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  1. PC 'pursued' over killing of cat
  2. Checkered Past
  3. New Orleans P.D. faces another brutality complaint...investigation under way
  4. Four Convicted in $24M Medicare Scam Fri
  5. Trooper hit by flying tire on Ohio Turnpike
  6. 4 young siblings killed in blaze
  7. Officer: I arrested alleged beating victim on suspicion of theft
  8. Spanish police swoop on Internet pornography and piracy
  9. Brides lose dresses to broke dressmaker
  10. Chiropractor claims he can go back in time
  11. Feds want to seize suspects' grillz
  12. Couple accused of erasable ink fraud
  13. Man gets one year for stealing undies
  14. Cop Impersonator is Behind Bars
  15. Why can't these people just be shot?
  16. Exploiting and Expanding the Racial Divide
  17. Man defecates by the Hall of Justice to make a political statement
  18. Rep. Cynthia McKinney Getting No Sympathy from Democratic Leadership
  19. 10 year old in court over race hate crime
  20. Mom Dies After Boy's 911 Call Considered Prank
  21. Officer lets suspect who assaulted a fellow officer go because his shift ended...DOH!
  22. Today's Tazermania story....a 92 year old man in an Assisted Living Facility
  23. Woman feels sympathy for inmates and bails out 24 of them whom she doesn't know
  24. Medical marijuana stock goes public on stock exchange...predicted stock will get HIGH
  25. After assault by Duke Lacrosse team, player wrote of killing, skinning strippers
  26. Drunk driver gets lost so he stops and asks the nice police officers for directions
  27. Man sends bomb to Surgeon for botching his penis enlargement surgery
  28. Ex-African President says he showered after sex with females with AIDS, to avoid HIV
  29. Daycare worker charged with sexually assaulting 6 young girls he watched
  30. Doing laundry? So that's what they call it these days...
  31. Drunk woman climbs into the back of a police car to sleep it off
  32. Beware of cyber stalkers
  33. Mob-linked New York cops convicted of murder
  34. Ventura County may fine adults who throw bashes where underage guests
  35. Mckinney "apologizes"
  36. Mass Protest Erupts Amid NYPD Scuffle
  37. Update on the Murder Trial of a Brunswick Co. Police Officer
  38. FDNY Medic Succumbs to Post 9/11 Cancer
  39. Officer charged with Cyberstalking
  40. Questions Raised Over McKinney's Use Of Taxpayer Dollars
  41. Rare Drug A New Problem For Police
  42. Doctors grow bladder cells and produce rebuilt organ
  43. Homeland Deputy Arrested in Seduction Case
  44. Chief of my old dept is in deep do do
  45. another reason im glad to be a republican
  46. Sinn Fein Official-Turned Spy Shot Dead
  47. Guidance
  48. Inspectors: Security lags when traffic jams
  49. 2 Air Marshals Plead Guilty to Smuggling
  50. Death Valley Robbery Spree
  51. Toasted buns
  52. Arrest Warrant Sought for Rep. McKinney
  53. Flag Waving Banned at Colorado School
  54. Cops bust sadomastic sex dungeon, where men were having their genitals mutilated
  55. Flasher posing as cop, exposes himself to 2 teenagers in Walmart
  56. Minister kicks a 16 yr old Church member in the groin during a heated dodgeball game
  57. Study says kids who wear clothes with alcohol logos start drinking sooner...
  58. Audience claims Sharon Stone's breasts are lopsided in Basic Instinct 2
  59. Mother buys DVD player for her 13 year old, inside is a porn DVD to get her started
  60. L.A. County fatally shot himself, accidentally while cleaning his service weapon
  61. South Florida Police Retaliate Against Press
  62. Gangstas dont dig opera
  63. Thinking about moving to Las Vegas?
  64. Indiana to spring forward as one
  65. Police Describe Woman's Torture Ordeal
  66. Man Posing As Detective Tries To Take Woman's Money
  67. Naomi Campbell Charged With Assault
  68. Pet Owner Suing Airline Over Traveling Dog's Death
  69. Vandals Deface Sign Honoring Soldier
  70. Sunni authority objects to Jesus film in Egypt
  71. UTSA to investigate complaint of racism
  72. State Trooper To Go Before Grand Jury
  73. Healthy Marriage: Why love is good for you.
  74. US Capitol LEO assaulted by Congresswomen
  75. N.O. Police Officers Indicted in Beating
  76. S.C. May Soon Execute Repeat Child Rapists
  77. Son of Denton County DA jailed on 2nd gun charge
  78. Man Kills Teen for Walking On Lawn
  79. Ex-Trooper Gets Life for Killing Family
  80. S.C. Lt. Gov. Caught Speeding, No Tickets
  81. Think you get stuck with shit work?
  82. Gun grab
  83. "My four year old has better aim"
  84. Ohio police chase and shootout
  85. Sex Offenders Buying Viagra? WTF
  86. New test for Meth
