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  1. Libyan rebels say they are advancing toward Gadhafi's compound
  2. 8 arrested in $40 million fortune-telling that warned about terrible things happening if victims didn't do as they say
  3. 65 arrested in anti-oil-pipeline protests near White House
  4. Off duty cop shoots, kills robber at Detroit McDonalds
  5. 3 men convicted of child killings free after 18 years because they changed their pleas to save one from death penalty
  6. Obama administration will refocus deportation efforts on convicted felons and public safety threats
  7. Mess'n with Texans...dumb.
  8. Police find over 20 stolen tombstones in suspected CA meth house; motive for theft unknown
  9. CA Police in standoff with armed stabbing suspect barricaded in hotel room
  10. Rapper "The Game" won't face charges for tweeting Sheriff Dept's phone number in internship ad and causing fans to flood it with hundreds of calls for 3 hours
  11. President Obama calls for Syrian leader al-Assad to step down
  12. Taser Death
  13. Drunk Motorised Beer Cooler Driver Banned
  14. Man 'looted doughnut shop' in Manchester riots
  15. Tampa student arrested in school bomb plot
  16. Father of 2 becomes hero in abducted girl's rescue
  17. 'Flash mob' of 28 people robs Maryland 7-Eleven in less than a minute, police post surveillance video on youtube asking for help identifying them
  18. Service dog for disabled officer
  19. First responders decry exclusion from 9/11 ceremony
  20. Croydon PC's attacker sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment
  21. Cops create murderers out of kids
  22. Detroit Police won't respond to most burglar alarms unless a crime has been verified by an alarm company
  23. Oldest survivor of Bataan Death March dies at 105
  24. British prime minister criticized for bringing LAPD police chief as advisor about "zero tolerance" law enforcement
  25. Plumber finds hidden camera aimed at toilet in Starbucks mens restroom
  26. San Francisco's Rapid Transit authorities halt cell phone service to stop protests
  27. Circuit Court strikes down part of health care law
  28. FORTY years of probation..?
  29. Mark Duggan death: IPCC 'may have misled journalists'
  30. Bank robber says she deserved to get shot because she pointed her machine pistol at police chief before he shot her
  31. UK rioters came from all walks of life
  32. Post-traumatic stress disorder still haunts thousands who witnessed 9/11 attacks
  33. Bus Driver Fired For Helping 3 Police Officers
  34. Payback's a BEOTCH!!
  35. Man who stole purse from woman at supermarket returns it and turns himself in
  36. Sales of baseball bats and police batons increase 5,000% in 24 hours on Amazon's British website
  37. 9 pm curfew imposed on Fridays and Saturday for those under 18 in Philadelphia in response to flash mobs
  38. Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs sentenced to life in prison for child sex abuse
  39. Blue shark found in New Hampshire woods; police don't know how it got there
  40. Stocks plunge in response to downgrade of US credit rating
  41. Londons Burning
  42. Gunman and 7 victims dead in Ohio shooting spree
  43. US LE Targeted by Hacker Group
  44. Anonymous hacker group hacks into 70 law enforcement websites and posts the info on the internet in retaliation for arrests
  45. "Protestors" set fire to police cars in London
  46. REVENGE: SEAL Team 6 Decimated
  47. 31 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Chopper Attack
  48. New Orleans school shooting plot foiled
  49. US loses AAA credit rating from S&P for the first time in history
  50. Timoney to consult on Camden police
  51. Virginia Tech on alert after kids report seeing someone with a what could be a weapon on campus
  52. US charges 72 over 'nightmare' child porn network
  53. Missing Missouri Trooper
  54. Christian zealots from the United States is threatening to take action in the funerals of terror victims
  55. 12-year-old leads cops on car chase
  56. 3 officers shot
  57. Police: T passengers stepped in to stop woman who punched her baby in the face
  58. State actor seen behind "enormous" wave of cyber attacks
