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  1. Beneficial, or not?
  2. Maher Sparks Fury With Tebow Remark- NSFW
  3. Knocked The F Out
  4. Cupcake deemed security threat by TSA.
  5. Good Job T.S.O.
  6. longest tenured (and 1st female) NY Trooper retires
  7. Mobile, Ala. Mayor Apprehends Intruder at Home
  8. V6 Mustang Drive Shafts, not up to Par.
  9. Police officers often robbed of sleep
  10. Accidental discharge from over a mile away kills Amish girl
  11. connecticut mayor wants illegal aliens to vote
  12. man dies after eating cocaine... out of brother's rectum...
  13. $58,000 theft of lingerie
  14. When Recycling is NOT Good
  15. 2 discover their vehicle was burglarized while they were shoplifting, police say
  16. What is really important...
  17. Utah Police Officer Holds the Hand of Woman Pinned Under Bus
  18. Ohio Senate passes Amber Alert-like bill for Cops called 'Blue Alert'.
  19. Went to Tech School with this guy
  20. Small town poli-tricks at its worst.
  21. Coffee pot upside the head
  22. Anger management class...
  23. Pursuit after man attempting to get kids in his vehicle
  24. Legal News Update Site
  25. Calif. Sheriff Draws Legal Fire For Concealed-Gun Permit Policy
  26. US Supreme Court to look at state immigration laws
  27. Gunman who fired live bullets into crowds on Hollywood street was mistaken for actor in gangster movie filmed nearby
  28. Car and wedding dress stolen from couple Friday morning but are returned to them by police in time for their Saturday wedding
  29. Hounds for Heroes
  30. Castle Doctrine
  31. Rod Blagojevich sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption
  32. Alec Baldwin kicked off plane after refusing to turn off his cell phone after plane doors closed
  33. Death Penalty for Mumia Dropped
  34. Police attacker convicted and sentenced
  35. Man robs martial arts expert, gets beaten and shot
  36. Expensive MVA
  37. Grand jury declines to indict McDonald's worker in beating
  38. Hogtied!
  39. Afghan rape victim who had been sentenced for 12 years after reporting the rape gets a pardon, will not be required to marry her rapist
  40. 176 cars involved in 3 separate chain reaction cars that killed one and injured 16
  41. New Gun Company Advertisement Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin
  42. Kidnapper Sues Couple He Held Hostage
  43. NYPD cop intervenes in scuffle on JetBlue flight
  44. Condemned inmate mocks Oregon governor for stopping his execution
  45. Police find 4-foot alligator inside CT city apartment
  46. Charges against wannabe superhero dropped
  47. Russian Reporter Gives Obama The Finger On National Television NSFW (Gesture)
  48. Police found car chase driver in wheelie bin
  49. Two jailed for death burglary
  50. OWS accused of harassing school kids
  51. Neo-Nazi couple tries to adopt a highway for the "Nazi Party" and is denied, so adopts it under the name "Freedom Party"
  52. Fake doc injected cement in buttocks of a woman who wanted a curvier body
  53. After 2+ years of surveillance, "lone wolf" terror suspect arrested for plotting to bomb military personnel, postal facilities, and police
  54. MJ proves peaceful again
  55. "I'll come at you like a spider monkey!!"
  56. Police find drug tunnel under US-Mexico border
  57. Man wearing "I'm a drunk" T shirt arrested for DWI after hitting patrol car
  58. Pilot gets stuck in airplane restroom and asks passenger with thick foreign accent to get help from the cockpit; hilarity ensues
