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  1. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin wins narrow re-election
  2. Georgia Police Union: White Officers Were Kept From Promotions
  3. LAPD opens on-line blog about the department to it's citizens
  4. Darwin Award Contestant
  5. Anonymity of Air Marshalls at risk
  6. Detainees get their asses handed to them
  7. New commercial from San Diego Police union under fire
  8. 3 drunk police officers force man to masterbate in front of them
  9. 7 year old boy with a Gender Identity Disorder allowed to attend school as a girl
  10. You can get the runs but you can't hide
  11. Runaway Bride dumped
  12. The looooooooong arm of the law!
  13. Teenager jailed for plank attack
  14. Lesbian sacked for being pregnant
  15. Police candidate told the scarf he was wearing was "a bit to gay"
  16. Mexican man to be deported for stealing an anti-immigration sign from a protestor
  17. Teacher who called Goerge Bush an asshole repeatedly in class, fired for...
  18. 3 male strippers suing Police, saying they were taken advantage of & wrongly arrested
  19. Police Constable wrecks patrol car while trying to avoid speed camera
  20. Woman rips husband's genitals off with her bare hands in a jealous rampage
  21. 63 year old dies in the middle of sex with a prostitute
  22. Priest at funeral for slain officer pleads for gun control
  23. Las Vegas Metro PD shoots and kills handcuffed teen running from them
  24. Senior Citizen Mayor allowing some to pay delinquit water bill accounts with sex
  25. Man jailed and must register as a sex offender for slapping a policewoman's butt
  26. PC faces action after tacckling youth
  27. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer fights off a bear with his bare hands