  59. Arrested for Splitting Atoms
  60. Mom forced to share custody of her teen sons with ex-husband who is living with the woman who murdered their own daughters
  61. Knocked down by fleeing car, pops back up to make arrest
  62. Man threatens police officers with python snake during arrest
  63. RIP Han and Chewie
  64. Gabrielle Giffords returns to the House for the first time to vote in favor of debt limit deal
  65. Secret Service Pays Rent to Protect Biden
  66. Tens of thousands protest soaring housing prices and demand a welfare state in 10 Israeli cities
  67. Iranian victim changes her mind and halts "eye for an eye" punishment of the attacker who blinded her
  68. Blimps, iris scans, and facial recognition used to fight crime
  69. US to blaim for Norway shootings
  70. 65-year-old woman gets jury trial over $445 obscenity ticket for her "truck nuts"
  71. Woman Attacks Infant in Stroller, Wanted to "Eat Baby's Arm"
  72. Houston Police sergeant charged with escorting drug-runners in patrol car
  73. Alex Trebek injured after chasing burglar
  74. Blonde joke come to life
  75. School Shooter Asks for Clemency
  76. Skeleton of a 22-year-old man who went missing 27 years ago found in chimney of Louisiana bank
  77. Bet you don't have a check box for THIS....
  78. 'Mom, don't panic ... but there's a gunman going loose here'
  79. Attempted Self-Surgery With Butter Knife
  80. Activist faces up to 10 years in prison for submitting false lease bids to derail drilling on public land near national parks
  81. Court rules that DNA samples can be collected from people who have been arrested but not convicted
  82. Man wakes up screaming after 21 hours in a morgue after his familiy thought he was dead
  83. Congressional committee criticizes ATF operation for faciliating Mexican drug cartels' acquisition of weapons
  84. Mom whose 4-year-old son was killed by hit-and-run driver while jaywalking is convicted of homicide by vehicle
  85. CA governor Brown signs law easing undocumented immigrants' ability to access privately funded financial aid for college
  86. Iraqi government unable to decide whether they want US troops to stay after 2011
  87. Police seek ride-alongs who can speak Spanish, French, Mongolian, Arabic and certain African dialects
  88. Girls in Pink...support for an officer's family
  89. Clint Eastwood chairs LE Memorial and Museum
  90. Chicago cop catches abducted baby thrown by abductor
  91. Cheshire businessman Arran Coghlan cleared over police assault
  92. 4 teens badly hurt in attack by brown bears in Alaskan wilderness
  93. Hotel maid goes public with allegations against ex-IMF chief
  94. Motorcyclist Lands In Van Back Seat, Unhurt. Van Driver Didn't Know
  95. Legal Protection for Felons?
  96. You can't make this stuff up . . .
  97. The Fort Snelling bald eagle
  98. Amy Winehouse found dead in London
  99. Man who posted criticisms of multiculturalism and Islam suspected of killing 92 in terrorist attack in Norway
  100. Ohio officer goes berserk on concealed carrier
  101. Benny Hill Behind Bars
  102. Too much money to spend?
  103. Cuts, what cuts?
  104. Homeland Security airs ads against human trafficking
  105. Irony strikes again
  106. Pregnant Woman Beats Up Mugger
  107. Your tax dollars at work.....Potentially NSFW
  108. Sperm Sniffing Dog...
  109. News of the World hacking whistleblower found dead
  110. Post 9/11, biggest terror threat is underground
  111. Woman Kills Husband While Shooting at Dog
  112. Abuse of PCP-like Street drug bath salts (legal in 25 states) on the rise
  113. Feet First into the Meat Grinder
  114. Britain considering law to allow police to warn those dating partners with histories of violent crime
  115. Former News of the World editor arrested on charges of hacking and police bribery
  116. Partially blinded hate crime victim sues to stop execution of the man who shot him in the head and murdered 3 others after his half-sister was killed on 9/11
  117. Police in Washington DC catch suspected murderer who skipped out of court
  118. TSA to implement "trusted traveler" program to allow those who submit to background check to bypass some aspects of airport security
