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  1. Merrillville considers ban on low-riding pants
  2. Camden Man Axed to Death in Home
  3. 8-year-old Tennessee boy uses tracking app after break-in
  4. Police: Middletown man, 20, faces charges after firing gun in air to celebrate his new job
  5. Drunken man had blood-alcohol level of 0.552 percent
  6. Man finds car keys, uses to take vehicle to strip club
  7. Anyone want a 1,000 horsepower Mustang?
  8. Breath analyzer debate blows up over ‘amazing’ .384 reading
  9. So Long Landline? Senate Bill Could Cut the Cord
  10. Man in a sombrero wearing a boxing glove jumps on Sacramento cop car and shouts his name Read more here: http://blogs.sacbee.com/crime/archives/2012/03/man-in-a-sombrero-wearing-a-boxing-glove-jumps-
  11. Auckland dad calls off toddler's skydive
  12. Business owners face problems when their location changes to a different state due to more precise drawing of border between South Carolina and North Carolina
  13. Suspect Charged In Officer Shooting
  14. Armored car creates snowglobe of cash on Maryland interstate
  15. Went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.
  16. Extreme Pucker Factor
  17. Raid on Toulouse shooting suspect - France
  18. Video of screening of toddler in a wheelchair at airport fuels criticism
  19. 7.6-magnitude earthquake strikes in Mexico; 6.2 earthquake strikes in Indonesia
  20. 101-year-old woman becomes oldest woman to paraglide tandem
  21. Prison Population
  22. Students capture burglar who attacked them with a cleaver
  23. FBI may step into British investigation of Murdoch empire
  24. ‘The Ouija board made me do it’: Teen tells cops the spirits told him to stab his friend
  25. Teen Calls 911, Reports Mom As Drunk Driver
  26. Tyler man arrested after giving alcohol to child
  27. Mother robs convenience store with baby in tow
  28. Lucky
  29. nunchucks? really?
  30. The Government’s attitude to the police is criminal - UK
  31. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service gives Native American tribe permit to kill two bald eagles for religious purposes
  32. Inmates collect unemployment...
  33. Saved by Angry Birds
  34. UK police officers face pay cuts if they can't prove their fitness in annual tests
  35. Sandusky Man Arrested While On Toilet
  36. Mugshot of the year candidate!
  37. 4 Stabbed In Downtown Building; Alleged Suspect Shot By Police
  38. Random attacker severely beats Plainfield cop, chased away by Good Samaritan
  39. Parent of the year?
  40. Cumberland County Jail inmate breaches max security unit for sex
  41. Didn't I tell you guys nobody gives a shit about DWI in Louisiana? Well about that.
  43. Band Director Says He Had Sex With Counselor, Not Student
  44. Teacher who had relationship with student charged again
  45. Passenger in D.J. Henry’s car said he assumed police wanted them to move the car
  46. Suspect steals school bus, leads police on high speed chase
  47. Woman Had Sex With Teen After Online Gaming
  48. This guy gets around
  49. Man accused of throwing Molotov cocktail at his mom
  50. Cops probe why subcompact drove over two other cars
  51. Hawaii police seek answers after child's fingers found in dumpster
  52. Man caught trying to break into jail
  53. Dad spots son burglarizing store on news, turns him in
  54. 5 Body Language Moves That Will Ruin an Interview
  55. Police Injured In Palace 'Suicide' Crash
  56. 4 Amish charged with illegal alcohol possession after buggy collides with police car
