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  1. WWII vet discovers he’s not a U.S. citizen
  2. Air Traffic Control Failure in Washington, D.C.: What Happened?
  3. Man who killed officer up for parole
  4. Steven Seagal, Sheriff Joe Arpaio use Tank to Raid Home of Cockfighting suspect
  5. Police serve burgers for Special Olympics fundraiser
  6. Guilty verdict in Detroit officer's slaying
  7. Attorney General trying to reduce LEO deaths
  8. Officer Jimmy Brooks Sr, Madison MS
  9. Put Out or Shoot Out
  10. 13 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in California Wearing U.S. Marine Uniforms
  11. Armed Beauty Queen Fatally Shoots Intruder in Florida Home Invasion
  12. Injured police dog witnesses MN bill signing
  13. Police Dogs
  14. Postal worker accused of stealing, selling drugs from parcels sent to injured veterans
  15. Police: Dad Made Son Join Beating for Gang Initiation
  16. Police shoot two dangerous dogs in Hertfordshire
  17. Protester, which is right?
  18. RIP, Pinetop Perkins
  19. Man assaulted by an idiot...
  20. Sammy Hagar Abducted
  21. You found WHAT? WHERE???
  22. Can you top this?
  23. Nassau Police Union Blasts Retired NYPD Cop at Scene of Friendly Fire Death
  24. Way to blow it?
  25. US, allies launch missile strikes on Libyan targets
  26. "Knut" the polar bear dies at Berlin Zoo
  27. OH city lowers police recruit standards
  28. Thailands got...what?
  29. Father of the year.....
  30. That's a lot of latex........
  31. All that is wrong with our legal system
  32. Report blasts new Orleans Police
  33. Unfeeling Media Idiots
  34. Louisiana Escapee Pursuit
  35. School bully tastes own medicine
  36. Colbert is now on my sh*t list
  37. The Fast and the Furious: Amish Country Rally
  38. Crazy.....
  39. Hey Man Nice Shot!!!
  40. Quake Damage Before and After
  41. Mississippi trooper saved from wrecked car
  42. Pension Problems
  43. Arizona state senate majority leader hits girlfriend and goes free due to legislative immunity, while she goes to jail for hitting him
  44. 'Troubling' criminal delays sentencing by refusing to get into court van
  45. Alcohol Detectors in Cars Standard
  46. Massive Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan
  47. Wisconsin Sh!t Blizzard.
  48. Tornado touches down in Mobile
  49. Eliminating $1 Bills Could Save Billions
  50. Deltona moms take children to drug buy, deputies say
  51. Old Saybrook mom defends locking her son in a dog crate; says toys made cage 'fun,' according to warrant
  52. Pot Growers Use Alligator To Protect Stash in California
  53. Budget repair bill passes Senate, Thursday vote set in Assembly
  54. Marijuana found under garage floor
  55. Judge upholds MN Intoxilyzer use
  56. This Is Crap!!!
  57. Man breaks into house to take a shower, then calls 911
  58. Soccer player sent off for stopping pitch invader
  59. Survey rates Happiest States!
  60. Pull Up Your Pants
  61. London judge rugby-tackled sex offender
  62. FL Motorist Illegally Detained
  63. LA Times!!!!
  64. Cop killer admits to feeling good about murder, received life. Wtf?!
  65. Go to a cop killer's funeral as a city administrator, but not the Officer's? I'd say firing is the nicest thing that could happen.
  66. 20y/o Police Chief seeks asylum
  67. Cops tackle lawmaker amid layoff threats, detention order: Tensions still running high in Wisconsin
  68. You don't say...
  69. Child Molester Undergoes Voluntary Castration for Parole
  70. Missing Wisconsin state senators share stories of life on the lam
  71. Shot fired at officer, bullet strikes gun belt.
  72. Police probe killing of white supremacist leader
  73. Mother Accused of Storming School Bus, Slapping Bully Who Hit Son
  74. Portsmouth Police charge a couple with child abuse after stun gun punishment
  75. Topless pic cops did nothing wrong - union
  76. Spiders nests lead to Mazda recall
  77. Wisconsin Senate Republicans orders arrest of their Democratic colleagues who fled the state to prevent union-busting bill from passing