  119. Canadian study finds that excessive force by police is rare
  120. Who's your Commander In Chief?
  121. She's really pushing her luck
  122. Brothers Killed Mom Over Yahtzee?
  123. US official responds to criticisms of CIA using Hepatitis B vaccination campaign in Pakistan to try to catch Osama bin Laden
  124. Mother and toddler survive jump from carjacker's car while it was speeding at over 100 miles per hour
  125. Man steals Picassos and other paintings not to sell but to put on his own art show
  126. Controversial Exotic Animal Owner Found Dead
  127. Mom gets probation, loses kid for spanking
  128. Suspect in Child Rape Case Allowed to Watch Child Porn In Jail
  129. airports had average of 7 breaches per day after 2001
  130. This Year's Most Horrifying Police Press Release (NSFW)
  131. Former NFL Player Shot by Police
  132. Union sues over pensioin
  133. threats made over airwaves against Sheriff.
  134. Mila Kunis Accepts Invite to Marine Corps Ball
  135. DA: Dad justified when he shot and killed son
  136. When liberals give birth
  137. TV station refuses to turn over video of fire over to investigators
  138. Finally! WI CC law passes
  139. RIP, Betty Ford
  140. DUI suspect's tongue gets him in trouble
  141. Police: Nearly naked man in Bluff City funeral home claims he wasn't alone, sex was planned
  142. Judge in sex harassment case to face inquiry
  143. Oak Park battles city over vegetable garden in their front yard
  144. Caregiver Accused of Beating Elderly Woman with Metal Chair
  145. Man who said he planned to kill Obama held over murder
  146. Clearwater man plays along with intruder being chased by police
  147. Husband gets prison for electric chair try
  148. Florida traffic court judge Rhonda Hollander arrested for taking cell phone pics of man at urinal
  149. 7 year old walks 4 miles to report murder of mother
  150. TSA worried about bomb implants
  151. Suspect in 1957 cold case charged as fugitive
  152. Unsung Heros
  153. Man kept alligator to "woo" women
  154. Woman tries to sneak husband out of Mexican prison in suitcase
  155. Man arrested after allegedly snorting cocaine while leaning on an unmarked police car
  156. Casey Anthony Verdict
  157. Definition of irony
  158. Bullet Recall
  159. BATF foul up...
  160. Five-Year-Old Shoots Boy, 4, at Maryland Playground
  161. Swimmers used public pool for days while body of drowned woman in the pool went undetected
  162. There is no hunting, like the hunting of man...wait, what?
  163. Air traffic disrupted by over 150 turtles trying to find a place to lay their eggs
  164. FBI invited WBC for training
  165. Rookie Cop Saves Life Of 1-Year-Old Girl
  166. RIP, Peter Falk
  167. Trial of 3 Murdered Pittsburgh PD Officers is over
  168. James "Whitey" Bulger Captured
  169. Idiot Updates Facebook Status During Standoff
  170. 7 year old takes car, goes on 20 mile drive
  171. Explosive Found on Police Car
  172. Where is Chris Hansen when you need him?
  173. RIP, Clarence Clemons
  174. Homey Don't Play That
  175. Can't make it up.
  176. Trooper had 5x legal limit BAC
  177. On the Beltway, a claim of drunken sex at 85 mph
  178. Police: Man Carrying Gun, Sword Punches Mother
  179. Pentagon is looking for someone to build a starship
  180. Polygamist leader's daughter pleads guilty to 1988 killings
  181. Refusal to pull up saggy pants escalates trespassing, battery, and interfering with police
  182. Groundskeepers replaced by sheep at solar panel array
  183. Kuddos guys!!!!
  184. Retired Detroit cop, 81, shot in carjacking
  185. And the moral of the story is...
  186. Doomsday preacher suffers stroke
  187. Crows take aim at cops
  188. ADW=Assault with a Dead Weasel
  189. 9 year old and police save 4 year old from near drowning.