  87. Car Vrs House (video and Pics)
  88. TASER deaths up
  89. SWAT conference
  90. Northern California Shooting Spree Kills 1
  91. Ex-KBR Employee Pleads Guilty to Kickbacks
  92. Reputed mobsters indicted in penny stock scam
  93. Unlicensed Doc Pleads Guilty Bilking 1,400
  94. Trial Gets Under Way in Suburban Slaying
  95. Professor charged with swindling students
  96. La. Investigates Red Cross Complaints
  97. Police Issue Warrant for Colorado Bomber
  98. Gunman Kills Six, Self in Seattle Home
  99. Colo. Police Use MySpace to ID Suspects
  100. I wish to hell the McCartneys would mind their own business.
  101. Vandals Deface Sign Honoring Soldier
  102. 25 St. Paul police officers busted for drinking at the police station after work
  103. Pamela Anderson to think about sperm donor for a new baby
  104. 8 year old removed from school for sexual harassement in gym class
  105. Coach forces student athlete to defecate into a bag and urinate in a cup
  106. Proof Darwin's theory works
  107. 911 Calls in Chattanooga Go Unanswered
  108. Video Catches Hospitals Dumping Patients On Skid Row
  109. House Cat Nears 50 Pounds, Has 33-Inch Waist
  110. Officers Launch Search For Yet Another Police Imposter
  111. Kansas to allow hidden weapons
  112. Rooftop 'Boogler' Taunts Police with Messages
  113. Mother charged after smoking marijuana around her 11-day-old baby
  114. Doctors calling for more research into persistant sexual arousal syndrome
  115. South Carolina to consider proposal on sending child sex offenders to death
  116. Governor signs law endorsing Hoosiers' right to use deadly force
  117. Elderly couple hurt in raid on wrong house
  118. U.S. Supreme Court limits cops' right to search
  119. Darwin award nominee
  120. Sidebar: by Dan Abrams
  121. Milwaukee cops step up search for missing boys
  122. Daytona Beach serial killer set to strike again?
  123. 50 Colombia rebels indicted on drug trafficking
  124. Man killed neighbor for walking on lawn
  125. Top court rules against police in search case
  126. Dad Arrested After Toddler Wanders Into Strip Club
  127. One for the good guys!
  128. More FBI stupidity re 9-11 revealed
  129. I made the Front Page Today
  130. New Jersey's strict gun laws fail, as their shooting deaths continue to rise
  131. Supreme Court to rule if victims statements to 911 operators/LEO's can be used
  132. FBI Agent Slams Bosses at Moussaoui Trial
  133. Bomber blows it
  134. 7 gang members rape a female while one of the suspect's mother watches
  135. Spielberg Production Sued Over Haircut
  136. Flying Cow Leaves Two Police Cars in Flames
  137. Deputy fired for checking driver's license status of celebrities and co-workers
  138. Pistol packing tennager accidentally shoot himself in the groin and leg
  139. CBP Blaine, WA finds 209kilos of Ecstacy and 375 kilos of BC Bud
  140. UK government witheld information on soldiers' killers
  141. Woman stabbed husband for refusing sex
  142. Man Calls 911 Operator 200 Times Looking For Kisses
  143. Stop...Put the penis down or we'll shoot!!!
  144. Beware of flying penises
  145. 3 year old goes to school with marijuana..oops, mom & dad forgot to hide the stash
  146. State Trooper wins case. Judge rules LEO's can talk about cases on the job...
  147. Raleigh (N.C.) P.D. patrol car has a little problem
  148. This Raleigh police car drove off the top of a retaining wall.
  149. Gunman kills 2, self in Calif. Denny’s restaurant
  150. Two Men Sought In Trussville Robbery, Rape
  151. ATM Stolen From Columbus Bar
  152. Flipping The Bird: Protected Free Speech?
  153. Patrol car sex PC spared prison
  154. Mayor refuses to accept check for speeding ticket because of one little problem...
  155. Teacher fired and charged after biting middle schooler for not spitting out candy
  156. More police chase controversy, this time brought to you by Albany (N.Y.) P.D.
  157. St. Louis Officer fired after civilians claim he punched a driver on a traffic stop
  158. Man files federal lawsuit after Officer cites him for disorderly conduct for...
  159. Florida Sheriff finds new way to clear cold cases...just mark them solved!!!
  160. Would be immigrants to the Netherlands will be required to watch homosexual video
  161. Miss Deaf Texas struck by train while walking on train tracks...never heard it coming
  162. New Line of Men's Underwear Tightens Abs and Lifts Buttocks
  163. Police Find Piles Of Stolen Mail In Frisco Home
  164. Woman Gets Beer From Her Kitchen Faucet
  165. Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Under Fire For Sipping Beer During St Pattys Day Parade