  78. Firefighter shot at accident scene
  79. Eastern cougar declared extinct
  80. Pizzeria Owner Caught Planting Mice
  81. Don't make false complaints in Oz
  82. Don't have the votes? Change the voters..
  83. F'ing SCOTUS does it again
  84. Preacher demands Sheriff "publicly apologize to me to the world”
  85. 'Grime' artist jailed for giving rapper false alibi
  86. The last of a great generation has died
  87. 'heroin-linked' deaths in Lancashire
  88. Charges over Warwickshire firefighters deaths
  89. Police join protestors in Wisconsin and Libya
  90. Craigslist’s Secret World of Bestiality: 2 Arrested, One middle school teacher
  91. Maryland Republican official in trouble for naming family cow after TV star
  92. Police: Crying toddler 4 hours in shut bank vault
  93. 18k prank 911 calls
  94. Transplant that got sisters freed from prison postponed
  95. Jailed polygamist retakes control of church, ousts 45 members
  96. Public broadcasting funding cut?
  97. Woman Saves Officer Under Attack
  98. Tanker contract
  99. Gadhafi blames Osama bin Laden and pills for uprisings in Libya
  100. Dolphins get help for dog stuck in canal
  101. Immigration Operation
  102. Grant money for meth lab cleanup running out
  103. Feds raid Fla. pill mills; arrest docs, owners
  104. Chicago officers injured
  105. 11-year-old boy arrested for drawing stick figure with gun captioned "teachers must die"
  106. Deputy Dismissed Over Tweets
  107. Egyptian dad names child "Facebook"
  108. Mental health services fail
  109. Child killer Colin Hatch 'murdered' in secure prison
  110. Governor wants to kill pill mill database
  111. Gangster rapper who claimed brutality joins department he once sued
  112. Indiana State House Democrats flee the state to avoid being taken into police custody and forced to provide quorum for anti-union legislation
  113. How Egyptian youth organized a revolution on Facebook
  114. Ruff justice! Judge tells thief bitten by police dog 'Good, I hope it hurt!'
  115. Whining burglar locked up after HE dialled 999 to complain he had been shot with air rifle after breaking into family home
  116. Teacher charged with child seduction
  117. Little Rock Teacher Resigns After Pleading Guilty to Prostitution
  118. Sarasota detective fired for trying to secede from U.S.
  119. TSA Source: Armed Agent Slips Past DFW Body Scanner
  120. Hackers warn Westboro Church: Stop now or else
  121. A REAL celebrity Hero
  122. Cruiser Cam Records Attack On West Union Officer
  123. Drunk moron tries to exit stage left, mid-flight.
  124. Naked Burglar steals sausage from Adult Park.
  125. Italian police taking civil action against Amanda Knox's parents for libel...
  126. Northern Lights?
  127. Wal-Mart Security Employees Fired for Disarming Store Gunman
  128. Deputies: Pair Of Brothers Pretended To Be Cops
  129. Mug vic, 96, wants revenge
  130. Driver's dog helps Oregon deputy make drug bust
  131. In dramatic turnaround, US to censure Israel in Security Council
  132. Baghdad wants U.S. to pay $1 billion for damage to city
  133. Mom arrested after showing police a photo of duct-taped toddler
  134. Drunk Guy Shows Up at Jail Impersonating a Lawyer
  135. Police: Man electrocuted stealing copper wire
  136. Police: Woman drove into crowd of school children
  137. Alaska governor refusing to enact health care law
  138. Tea party out to defeat 3 longtime GOP senators
  139. Colin Powell demands answers over Curveball's WMD lies
  140. Newly elected Ohio governor, cited during traffic stop; calls officer an idiot during a speech. (video)
  141. "Forgotten border" now making headlines
  142. He musta pissed someone off...
  143. Widmer Finally Found Guilty, Again
  144. When it comes to put up or shut up, Berkley.....
  145. Cat steals 600 items from neighbors in 3 years
  146. 100-foot drug submarine capable of transporting 8 tons of cocain found by Colombian military
