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  1. Mom allegedly offers escort service on Web
  2. Police: Man Hides In Bathrooms, Drinks Boys' Urine
  3. Dumb Crooks at it Again!
  4. US 'settles 9/11 detainee's suit'
  5. New k-9 species.
  6. Pigs!
  7. Jersey Bill Aims To Put Real Names Behind Internet Posts....
  8. Man raped his dying stepdaughter
  9. Toronto police horse killed in hit & run
  10. Actor Dennis Weaver dies at 81
  11. Saudis: 2 foiled bombers on terror list
  12. Defense contractor: I paid $1 million in bribes
  13. Suspect kills self after church shooting
  14. Dublin burns: Riots in Dublin
  15. See ya around Deputy Fife
  16. UK police 'cover-up' slammed
  17. Heroin addict, 11, found slumped on school desk
  18. Bush 'inspires' political films
  19. Canadian pig farmer goes on trial
  20. US soldier guilty of Afghan abuse
  21. Roadkill fan penning recipe book
  22. Now, that's close!
  23. San Diego P.D. Chief says department needs more money....Well Pacman, is it true?
  24. Illinois State Trooper arrested for ordering people to strip on routine traffic stops
  25. Man shot and killed after taking Deputy's baton and attacking him with it
  26. NYPD Officer accidentally mistakes Undercover NYPD Officer for bad guy and shoots him
  27. 82 year old producer, Aaron Spelling being sued for sexual harassement
  28. old news, but still good news
  29. Gang plots border attack
  30. Mexican military in the US, not that uncommon
  31. Sheehan Considers Challenging Feinstein
  32. Guess this will teach em
  33. Man in court over July 21 London bombings
  34. Suspect Arrested In Collision With Raleigh Officer
  35. MTV 'Undressed' Actor Accused Of Fatal Hit-And-Run
  36. The "Wannabe" of all time!!
  37. Police Find Teen's Room Filled With Guns, Drugs, More
  38. Girl strangled as playful dog pulls scarf
  39. Rescue-squad worker zaps partner with defib paddles for fun...she died. OOPS!
  40. Inmate escapes, then calls 911 after hurting himself from escaping
  41. 19 year old Russian Soldier has penis amputated thanks to his fellow soldiers
  42. I wish my college had this idea....college intern has college strip poker idea
  43. Prostitute bites off man's penis after he can't pay for the trick
  44. Iraq's WMD Smuggled into Syria, Iraqi General Says
  45. Tons of pot found in sophisticated cross-border tunnel
  46. 7 siblings killed, grandfather dies of heart attack
  47. Chipotle Stock Skyrockets
  48. Two Singing Twins...like the Olson Twins except they're racist...
  49. State Grand Jury to Probe the New Orleans Police
  50. Study shows sex helps come nerves before public speaking
  51. Court blocks execution saying lethal injection may be cruel and unusual punishment
  52. Unlicensed 16 year old steals car, runs from cops, & crashes in the P.D. parking lot
  53. Study finds nearly two-thirds of college students have been sexually harassed
  54. Tennessee's "crack tax" rakes in 2 million in it's first year...
  55. Palestinian leadership hit by political earthquake
  56. 3 Indicted in Calif. on Ecoterror Charges
  57. Whale dies during dramatic rescue bid
  58. Maine Deadbeats Pay Back Strip-Search Cash
  59. Australian whale vomit find worth a fortune
  60. Man's hiccup-cure idea for nephew turns deadly
  61. French murder was from a different era
  62. Students ban Christians in row over gays
  63. 5 teachers balk at posters for gay students
  64. Shootout at US/Canada Border
  65. Bin Laden Threat Might Include Advanced Russian Missiles
  66. Off duty cop blows hole in her purse.
  67. Cleared by DNA tests, Tampa man is freed from prison after 24 years
  68. Dumbass of the YEAR
  69. Arlington P.D. allows citizens to see what calls their P.D. are on
  70. Police procedures not followed in the death of a plain clothes officer
  71. Wife attempts to cut off husband's manhood as he laid down to sleep...
  72. Drug user/dealer/convicted felon extraordinare running for Mayor in Florida
  73. Pervert who likes to pee in people's windows gets busted
  74. Man arrested for throwing prosthetic legs at State Trooper
  75. Actress Drew Barrymore caught having sex with boyfriend in public bathroom
  76. My pic for DUMBASS of the WEEK...
  77. Denver - Another Federal Agent's IDs, Weapon Stolen
  78. Blackberry loses case
  79. Controversial biography on Marlon Brando expected to cause problems
  80. 'N Sync band members developing a new series about their lives together....WEIRD!!!