  166. Four arrested over Salford pub shooting
  167. Milosevic died of heart failure
  168. Abortion battle lines drawn in Mississippi
  169. 71 year old grandmother opens up erotic art museum
  170. Iraq war veteran shot by California Deputy. Deputy arrested for manslaughter.
  171. Teacher disciplined for comparing President Bush to Adolph Hitler during lecture
  172. Sheriff's Deputy locks his nephew in a jail cell with a murderer to teach'em a lesson
  173. Friendly Fire Deaths Lower in Current Wars
  174. States Steadily Restrict Public Info
  175. Friends Sentenced for Taped Sex Assault
  176. DUI Defense Lawyers Challenge Breath Test
  177. Gang crackdown
  178. DUI in police vehicle
  179. Bare Bottom Burglar
  180. Ambien crashes onto police blotters
  181. Intoxilyzer issues
  182. Moussaoui 'had White House dream'
  183. Tillman Death Possible Homicide
  184. Janitor Shot At For Throwing Crackers Away
  185. Man Drives 17 Miles On Wrong Side Of Interstate
  186. Breaking news - high speed chase ends in standoff
  187. USA Patriot Act renewal passed
  188. Little Rock Pimp
  189. Deputy Faces Charges in Airman's Shooting
  190. Woman turns the tables on her attacker at McDonald's drive-through
  191. Monmouth Officers busted partying with underage girls in uniform
  192. Armed Security Guard arrested after he tried to pull over a real cop...OOPS!
  193. Dana Reeve died of lung cancer...
  194. Another phony cop gets busted
  195. MySpace.com Joke Leads to Sex Arrest
  196. Kirby Puckett Died :(
  197. U.S. Capitol Police Chief resigns...
  198. Texas town police department shuts down after Chief and Sergeant are arrested
  199. Miami-Dade Corrections Corporal leads Hollywood Police on high speed chase
  200. Two Deputy's fired for excessive force after chasing a suspect vehicle at high speeds
  201. Police Officer shoots fellow Officer after being asked to do so
  202. High School Principal fired for kissing 3 14 year old boy's feet.....BIZARRE!
  203. North Carolina celebrates the Confederate Flag with an all white celebration...
  204. Iranian in US campus 'car attack'
  205. Baby's Remains Found on Long Island Road
  206. Woman Enters Exhibit, Elephant Smacks Her
  207. Father Charged in Death of His Children
  208. Kan. Man Convicted in Rolls-Royce Shooting
  209. Riot Breaks Out at Punk Concert in Calif.
  210. Rep. Wants More Data on Cruise Ship Crime
  211. Some residents claim there's a hidden image of a pig in Cleveland PD's police logo
  212. Teacher suspended after refusing to let student go to the bathroom....
  213. another wek another smuggler van crashes in San Diego
  214. Lawsuit accuses W.Va. police chief of stopping CPR on gay man
  215. North Carolina Trooper in critical condition after high speed chase
  216. Police Officer zapped with her own tazer gun by suspect
  217. Man arrested for being naked in a park with a 10 year old
  218. Boy who gives another boy a nipple twister gets sent to juvenile detention
  219. NBA player's wife says her secret to their marriage is she allows him to sleep around
  220. Poll Reveals One in Three People Poeple Routinely Hurt Themselves During Sex
  221. Day Care Worker Arrested For Allegedly Raping a Four Year Old Boy
  222. Judge, who is also an Attorney, gets busted fixing client's tickets
  223. 3 German Cops Disciplined For Showing Civilians What's Under Their Kilts
  224. Woman, Jailed and Fined For Being Sick and Poor, is Freed
  225. Gay New Jersey Police Officer Files Lawsuit Against Fellow Police for Harassement
  226. New Cop Killing Video Game Is Blockbuster's #1 Video Game Rental
  227. Mom allegedly offers escort service on Web
  228. Police: Man Hides In Bathrooms, Drinks Boys' Urine
  229. Dumb Crooks at it Again!
  230. US 'settles 9/11 detainee's suit'
  231. New k-9 species.
  232. Pigs!
  233. Jersey Bill Aims To Put Real Names Behind Internet Posts....
  234. Man raped his dying stepdaughter
  235. Toronto police horse killed in hit & run
  236. Actor Dennis Weaver dies at 81
  237. Saudis: 2 foiled bombers on terror list
  238. Defense contractor: I paid $1 million in bribes
  239. Suspect kills self after church shooting
  240. Dublin burns: Riots in Dublin
  241. See ya around Deputy Fife
  242. UK police 'cover-up' slammed
  243. Heroin addict, 11, found slumped on school desk
  244. Bush 'inspires' political films
  245. Canadian pig farmer goes on trial
  246. US soldier guilty of Afghan abuse
  247. Roadkill fan penning recipe book
  248. Now, that's close!
  249. San Diego P.D. Chief says department needs more money....Well Pacman, is it true?
  250. Illinois State Trooper arrested for ordering people to strip on routine traffic stops