  59. Gun-toting woman foils purse snatcher's plan
  60. Woman sees her stolen bike on Craigslist and steals it back
  61. White House hit by bullet
  62. DARPA : 'What if WALL-E and an ostrich had a baby?'
  63. Why I Have No Cushion in My Back Seat
  64. Beer vending machine
  65. South Yorkshire Police A57 snow response criticised
  66. Obama breaks tradition of making APEC leaders wear silly shirts
  67. Stand-up comedian becomes mayor of small Ohio city
  68. Police impersonators carry out string of robberies
  69. First-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System encountered problems
  70. Giant asteroid is passing close to Earth right now!
  71. Mexico jail sweep turns up 19 prostitutes, 2 peacocks, 100 fighting roosters, as well as drugs and knives
  72. Healthcare law ruled constitutional
  73. Alaska faces one of its worst storms ever
  74. RIP, Smokin' Joe
  75. Russian historian dug up 29 bodies and kept them in his apartment, dressed in women's clothes
  76. Michael Jackson's doctor found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson the drug that killed him
  77. Crossbow siege man was lawfully killed
  78. Waveney District councillor Andrew Draper resigns
  79. Jurors award detective $700,000 including punitive damages from his city that fired him
  80. Now that took balls.
  81. Meth lab found in backpack
  82. RIP, Andy Rooney
  83. Snap a rod?
  84. Minnesota town plans to replace its Sheriff's Office patrol with private security guards to save $8,694 a month
  85. Video purports to show Texas judge using a belt to whip his 16-year-old daughter for downloading music and games off the internet
  86. Criminal genius of the day: If you're wanted, it's not a good idea to taunt the agency that wants you on their facebook page.
  87. 4 Georgia militia members in their 60s and 70s arrested for plot to use guns, bombs, and the toxin ricin to kill federal and state officials and spread terror
  88. Cops Tell Town They'll Ignore 911 Calls
  89. Parents fight for custody of their children, who they named Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation
  90. US-trained engineer will be interim leader of Libya
  91. Federal judge tells Tennessee officials to stop enforcing new rules used to arrest Occupy protesters in Nashville
  92. Shot Mark Nunes and Andrew Markland 'had armour-piercing bullets'
  93. Washington Post defends publication of police officer petting a cat in coverage of Oakland protests
  94. Cat that vanished in airport baggage claim found two months later
  95. Patrolman sues Goods Foods after its cook put pubic and chest hair in his sandwich in retaliation for traffic ticket
  96. British Commonwealth countries' leaders approve policy allowing British monarchs to marry Catholics and pass the throne on to daughters instead of sons
  97. Columbia SC Officer arrested/fired
  98. USBP Agent Sentenced
  99. ShotSpotter
  100. Occupy Atlanta
  101. getting arrested app
  102. John Onyenaychi guilty of attempted murder of officers
  103. Federal judge halts Florida law requiring drug tests for cash assistance to needy families
  104. Hundreds dead after 7.2 earthquake in Turkey
  105. World power swings back to America
  106. Hunt for a Killer
  107. RIP ‘Na Na Hey Hey'
  108. Police appeal after wire 'trap' injures biker
  109. Tons of defunct satellite debris falling toward Earth
  110. Non-drivers can be guilty of vehicular homicide
  111. Farmland dog shootings prompt call for change in law
  112. Obama says almost all US troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of this year
  113. Police patrol Cardiff school after parents' yard fight
  114. Louisiana Makes It Illegal to Use Cash for Secondhand Sales
  115. Police told to make fewer arrests to save money
  116. Libyan rebels say they captured Gadhafi
  117. "Cleanup in Produce" - Small bear found in Alaskan grocery store produce aisle