  81. E! Correspondent sexually harasses female celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards
  82. Dallas Citizens Groups Demands More Police
  83. OH - Safety concerns sweep campus
  84. Ex-soldier avoids prison for son's death
  85. Police career may be finished
  86. Trouble Trooper caught on tape!
  87. Federal Agent's IDs, High-Powered Weapons Stolen!
  88. Darwin Awards
  89. Website claiming to be assoc. with al-Qaida calls for Alaska attack
  90. Chief's house burned down after his officers were involved in a resident's death
  91. Scientists discover flatworm which has both reproductive organs
  92. Canadians blame America for their new found violence problems...
  93. How you undress reveals more about your personality...
  94. New Orleans Mayor Apologizes for "Chocolate City" Comment
  95. Denver - Federal Agent's IDs, High-Powered Weapons Stolen
  96. Italian Court Told To Prove Jesus Existed
  97. Denver Judge drops marijuana charge after city passes ordianance allowing possession
  98. Police Officer returns his awarded Medal of Valor after racial controversy
  99. BET Morons
  100. Singer/actress Jessica Simpson says her best friends are her breasts...schwing!
  101. Dumbass of the week award winner goes to...
  102. Laundry murders
  103. Madison Officer beats jaywalker
  104. I guess Georgia hasn't learned their lesson on courtroom and jail security...?
  105. Black Minister incites a riot, gets arrested, and pulls the race card
  106. Bad: Being caught driving drunk/Worse: Being caught again that night by the same cop
  107. D.C. Police Officer caught riding on police car hood at while en route to a call
  108. Bin Laden threatens attacks/offers truce
  109. Another Mine Incident
  110. I guess this is what to do if you dont have tasers
  111. Man Gets 100 Years for Child Porn
  112. $950,000 Settlement in Police Shooting
  113. Chirac threatens nuclear weapons against 'terrorist' states
  114. Va. Police Officer: Man Tried To Recruit Him For Terror Cause
  115. 16 yr old student expelled for possibly putting gang graffiti in his own notebook
  116. Drunk driver puts his car on a brick wall then asks city firefighters for help...DUH!
  117. Drunk driver gives food order to cops at a fast food restaurant...oops!
  118. What would you do with $100,000? That may depend on your sexuality one survey says..
  119. Security guard forces two disabled men to crawl to their cars
  120. Update on Colorado -
  121. CBP Detroit finds 9 illegals hidden in trailer
  122. Security guard placed on probation for impersonating an officer
  123. Study shows prison rapes are rare, most encounters are consensual
  124. Aunt arrested for getting drunk and letting her 11 yr old niece drive her car
  125. Clermont Police Commissioner interupts arrests of nude friends
  126. Police abuse accusation
  127. Spring Hill TN Police Chase ends in Tragedy
  128. Oregon assisted suicide law upheld
  129. Officer Shoots Teen Attempting To Rob Pizza Deliveryman
  130. Source: 4 terrorists killed in U.S. missile strike
  131. 'Only a matter of time before terrorists use weapons of mass destruction'
  132. Inmate beats man, takes Kool-Aid break
  133. Dont get caught with your pants down
  134. Supreme Court upholds indecent exposure charge of a man who showed his penis on TV
  135. City's elk sculpture (which greets visitors) gets extra part added as a prank
  136. Study shows caffeine may put females in the mood for sex
  137. High School Freshmen given school assigment to research porn on the internet
  138. Nursing students have sex orgy....patient sees it, and they tell her to get over it
  139. Pro-pot man says police pulled him over because of his pro-pot bumper sticker
  140. Teen pleads no contest to sodomizing a dog...
  141. Man robs Burger King....then days later applies and gets hired their...
  142. Man suing church after he falls into his brother-in-law's grave
  143. Cure for the common cold is hot sex according to scientists...
  144. Police face sack for jibe over 'pondlife'
  145. Memo accuses DEA agents of corruption
  146. Police Deploy Wooden Police Cars
  147. Ask for the Tomatoes at Wendy's
  148. For those of you who think small towns in Colorado are boring...
  149. Lawyer Kidnaps Client Over Fees
  150. Howe Pd Gets Unexpected 'drive-thru'
  151. Police hunt for suspects in homeless beatings (video)
  152. A gripping crime or a silly misunderstanding?
  153. Police: SWAT officer shot student
  154. Controversy Over Officer's Medal Of Valor
  155. The Duke of Cleveland.....
  156. Officer shoots unarmed insane man on video
  157. Man arrested for domestic violence for throwing a large sex toy at his girlfriend
  158. Woman threatens police officers with a knife and stun gun while she gets naked
  159. 2 Believed Killed In Maryville Missouri House Blast
  160. Officers find $150,000 in jewelry taken from Walter Payton's mom
  161. Black sergeant was 'loyal Klansman'
  162. Iran's VIP Plane Crash: Sabotage or Accident?
  163. Bremer: "Spanish soldiers were seated on tanks doing nothing"
  164. Criminal Code 0.05% BAC law will decrease impaired driving
  165. Hand Grenade Embedded In Busy Highway's Pavement
  166. 7-year-old takes joyride in mom's truck
  167. Something wasn't right when the teacher was inviting male students to his house...
  168. Medical company studies average penis size worldwide....you know you wanna know
  169. Bill in Florida which would've banned Tazing kids under 16 hits snag
  170. Officers arrest wrong person at her workplace, then strip search her...oops!
  171. Israeli Military Chief: Iran's Nukes Can Be Destroyed
  172. Police: Schwarzenegger was illegally driving Harley
  173. Body mistakenly taken from funeral home to landfill
  174. Dekalb County Police Officer arrested for trying to bribe a fellow officer
  175. New Jersey law makers suspend the death penalty while they conduct a study on it
  176. Australian Gets Stuck in Washing Machine
  177. FBI investigating Kauai (Hawaii) Police for possible corruption and cover-ups
  178. Female nipple exposed on live wrestling show.....Why I love the WWE!
  179. Drunk dumbass sticks his manhood in a mouse trap....TWICE!!!
  180. Woman Who Died in '03 Left in Front of TV
  181. Mom Sues After 5-Year-Old Allegedly Served Long Island Iced Tea
  182. N.Y. Times Editor-Reporter Dies After Attack in NW DC
  183. Gardai lose 40000 cash.
  184. Marion Barry robbed at gunpoint