in the groin with a 9mm...charges to come
  156. Man accused of having sex with a pony...PETA is getting involved
  157. Boss chains employee naked to a tree after work performance
  158. Update for RECA
  159. Alaska Recriminalizes Marijuana Possession
  160. Bringing evil to justice *possibly*
  161. Home Office asylum policy fostered a nation of 'ghettos'
  162. Ex-New York cop sacked from probation service for putting public safety first
  163. Want to help watch the border?
  164. Gunman hunted after two boys shot
  165. Man helped short cop subdue tall suspect
  166. Police Chase, Crash Traps Suspected Drunk Driver
  167. Shopper Arrested For Leaving Kids Inside Car
  168. Mistaken Identity - So sad...
  169. Police heroes to have thousands of pounds cut from pensions
  170. Is It Raining Aliens?
  171. Man Thanks Trooper For Saving His, Granddaughter's Lives
  172. $50,350,000 Lawsuit
  173. Future K9 Being Developed
  174. Thank God for Vests!
  175. Man dies while making a pipe bomb
  176. Mistaken Identity
  177. Officer Uses Golf Cart to Nab Suspect
  178. Off duty cop Hero!
  179. What is this world coming to?
  180. South Carolina passes bill to allow death penalty for repeat child molesters
  181. Driver has speeding charge thrown out after claiming speed sign was wrong color
  182. Mayor referrs to black Fire Chief as King Kong at a staff meeting....oops
  183. Pervert busted for filming up girls dresses..oh and he's a counselor for abused woman
  184. Supreme Court allows Boy Scouts to continue to exclude certain people from joining
  185. Man severs his own penis to convince his wife of his faithfulness
  186. Irony: Praying to God for safety during a storm and getting struck by lightning
  187. Pro-Christian group tries shutting down porn shop, declaring war on pornography
  188. Why not to mess with Marines
  189. Killer demands sex change operation
  190. Tiny Girl Found Alive
  191. Robbery goes right
  192. Law Enforcement Agencies Make Use Of Segway
  193. Two federal officers robbed, carjacked on way to MB
  194. Death in Chapman Family
  195. Gangs now using MySpace and other internet sites to push gangs
  196. Despite tainted media coverage, death rate proves D.C. to be more dangerous than Iraq
  197. Shrink tried to have sex w/ 14 year old
  198. EU court annuls data deal with US
  199. Jury finds Muhammad guilty in sniper trial
  200. Law Enforcement agencies making use of segways
  201. Baby born with 3 arms.....picture included
  202. Deputy fired for taping bikini-clad girls with his in car camera wants his job back
  203. Dutch pedophiles launching political party to reduce the age of consent from 16 to 12
  204. Midtown Rambo
  205. 15 Years Ago
  206. Meter Maid arrested for refusing to void a ticket given to a police officer
  207. What Was About To Happen?
  208. Scooby snack
  209. This Guy Has Major Issues!
  210. Feds Crack Down On Illegal Immigrants In MN
  211. LAPD under heat for letting off 2 different celebrities in recent incidents
  212. Country Is In Sad Shape!
  213. Nudeist resorts battle it out over attracting customers
  214. Study shows pizza toppings can show a correlation to your behavior
  215. Graduating seniors burn 15 foot giant penis into the football field grass
  216. Catholic High School teacher claims it's his right to have sex with 16 year olds
  217. This Is Way Beyond Weird!
  218. Murder - Death - Kill
  219. Rise in deadly force laws worries Police Chiefs
  220. 1 High School full of students, 2 students in a sex act in class, as 1 records it
  221. 6 yr old reaches in his backpack...comes out with 25 bags of daddy's finest marijuana
  222. No more Perverted Justice arrests in Arizona...court rules against reporters
  223. Student who brought gum to school suspended for violating drug policy
  224. Scientists make new discovery: Sex addicts can't help it....it's in their genes
  225. Woman gets tired of Police Helicopter, so she starts shooting bottle rockets at it
  226. Rise In Deadly Force Laws Worry Chiefs
  227. Idiot Taser test
  228. Old Cop Car
  229. Stealing Gas!
  230. Suspects in stolen car run from cops, have a head-on meeting with light pole. D O A
  231. Murder in Iraq?
  232. Policing in East Timor
  233. Marriage Proposal
  234. Joke Or Truth?
  235. Shots fired in DC Office Building near Capitol
  236. Armless Man Stopped for Speeding
  237. Internet Porn & Public Library
  238. Another Concrete Adventure
  240. Child molester too short for prison??
  241. Hunt under way for hooded gunman
  242. Fake cop extraordinaire
  243. Bush approached about running NFL
  244. Male student banned from prom for showing up in a dress
  245. 19 year old busted for stealing artificial vagina from adult video store...
  246. Deputy was chasing 16 yr old boy to sexually assault him....boy dies...parents sue
  247. New York meter maid busted for writing dozens of tickets on legally parked vehicles
  248. Baptist Bible College student steals roomate's credit card...makes phone sex calls...
  249. Mercury Contamination in NC
  250. Protests