  118. Dozens of "exotic" wild animals released in Ohio
  119. Sheepdog firefighter saves a little Lamb dropped from a burning building (literally!)
  120. U.S. Senators request MLB ban smokeless tobacco from World Series
  121. Fisherman catches "cyclops" shark
  122. Scrabble player demands his opponent be strip searched
  123. Spy accused Zatuliveter denies influence reason for affair with MP
  124. Child's gravestone stolen in Belleau, Lincolnshire
  125. Church HIV prayer cure claims 'cause three deaths'
  126. Woman arrested for pelting her husband with cupcakes
  127. Lost Dog with "Police" collar ends up in Sacramento shelter that can't find the listed owner
  128. How many close calls?
  129. North Wales police will place rainbow stickers on front desks of police stations to make gays and lesbians feel more comfortable about reporting crime
  130. Wall Street protests go global
  131. Boy, 13, among five teens detained for armed robberies
  132. Police Leave Warnings Inside Unlocked Cars
  133. Flashing your high beams - Freedom of Speech?
  134. Worker Admits to Putting Semen in Yogurt
  135. Man pleads guilty to charges of trying to detonate an explosive device in his underwear aboard a Christmas 2009 flight to Detroit
  136. Over 20 inmates injured after riot at Oklahoma prison
  137. Israel will release 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one Israeli prisoner
  138. Iran-Tied Terror Plot in Washington, D.C. Disrupted by DEA and FBI
  139. Man dressed as "superhero" arrested on assault charges
  140. Open Carry banned!!!
  141. NYPD Sgt. uses his finger to save his life
  142. fake cops extort johns
  143. The 53%
  144. Whitbourne shooting: Two accused of firearms and drugs offences
  145. Undocumented immigrant students can now receive state-funded financial aid to attend college in California
  146. Man ditches plane in ocean after running out of gas
  147. Police impersonator pulls over real cop
  148. Dwarf Tossing Legal???
  149. Man prays while robbing woman in a wheelchair and apologizes before taking her money
  150. Thief accidentally posts photo of himself on victim's Facebook page
  151. **Updated***Amish Accused In Bizarre Crime Wave
  152. Nottingham asylum seeker fell from balcony 'after taunts'
  153. Bear attacks couple in their own house
  154. TSA begins "trusted traveler" program in which travelers voluntarily submit to background checks in advance in exchange for faster screening at the airport
  155. State Police prevent suicide on highway bridge
  156. Fitchburg, MA highway foot chase
  157. Italian jury overturns Amanda Knox's murder conviction
  158. Nobel Prize in medicine winner who extended his own life with therapy he designed died days before award announced
  159. CIA contractor charged with killing 2 men in Pakistan arrested in Colorado after fistfight at shopping center
  160. US federal agents go to Portugal to catch fugitive who hijacked a plane and disappeared 4 decades ago
  161. Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protestors arrested at Brooklyn Bridge
  162. Plane crashes into Ferris wheel, but neither the 2 kids on the ferris wheel nor the 2 plane occupants are seriously injured
  163. Plane hits Ferris wheel north of Sydney, trapping four
  164. Alone?
  165. Student docked 25 points on test for saying 'God bless you'
  166. Lodi police chief orders officer to ticket his wife
  167. Islamist cleric Anwar Awlaki 'killed in Yemen'
  168. Ice cream shop mascot mistaken for Ku Klux Klan member
  169. Pilot of small plane caught transporting 74 lbs of marijuana across the country
  170. Illinois state senator calls 911 and tells police to ignore her husband if he calls
  171. Camden, NJ got federal grants to rehire 23 police officers, in addition to 55 officers rehired with payment in lieu of taxes from a corporation, after laying off 163 officers in January
  172. Over 2,000 exotic snakes perish in warehouse fire
  173. A Very Honorable Man
  174. Saudi woman to be lashed for defying driving ban
  175. Spleen surgery police officer force 'not excessive'
  176. Teenager jailed for taking photo at Luton Crown Court
  177. Over 90 protesters arrested as "Occupy Wall Street" movement enters second week
  178. Saudi King says women will be allowed to vote and run for office in the next set of municipal elections after the current one
  179. Hairstylist says TSA chased after her after she passed the screening area and patted down her afro, calling her "The lady with the hair"