  147. 61-year-old Grandma gives birth to grandchild
  148. Homeowners not allowed to take preventative measures...
  149. Stepmom admits giving antifreeze to slain kids
  150. Brrrrrrr....
  151. Woman has handle on situation
  152. Shelby County sheriff wants raises, supports workers who threaten legal action
  153. Off-duty officer intervenes in gun fight, killing a man in North Philly bar
  154. 100 people sickened after attending Playboy Mansion party
  155. NOPD: 3 women arrested in 'honeypot' crime spree
  156. Marijuana arrests in New York City skyrocket
  157. Orly?
  158. 80yrs for soldier's murderer
  159. Man, 49, shot dead by Sussex Police identified
  160. Cop Killer Family to Sheriff: Apologize or we'll sue
  161. Surprising statement from dead perp's father
  162. Surface-to-air missile taken to Wednesbury police
  163. Ohio Prisons going private?
  164. GOP looks to strip unions of collective bargaining
  165. Teens from Texas school killed in Mexico
  166. “Inexcusable”: TSA STILL Refusing To Release Naked Scanner Safety Reports
  167. Police: Carrick Man Arrested After Hatchet Threat
  168. Brave Iowa Girl Gets Help For Mom
  169. Judge Tours San Quentin Death Chamber
  170. Police: Carrick Man Threatens To 'Chop' Neighbor With Hatchet
  171. Mail Carrier Tries to Get Job Back After Helping Boy
  172. More police have Tasers as options
  173. Chicago discontinues fingerprinting requirement for reporters
  174. Detroit mayor offers LEOs homes for as little as $1,000 in Detroit to lure them out of the suburbs
  175. Some people are just stupid
  176. Steven Seagal helped Anderson Silva with KO front kick
  177. Sorry, you can't come to school like THAT: Haircut that was 'too extreme' for the classroom
  178. Maywood Family Calls Freezer Body Suspect a "Troubled Man"
  179. Ohio fraternity house shooting kills 1, hurts 11
  180. Is The 'CSI Effect' Influencing Courtrooms?
  181. Suspect in DUI has potentially fatal level of alcohol
  182. One-legged Afghan Red Cross worker set to be hanged after converting to Christianity
  183. RIP Gary Moore
  184. Warning over West Lindsey hoax 'homeless' letters
  185. 7-year-old boy saves older sister from potential rapist
  186. Mother banned from taking pictures of her newborn baby at Maryland hospital... because of fears over staff privacy
  187. Cock kills man
  188. Female gym teacher accused of sex acts with football players
  189. Wanted rapist found hiding under floorboards
  190. Teen left in car wreckage for 49 minutes after 999 call taker forgot to alert fire crews
  191. Score one for the good guys/gals.
  192. Mayor of City of Seattle refuses flags at half staff...
  193. White house experiences email outage and parties like it's 1989
  194. Man shot dead by off-duty officer in Belfast
  195. Animal cruelty investigation sparked by PTSD claim from worker who shot 100 sled dogs in front of other dogs
  196. GOP lawmakers paying price for tough-on-crime laws
  197. Police helicopter crashes northwest of Tucson
  198. Sentenced to 115 years
  199. Lone voice calls for outrage in officer's slaying
  200. Awww, GROSS 2
  201. Phoenix police units lost amid hiring freeze
  202. Awwww, GROSS!
  203. Good Morning America
  204. Judge may escalate battle over healthcare reform
  205. Buttocks hiding fails again
  206. Pearl Harbor Survivor Found Living in Filth, Caretaker Arrested
  207. Teacher who advises colleagues on how to avoid affairs with students caught having sex with 16-year-old boy from her school
  208. Homeowner shoots and kills suspected burglar
  209. Dallas Faces Stripper Shortage for Super Bowl Sunday
  210. Judge: No More Plastic Surgery or Tattoos
  211. TSA shuts door on private airport screening program
  212. Police say mom killed her own kids
  213. How a spot of morning passion can make you glow all day long
  214. Fugitive surrenders to get cancer treatment; sheriff doesn't want to pay
  215. Lynn mom loses appeal on fourth drunken driving conviction
  216. Court Rejects Judge’s Assertion of a Child Pornography Gene
  217. Store Owner Fights Robbers 'Because They Were Rude'
  218. How the FBI raided Anonymous in response to last year’s Wikileaks DDoS attacks
  219. Ohio bust nets 2,800 pounds marijuana and $1 million cash
  220. Toddler saves dad by calling 911
  221. Bank robber killed after slipping on snow
  222. Woman files $1 Trillion suit against rapper P. Diddy for causing the 9/11 attacks against the World Trade Center. Rodney King named as co-conspirator
  223. One-man shootout? - L.A. school officer's story of being shot was inconsistent from the beginning
  224. I just love the accompanying pic...
  225. Two shot near Ridgeland dentist's office
  226. Retired Nepali Gorkha who subdued 40 train robbers
  227. Tractor Trailer Wreck
  228. Catapault used to hurl marijuana from Mexico into Arizona
  229. Ex-lawyer jailed over £10m fraud
  230. Homeland Security to end color-coded threat system
  231. RIP, Charlie Louvin
  232. Sheriff's Deputy Found Not Guilty of Assaulting Teens
  233. Officer sues for being forced to shave in front of others.
  234. Man Seeks Protection From Sex-Crazed Wife
  235. That's going to leave a mark!
  236. WAR ON COPS?!?!
  237. Steelers are gonna lose!
  238. Newark police captain's widow seeks pension benefits for son conceived through in vitro fertilization
  239. Seattle cop's article on city's anti-bias initiatives causes controversy
  240. Couple charged with drink driving
  241. Teen hit with own golf ball sues for millions
  242. Molesting teens
  243. Lee County deputy finds marijuana, cocaine and $1,600 by following his nose
  244. When is beef not beef? Ala. law firm sues Taco Bell
  245. Suspected arsonist caught after fingertip found at crime scene, police say
  246. Four Detroit police officers shot inside precinct
  247. Oldest member of "Band of Brothers" died
  248. School kids told WW3 starting
  249. Keith Olbermann Gives Abrupt Goodbye To MSNBC Show
  250. What's in a name?...