  28. Brit cops want more armed police
  29. Britain and W. Virginia finally have something in common.
  30. 9/11 Sucks 12 Years From Rescuers' Lungs
  31. Hybrid motorcycle
  32. Homeless couple arrested for public sex, I guess getting a room wasn't an option here
  33. Woman finds out after 17 years her husband is really her wife....DOH!
  34. A supreme court decision in Canada clears the way for wild, sex clubs
  35. What could be more important in California than deciding who is the real Surf City?
  36. This week's MySpace stupidity
  37. Automatic numberplate recognition in London causes racial controversy
  38. Former Police Academy Instructor Charged
  39. Cuba shelters NJ Cop killer
  40. 3 UC doctors focus of Web porn probe
  41. Local residents complain about airport detention
  42. Wheelchair bound woman runs off after being arrested for fraud
  43. Tampa ICE Official To Serve Probation. He should be locked up with the key thrown out
  44. Nine held as $105m drug ring cracked
  45. Border Patrol seize drugs packed in pepper cans
  46. Ecstacy from Canada on the rise
  47. Nearly 900 Assault Rifles, Handguns Seized From Home
  48. 13,400 MJ plants seized in Fresno County
  49. Judge upholds officer's statement that anyone driving past midnight is a DUI suspect
  50. Girl, 11, will be Britain's youngest mother.
  51. This is beyond wrong. APB article by Marshall Frank
  52. FSCF3801 and 06AccordLX playing back in the day....
  53. Today's story of MySpace teen arrested for smoking pot after he posted pics
  54. Two officers suspended for pulling dildo prank at work
  55. Deputy suspended for posting pics of himself and his K-9, beer in mouth, on MySpace
  56. Captain CRUNCH or a Frosted Flake
  57. Man races into Mexico after allegedly abducting girlfriend
  58. Female police officer sworn in at Palomar
  59. Man flees road-rage incident, is arrested
  60. Marine sentenced to life imprisonment for killing mistress
  61. Four detained following gas station robbery
  62. Marine held in beating of son pleads not guilty
  63. Mother of two pursues bank robbers
  64. Police officers ran over suspect
  65. Officers investigated over e-mail
  66. Study shows viginity pledges amongst those who take them, don't last
  67. New Jersey possibly to become the 12th state to legalize medical marijuana
  68. High schooler suspended for having sex during school hours
  69. Minnesota bans funeral protests
  70. Ex-Deputy Charged with Indecent Exposure
  71. Dispute over Policing costs
  72. Taser deployed to save Prison officer
  73. Man arrested for brutally assaulting his ex-girlfriend with a dildo
  74. BAD- Providing alcohol to minors.....WORSE- You're a Judge
  75. Playstation 3 Release Set
  76. David Blaine is nuts.
  77. Kids are stupid. Im ashamed there from VA
  78. Shooting: Two VA officers in critical condition
  79. Force spends 20,000 giving prisoners a lift home
  80. Bush 'wants to shut Guantanamo'
  81. Car Jacking Horror caught on video...
  82. General-Interest Humor Aimed at TSA
  83. Nevada launching Web site for Canada drug imports
  84. Parents Demand NYC Schools End Phone Ban
  85. Family Kicked Out of Buffet Restaurant
  86. Burglars steal sun porch to enjoy sunshine
  87. Hungary workers get shock at bottom of rum barrel
  88. Polygamy Sect Leader on FBI Wanted List
  89. Deputy fired for leaving post to make out with a drunk 19 yr old in a men's restroom
  90. Was Porter Goss Fired From The CIA?
  91. Melbourne Beach (FL) Police Chief arrested
  92. ID theft
  93. Incompetent Mugger
  94. Rep. Kennedy crashes car near Capitol
  95. Body armour saved siege PC's life
  96. Monday's boycott generating backlash of frustration, anger
  97. FBI to pay man $190,000 to settle wrong-arrest case
  98. S.D. cops ready to put copters on the beat
  99. Pursuit ends in arrest of three robbery suspects
  100. Reactive not Proactive
  101. Have you ever noticed?
  102. This makes me sick
  103. Woman fined for throwing Wotsit
  104. Zacarias Moussaoui Gets Life
  105. UCLA Professor turns last week of spring semester into a drinking game
  106. Court Upholds Polygraph for Sex Offenders
  107. Car burglary suspect escapes after chase
  108. Owner gets 3 years, fine for badly beating his dog
  109. Bank robber put police on his trail
  110. DA clears police officer who killed armed man
  111. Burglary at gun and ammo store prompts street closure
  112. Woman Doused with Gasoline
  113. Black Panthers hold rally, make demands in the Duke Lacrosse Team rape case
  114. LAPD Sued - For A Good Reason
  115. Anna Nicole Smith Wins In Supreme Court
  116. Seattle PD disciplines officer for shooting at his stolen patrol car
  117. Gang taggings from USA gangs shows up in Iraq....US soldiers ID'd as gang members
  118. Chicago's highest paid tv news personality pulls the race card and sues
  119. Hundreds of soldiers wounded in Iraq now fighting off bill collectors
  120. Deputies On Patrol Become Drive-By Shooting Target
  121. When Police give an order and threaten to Taze you, don't tell'em you think it's fake
  122. How To Stop Internet Identity Theft
  123. Undercover Civilians Lure Online Predators
  124. Great example of a biased reporter
  125. Mexico to decriminalize pot, cocaine and heroin
  126. It's Tazer time at one Florida jail
  127. New Hampshire Court rules that a married woman having a lesbian affair isn't adultery
  128. Teenager enters wet t-shirt contest...ends up on Playboy...seen by neighbors....uh-oh
  129. Rush Limbaugh arrested and booked on charge of Prescription Fraud
  130. More cops tazing each other...
  131. Heads or tails? Middle school students charged with gambling while flipping coins
  132. What's the definition of irony? The director of Oregon Liquor Control busted for DUI
  133. National Anthem....Bush steps up
  134. Seattle Police Kill Gunman, Lodge Bullet In Revolver
  135. Trucks roll to begin Freedom Tower construction
  136. 'Porn-watching' officers inquiry
  137. Police call for every officer to be issued Taser gun
  138. Mommy's weed is in my bag