  57. AP: Iran may have cleaned up nuke work
  58. Go Speed Racer....
  59. Exploding 'Phoenix Lights' Caught on Live TV (Video)
  60. A future politician or defense attorney
  61. Green wins again
  62. It was bound to happen sooner or later
  63. Flight attendant disrupts flight with rant about fears of the plane crashing, American Airlines' bankruptcy and the 9/11 terrorist attacks
  64. Move Over Law
  65. Osama bin Laden's widows in legal trouble for entering Pakistan illegally and not informing the authorities they were living there
  66. Biggest solar storm in years engulfs Earth with ‘benign’ start, still could disrupt technology
  67. 2 dead, 7 wounded in Pa. psych clinic shooting
  68. Rhode Island judge revokes 17-year-old's driver's license for life
  69. Officers who rescued a man from a burning car awarded Medal of Valor
  70. $1,000,000 Lotto Winner on Food Stamps
  71. Twin sisters, 73, found dead together in CA home
  72. Missing Michigan Family: Couple With 4-Month-Old Baby Disappear
  73. Terror indictment unveiled for Norway massacre
  74. 31-year-old man dies after meth lab fire in Ashtabula nursing home
  75. Police: Pa. man tries high-fiving cop who gave DUI
  76. William Heirens, the "Lipstick Killer," dies at 83
  77. Suspect canvassed Facebook friends during standoff
  78. Seattle Police ran fake pawn shop for 11 months to catch criminals and recover stolen items
  79. LulzSec hackers arrested with help of their leader who turned informant
  80. Burglar steals the heart of a saint
  81. Attorney General Eric Holder defends killing of US citizens abroad who are suspected of plotting to kill Americans
  82. Chicago G-8 Canceled!!!!!!
  83. Arizona shooter Loughner loses appeals to halt forced medication
  84. Police called as large meteor appears over UK
  85. Girl scout has bumps and scratches after being dragged across the street as she grabbed car bumper of man who stole cookie sale cash box
  86. Shelter dog becomes a top K9 cop
  87. "I Don't Bluff," says President Obama in interview about the possibility of American action against Iran's nuclear facilities
  88. Indiana House Approves Bill That Allows Homeowners To Kill Police Officers
  89. Students protest in support of high school valedictorian whose deportation has been ordered because her parents brought her to the US from Colombia illegally when she was 4
  90. Police invite security firms to bid for roles
  91. DUI driver with sex toy in tush rear-ends other driver, Martin deputies say
  92. Police: Georgia man returns to bank after robbery try
  93. Victim of Pontiac armed robbery beats suspect with baseball bat
  94. Police arrest man suspected of shooting officer
  95. Sex-tape stunner in Nadia Lockyer case
  96. Job Interview Don'ts...
  97. Ongoing: Chardon High School in ‘Crisis Mode’ After Shooting
  98. New Cars
  99. Raccoon 1 Man 0
  100. Lucy Lawless and other Greenpeace activists illegally boarded a Shell Oil drilling ship to protest and prevent it from departing
  101. Police in riot gear called to break up disturbance among hundreds angry at Nike shoe sale cancellation
  102. Pay to read the news online?
  103. Man Charged after Stopping Burglary
  104. Funeral home kept bodies in garage, cooled with icepacks
  105. US asks Israel not to attack Iran
  106. Mayor of small South Carolina town sneaks into town hall to change locks and take over town's checkbook, then pulls over state trooper three weeks later
  107. Female officers are still cops
  108. Teams help officers deal with trauma after police shootings
  109. Italian police seize $6 trillion in fake US treasury bonds
  110. Chief of remote Kenyan town foils robbery by rallying neighbors through Twitter
  111. Rape victim wins $20 million verdict against apartment complex that didn't tell her about previous attacks on other tenants
  112. Crime is out of control in Wisconsin!
  113. Attempted suicide bombing of US Capitol foiled
  114. School bus crash kills 11-year-old daughter of NJ Trooper, critically injures her 2 sisters, boy
  115. Bayer aspirin/contraception flap
  116. Police 'Tank' Purchase Riles New Hampshire Town
  117. Underwear bomber sentenced to life in prison
  118. Sheriff and sergeant buy burial plots next to Josh Powell's sons to block family members from burying him next to them
  119. Fire kills nearly 300 people in overcrowded Honduras prison
  120. Supreme Court justice robbed by intruder with machete while vacationing in the Caribbean
  121. 4th NYPD Officer in Recent Weeks Kills Himself
  122. British tourists arrested at US airport after posting Twitter jokes about destroying America and digging up Marilyn Monroe
  123. Whitney Houston Dead
  124. Chainsaw-Weilding Drunk
  125. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin under investigation: source