  190. 7 year Old Girl Beaten and Robbed
  191. Delta to repay soldiers hit with $200 extra bag fee
  192. SWAT Team for Student Loans?
  193. Woman Cuts Off Attacker's Genitals
  194. Officer dismissed for responding to "officer down"
  195. Couple Forecloses on Bank. What?
  196. Manslaughter for not predicting earthquake?
  197. Proof that karma is a bitch...
  198. West Point Cadet Sues
  199. HAZMAT Train Derailment
  200. New attempt by the police to prevent petty thefts
  201. Soldier home on leave thwarts Fla. bank robbery
  202. Inmate attacks officer, killed
  203. Elderly Japanese volunteers want to work at radiation-contaminated nuclear plant so younger people don't have to
  204. 13-year-old boy tortured and killed in Syria
  205. 'Handcuffed by policy': Fire crews watch man die
  206. Police: Sheriff's deputy kills ex-wife, shoots Virginia state trooper
  207. Pharmacist pleads self-defense, jury says no
  208. Preschool teacher honored for kids to get on the floor during gunfight and leading them in song about chocolate raindrops falling from the sky
  209. Egyptian general says virginity tests were performed on female protesters to prevent them from claiming they were raped
  210. Swarms of jellyfish sting people on Atlantic beaches
  211. Birthday spanking? Really?
  212. Suspect with a grudge may pose a threat to all police
  213. Sheriffs Shut Down Iowa Bar's Mouse Racing
  214. Sheriff defends role in near shootout
  215. Kiwi boys stand as few men will
  216. Senate votes to extend Patriot Act provisions about roving wiretaps, tracking "lone wolf" terrorists, and the ability of law enforcement officials access to records
  217. Judge voids Wisconsin collective bargaining law
  218. Supreme Court orders California to reduce its prison population by 30,000 within 2 years
  219. Tuscon Jared Loughner declared too mentally incompetent to stand trial
  220. Enema: You're doing it wrong.
  221. Smartphone app alerts driver to responding officers.
  222. Disney did WHAT???
  223. We're about to get wet...very wet
  224. Missouri tornado kills 118, deadliest in 60 years that records have been kept
  225. Semper Fi
  226. Oops - secret service
  227. L.A. County to pay nearly $5 million in deputy's SUV crash
  228. How much!
  229. Look out for the wildlife
  230. Greetings from Croatia
  231. Power Outage at MSP Cancels Hundreds of Flights
  232. Maybe they just wanted a beer
  233. Delaware Cop Killer Sentenced to Death Today
  234. FBI and Homeland Security warn that Al Qaeda has continuing interest in attacking oil and natural gas targets based on info from bin Laden raid
  235. Mexican officials target drug ballads
  236. getaway driver convicted in murder of 4 Lakewood officers
  237. CDC releases guide for Zombie Apocalypse
  238. Cop Car Stolen After Suspect Fights with Officer
  239. Police: Prostitute Tried To 'Arrest' Officer
  240. Loud cell phone talker removed from Amtrak
  241. Someone Could Have Gotten Shot
  242. Circumcision decision to confront San Francisco voters, will procedure become misdemeanor?
  243. Police discover urine-filled bottles during DUI stop of ice cream truck
  244. Mexican authorities find 513 illegal immigrants in 2 tractor-trailers
  245. More emergency rooms closing even as need for them grows
  246. The world's last known smallpox virus samples will not be destroyed, for now
  247. Schwarzenegger reveals he had child with staffer
  248. Supreme Court says LEOs can enter without a warrant if they hear sounds suggesting destruction of evidence
  249. Mississippi River Flooding Pics
  250. AirTran Pilot Arrested at MSP for Being Over a .04