  139. Criminals Fake Medical Emergency to Con Residents
  140. Cross dressing corrections officer loses civil rights lawsuit against jail
  141. Goth Flasher busted and put in jail
  142. Police officer attacked by thief
  143. St. Gabriel Police bust 15 year old horse fornicator
  144. Dogs are yobs' 'weapon of choice'
  145. Rapper Snoop Dogg freed on bail
  146. Murder Suspect Fatally Shot After Chase Near L.A.
  147. Shots are fired as Officers serve a Search Warrant
  148. Officer Shot in Airport
  149. Quick-thinking employee locks robber inside bank in Baldwin Park
  150. Crazy lady
  151. Lonoke Sheriff's Department Imposter
  152. Starving Children Found in Filthy SUV
  153. Woman arrested over London 'art attack'
  154. TV 'told babysitter to stab boy'
  155. Thought this was funny
  156. Fayetteville Firefighers Want Pay Equal To Police Officers'
  157. Two Minneapolis Officers Arrested; One For DWI
  158. Oh yeeaaaaah? The gas price is under investigation and I'm pissed off!
  159. Wheelchair bound old woman dies after being tased
  160. Smile!.. You're on CarJack Camera
  161. Students have Gone Nuts
  162. Phoenix Police Chase Krispy Kreme Truck, Engage In Standoff
  163. DUI: Russian Diplomat Strikes NYC Officer
  164. 12 year old murderer
  165. Secret Buffalo Drug Raids Arrest 78
  166. New "sex in a spray bottle" product to help woman's libido
  167. New Orleans Police begin returning guns seized from Hurricane Katrina to their owners
  168. Another idiot Judge...
  169. Mexican restaurant named "Pink Taco" stirring up controversy in Arizona
  170. 2 Muskegon, Michigan Officers disciplined after accidentally shooting at each other
  171. Alaska students plotted to kill
  172. Prayers for Officer Severns
  173. Bush: FDLE Commissioner resigned after he made inappropriate remarks
  174. Texas Officer Beaten During Traffic Stop
  175. Second Stripper: Something May Have Happened at Duke Lacrosse Party
  176. Self-inflicted nail gun attack
  177. Houdini?
  178. Man Shoots His Own Car
  179. Carpenter, who likes to work naked because it makes him more efficent, gets arrested
  180. 3 8th Graders expelled for slipping porn movie into DVD player for the class to see
  181. Man puts sign in his yard offering $1,000 for a virgin, ages 12-24, to be his bride
  182. 76 year old man busted going door to door offering free breast exams
  183. Minutemen send message to President Bush: You build a border around Mexico or we will
  184. FDA Rejects Marijuana for Medical Use
  185. School Security-Walkout
  186. SE Kansas Columbine wannabes?
  187. Jury Delivers Verdict In Police Excessive Force Trial
  188. Executives Arrested in Immigration Raids
  189. Police Rescue NYC Cable Car Passengers
  190. Future sex: gizmos, robots
  191. Man Accused of Changing Traffic Lights
  192. Masked men invade home, rob family
  193. Teen purse snatcher apprehended at mall
  194. Woman sentenced in death of boy, 2
  195. Woman, boyfriend plead not guilty in girl's death
  196. Woman who stabbed boyfriend gets year in jail
  197. Man shot in the back while pushing stalled car
  198. 999 crew under attack
  199. Four Boston Officers Injured In SUV Crash
  200. Colorado Man Accused of Changing Traffic Lights
  201. Kentucky Officer Apologizes For MySpace Posting
  202. $10M Claim Filed In Texas Officer-Involved Crash
  203. N.C. Man Killed After Being Shot With Taser Gun
  204. Chicago P.D. to use new computer system to track officer's performance
  205. Da da da da da....I'm lovin' it!!!!!
  206. 6 year old buys checkers game...inside is a picture of a naked woman...OOPS!
  207. New Georgia law cracks down on illegal immigration and the people who hire them
  208. Woman arrested for egging on and allowing a 6 & 8 yr old to moon cars
  209. w00t Ga imigration laws toughest in the nation.
  210. Keep your booger hook off the bang swith damnitt!
  211. Residents in Durham, N.C. awake on Easter Day to white supremacist propaganda
  212. Okla. suspect blogged about cannibalism
  213. Ryan Guilty on All Counts
  214. Mall Easter Bunny punches kid's mother in the head
  215. Research indicates cocks are losing the art of courtship
  216. Arkansas Trooper Indicted in Shooting of Disabled Man
  217. Probation service still making excuses
  218. Officers 2nd jobs
  219. Northern Ireland Pursuit ends in a fatality
  220. Reverend Jesse Jackson gets himself involved into the Duke Lacrosse Team Scandal
  221. Washington DC area gang, Street Thug Criminals, use the internet to make threats
  222. Louisiana parolees loose in Texas
  223. Michigan Chief And Officer Killed In Helicopter Crash
  224. Problems Plague Natural Gas Police Cruisers
  225. Some Mexican candies removed from health threat list
  226. Off-Duty Chicago Officer Shots, Kills Man
  227. Cape to employees: Let political winds blow, not your horns
  228. Officer considers taking action against Mckinney
  229. Man and woman arrested for having sex in a parking lot while people watched
  230. LEO death linked to clean up duty at Ground Zero
  231. Smell that? Automated scents hit the cineplex
  232. Arkansas Highway Police Discover Large Marijuana Haul
  233. Feds Pounce on Student Dressed As a Ninja
  234. Autopsy Spurs Calls for 9/11 Health Care
  235. Local News story About Police
  236. Help Stop Fraud
  237. 82 year old woman takes to long to cross street and gets cited by LAPD
  238. 81 year old man offers rare defense for public lewdness charge
  239. Was this Chris2001????
  240. Drug Suspect Walks Out Of Mansfield, TX Jail by Switching Arm Bands
  241. On the Lighthearted Side
  242. Baltimore City Detectives seen in Stop Snitching video convicted on federal charges
  243. Massachusetts prison guard faces punishment for showing inmates "Brokeback Mountain"
  244. Escambia County, Florida Sheriff's Office charges teacher with bribery
  245. No DNA Match in Duke Gang Rape Case
  246. Divorce, Texas Style
  247. 8 Dead in Ontario's worst mass killing
  248. Gotta Love drunks. Is God on their side
  249. Louisiana officer stops escaped murderer, lets him go
  250. PC 'pursued' over killing of cat