  126. Pair Pocket Dials 911 during drug deal.
  127. Video: 7-year-old girl escapes from kidnapper in Wal-Mart
  128. 'Unwell' pensioner drives wrong way on motorway
  129. CLosed Session Audio of Fired Officers Revealed Candor, NC
  130. Holy Sheep!
  131. Hey Grandma, can I borrow the car?
  132. CCTV police officer 'chased himself' after being mistaken for burglar
  133. This finger is loaded, and I know how to use it!
  134. The end of a generation
  135. Standoff between soldiers and police occupying legislature building and demanding a pay raise in Brazil
  136. Family that got lost in Oregon forest found after 6 days
  137. It was the Mexican buffet, honest!
  138. "HEY! You got peanut butter in my chocolate....."
  139. Prison inmate who made stationary and license plates secretly added pig images to state decals on police cruisers
  140. Sutton St James siege officer was shot in face
  141. Video: Barnegat cop braves burning car to save incapacitated man
  142. occupy dc protestors must be given an eviction notice...
  143. The driver needs to be found and disposed of....
  144. Man goes to jail for lightsabre attacks
  145. Defibrillators Carried By Police
  146. New Hampshire legislators considering bill to require police to a warrant before extracting info from cell phones and GPS
  147. Mo. woman robbed cop called to help her
  148. Occupy Oakland protesters break into City Hall; hundreds arrested
  149. Senators propose federal funding for training and equipment to help police identify drugged drivers
  150. Cop uses iPhone app to catch iPhone thief
  151. Police round up pony running free in residential Modesto suburb
  152. Nine-year-old saves great-grandma's life with rescue breaths he learned in school
  153. Somali pirates move remaining US hostage, warn against further rescue missions
  154. 64 Year Old Woman Holds Fleeing Carjacker at Gunpoint
  155. Russian dolls protest after Siberian activists' requests for permission to protest were denied
  156. Worst..bank..robber..ever..
  157. Trash Talk
  158. Solar flare may affect GPS and cell phones
  159. Illuminating Crime
  160. Who Would've Guessed
  161. Supreme Court rules that police must get search warrant before using GPS to track suspects
  162. 9-year-old girl outsmarts her abductor and forces him to run away
  163. Sabotage, bombings, sanctions: Pressure on Iran grows
  164. Gabrielle Giffords will resign from Congress
  165. Rest in Peace JoPa
  166. William Shatner's 'Priceline Negotiator' to die
  167. Life-Saving "Not Related" to Conn. Officer's Work
  168. School bus thefts mystify police in Jefferson and St. Louis counties
  169. Fond du Lac man says wife punched, strangled by ghost
  170. Woman removed from plane after bringing gun aboard
  171. Police respond to late-night call from Superior shelter, find puppy chewing alarm wires
  172. Good dog
  173. Entire building stolen for scrap
  174. Hollywood body parts identified; name withheld
  175. For you Star Wars lovers...
  176. Tattooed 10 year old's mother arrested
  177. 10-year-old boy charged with murder for accidentally stabbing his 12-year-old best friend to death while trying to stab another child
  178. New school can’t be Cougars because middle-aged women might be offended
  179. Northwestern US storm grounds flights, leaves 180k without power
  180. Israeli hackers claim they hacked Saudi stock exchange sites in retaliation for hacking of Israeli stock exchange sites
  181. Italian captain of sunk cruise ship facing charges of multiple manslaughter and abandoning ship
  182. Supreme Court gives Alabama death row inmate a second chance after he misses filing deadline due to mix-up in New York law firm mailroom
  183. Controversy over "trusty" program that allowed convicted murderers to work in Mississippi governor's mansion and later receive pardons from him