  180. Texas prisons end special last meals in executions
  181. Hundreds of pounds of fallen satellite pieces fall onto various unknown locations on Earth
  182. First Irish case of death by spontaneous combustion
  183. Kidnap victim sues federal government for failing to track the man who held her captive for 18 years
  184. Police seek public's help in finding John Travolta's Mercedes
  185. Just in case you forgot...
  186. Man dies during theft.
  187. Troy Davis to be executed
  188. Iran frees American hikers
  189. Elderly man shoots home invader
  190. Skydiver commits suicide by shedding his parachute in midair
  191. Suspected intruder stabbed to death in Bramhall burglary
  192. Crowd lifts burning car off trapped motorcyclist
  193. RIP Willie "Big Eyes" Smith
  194. Thief Shot by Accomplice
  195. Democrats try to win the Lewisipso vote by banning giant snake imports; Republicans hiss and boo in response because they want to put snakes on a plane
  196. Look like a cop? Come audition for 'Frozen Ground'
  197. Found dead in a Badger Sett......?
  198. Deputy Pulls Woman from Burning Car
  199. Man Beheads Himself During Domestic Dispute
  200. Chicago will make public all crime statistics since 2001 online in searchable database
  201. 85-year-old man trapped in car for 2 days wrote note saying he wasn't committing suicide and that someone should improve the road where he had his accident
  202. Standing in an open sunroof and waving your schlong at passing traffic is no way to go through life, son
  203. Hot Dog Man Mystery
  204. California may send thousands of female prisoners home
  205. Phoenix Goddess church accused of being a house of prostitution
  206. "Hey neighbor, mind if I dump a body in your trash?"
  207. Officials say there is "credible, unconfirmed" threat of a vehicle laden with explosives being used for 9/11 anniversary terrorism
  208. Arkansas meteorologist found asleep in tub next to dead man
  209. Schoolchildren lose police 'kettling' case
  210. Tourist Complaint
  211. 9 people, including 5 uniformed National Guard members, shot at Nevada IHOP
  212. Oops!
  213. 42 shootings in NYC on labor day weekend
  214. She can intimidate criminals, and she can dance
  215. The price of sex?
  216. Post office close to default
  217. Texas wildfires destroy 300 homes, kill mom and toddler
  218. Oakland hosts cannabis street fair where medical marijuana can be smoked right in front of City Hall
  219. 85mph speed limit possibility approved by Texas House of Representatives
  220. Man bites python and almost kills it but can't remember doing it
  221. Re: TS Lee
  222. Another youth sports fiasco
  223. Canadian floating feet mystery deepens
  224. US diplomatic sources and informants exposed due to unintended leak of Wikileaks password and data files
  225. Logger cuts off toes after his foot gets pinned
  226. Nanny says she was horrifically burned by Gadhafi's daughter
  227. Beyonce's sister tweets that she will file complaint about police threatening to deflate her giant banana
  228. State paid sex offenders to baby sit
  229. Still Vigilant at the Tomb of the Unknowns Despite Irene
  230. Al Qaeda's #2 leader killed by CIA drone strike in Pakistan
  231. Jury Robs Business on Behalf of Dead Burglar
  232. Wrestling Sisters Take Down Hit-And-Run Suspect In Oklahoma
  233. Warnings, watches issued in U.S. ahead of Hurricane Irene
  234. Bride and groom shoplifted $1,000 of food for their wedding reception
  235. Rebels ransacking Moammar Gadhafi's compound photo album with page after page of pictures of Condoleeza Rice
  236. Man survives over 400 bee stings
  237. How an off-duty officer ended a three-day manhunt
  238. Pussification of america: A sickening example.
  239. Dog eats $10,000 worth of diamonds
  240. 6.0 Earthquake in Washington D.C. & Other Areas of the East Coast
  241. Dying mother's efforts to call "secret" number leads FBI to finds fugitive 36 years after he escaped from prison
  242. Largest quake since 1967 shakes Colorado
  243. Rebels overrun Gadhafi compound
  244. Is that a pistol in your pocket?
  245. New York to drop sexual assualt chargest against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  246. Hurricane Irene a serious threat to US
  247. US hikers convicted of illegally entering Iran to appeal their 8-year sentence in Iranian prison
  248. Libyan rebels say they are advancing toward Gadhafi's compound
  249. 8 arrested in $40 million fortune-telling that warned about terrible things happening if victims didn't do as they say
  250. 65 arrested in anti-oil-pipeline protests near White House