  184. Justifiable homicides rise in Palm Beach County
  185. Man gets 10 years for spitting on officer
  186. Driver arrested after getting stuck, passing out in front lawn of MSP post in Cadillac
  187. Driver guilty of Christmas DUI manslaughter sues victim
  188. Miami-Dade Police lay off more than 100 officers after dispute between mayor and police unions
  189. Police watchdog probes head injury arrest in Hanwell
  190. flippin' ya the bird
  191. MP's Aide To Sue Met Police Over 'Assault'
  192. Be Careful folks, it's dangerous out there...
  193. US denies killing Iranian nuclear scientists
  194. Tucson Shooting Survivor: Giffords Makes Me Want To ‘Vomit’
  195. Handcuffed suspect stole police cruiser, used police radio to ask for key to unlock his handcuffs
  196. National Guard sent to help dig Alaskan town out from under 18 feet of snow
  197. Appeals court affirms order blocking Oklahoma sharia law ban
  198. Officer at Traffic Stop Finds His Stolen Motorcycle
  199. Proving once again dogs are graced with better humanity than many humans
  200. Outgoing Governor Issues Nearly 300 Pardons
  201. It's a dog eat dawg world.
  202. Snoop Dogg busted by drug dog
  203. Iran convicts ex-Marine US citizen of spying and sentences him to death
  204. Got a monkey on your back?
  205. Tourist Survives Plunge into Crocodile-Infested Waters After Bungee Cord Snaps
  206. Gabrielle Giffords leads pledge of allegiance at vigil on anniversary of Arizona shooting rampage
  207. Better explanation is needed
  208. Charges Filed In Bible Demonstration
  209. Woman sues dead teen for injuries
  210. If you don't try you will never know
  211. Trooper tases a drunk 'Darth Vader'
  212. The Case Of The Stinky Mink
  213. One Officer Killed, 5 Wounded in Utah
  214. Detroit police stations will close from 4 pm to 8 am daily to cut costs
  215. 14-year-old missing African-American girl who spoke no Spanish was mistakenly deported to Colombia after giving police a fake name
  216. Texas School Shooting: Brownsville Police Shot And Killed Armed Middle School Student
  217. Mom, 18, Defends Infant With Shotgun
  218. Dead body found on grounds of Queen Elizabeth's vacation home
  219. One of Japan's most-wanted fugitives turned himself in after being rejected by police at another station who thought he was a prankster
  220. Part-time deputy earning $1 a year hailed as hero for catching arson suspect
  221. Man tried to use million dollar bill at Wal-Mart
  222. Police rescue lost hiker by glow of cell phone
  223. Illinois Supreme Court rules that police must keep video even for minor cases instead of erasing it after 30 days
  224. Left hanging...
  225. Police fatalities rose 13% in 2011
  226. Beneficial, or not?
  227. Maher Sparks Fury With Tebow Remark- NSFW
  228. Knocked The F Out
  229. Cupcake deemed security threat by TSA.
  230. Good Job T.S.O.
  231. longest tenured (and 1st female) NY Trooper retires
  232. Mobile, Ala. Mayor Apprehends Intruder at Home
  233. V6 Mustang Drive Shafts, not up to Par.
  234. Police officers often robbed of sleep
  235. Accidental discharge from over a mile away kills Amish girl
  236. connecticut mayor wants illegal aliens to vote
  237. man dies after eating cocaine... out of brother's rectum...
  238. $58,000 theft of lingerie
  239. When Recycling is NOT Good
  240. 2 discover their vehicle was burglarized while they were shoplifting, police say
  241. What is really important...
  242. Utah Police Officer Holds the Hand of Woman Pinned Under Bus
  243. Ohio Senate passes Amber Alert-like bill for Cops called 'Blue Alert'.
  244. Went to Tech School with this guy
  245. Small town poli-tricks at its worst.
  246. Coffee pot upside the head
  247. Anger management class...
  248. Pursuit after man attempting to get kids in his vehicle
  249. Legal News Update Site
  250. Calif. Sheriff Draws Legal Fire For Concealed-Gun Permit Policy