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  1. K9 EMS training for first responders
  2. Active Shooter FT. Hood Texas
  3. Gun ban inside courthouse just approved
  4. Long gun rules changing April 1
  5. Fairbanks rep pushes jury nullification
  6. Man who spent 15 years in prison for robbing a shoe store robs the same shoe store the day after he is freed
  7. Airborne Truck Narrowly Misses Police Officers Along Iowa Highway
  8. 18-year-old drops lawsuit to make her parents pay her living expenses and college tuition
  9. Suicide Bomber Fail
  10. Bad guy killed with his own gun
  11. Man arrested for threat to shoot someone in exchange for 100 retweets
  12. Man defends himself in attack, kills attackers
  13. Police union takes credit for banner calling Hollywood a high crime area and blaiming police chief
  14. Wrong House
  15. Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war
  16. Man wakes up in body bag at the funeral home
  17. Lake Charles Chief Doesn't Mince Words
  18. Ukraine police defect to opposition
  19. Escaped pre-arrested after calling 911 on himself
  20. Deadly clashes in the Ukraine
  21. WI police chief arrested for DUI
  22. Co-pilot of Ethiopian plane hijacks own plane to seek asylum in Switzerland
  23. Teen says she helped murder man she met through Craigslist and claims to have murdered 22 starting at age 13
  24. Lake Charles Judge Arrested for DUI
  25. Zoo staff face death threats after euthanizing giraffe
  26. It is nice to be appreciated
  27. Recaptured Michigan inmate describes his escape
  28. Hijacker tries and fails to get to Sochi
  29. Burglars try to sell victim's stuff to victim
  30. Gunman shoots multiple officers, leads police on wild chase with shots fired
  31. Missing Deputy - Greensville Co VA
  32. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito found guilty of murder again by Italian court
  33. Police confirm demonic posession
  34. 3 dead, 5 injured after mall shooting in Columbia, Maryland
  35. Al-Qaida asks Iraqis in embattled city for support
  36. Security expert: It's not if but when for Sochi Olympics terror attack
  37. Man arrested for warning drivers of speed trap
  38. U.S. 'shouldn't even get close to' debt default: Boehne
  39. U.S. likely to widen ban on profiling of criminal suspects
  40. Man gives change to homeless person, is handcuffed and held by police for an hour
  41. Teen in Pakistan dies to save classmates from suicide bomber
  42. ICP sues FBI
  43. We Serve Those We Protect
  44. Des Moines to Denver flight makes unplanned landing in Omaha
  45. EMT suspended, then resigns after breaking rule to help 4-year-old
  46. MSNBC Host Makes Fun of Mitt Romney’s Black Grandson
  47. Robber waits for clerk to check with manager before giving the money
  48. British police find no credible evidence that British military murdered Princess Diana, her boyfriend, and their driver
  49. Afghan president says does not 'trust' US
  50. 5 Dead After 2 Separate Pursuits in L.A. County
  51. 10 deadliest places in the USA
  52. Police Snowball Fight
  53. Teen drunk driver who killed 4 sentenced to 10 years' probation because he suffered "affluenza"
  54. DEA agent rescues family from burning truck
  55. Man wakes up locked in airplane
  56. So..... why did they?
  57. Dallas Temperatures drop from 80 degrees to 20 degrees in one day
  58. Students ask man 'Why are you eating rocks?
  59. Fast food workers plan strikes in 100 cities on Thursday
  60. Fatal collision blamed on untied bikini
  61. Winter storm moving across the country
  62. Highest BAC of the year?
  63. Father says murdered son is visible on Google map
  64. Midwest devastated by tornadoes
  65. Ala. officers resigns after "drag racing"
  66. Man hit by train during police chase
  67. Man Dies After Police Chase
  68. Newtown CT officer may be fired for PTSD
  69. Alligator found roaming Chicago airport
  70. MI man wants OBL reward money
  71. US boy carrying replica gun shot dead by California police
  72. Teacher killed after trying to reason with 12-year-old shooter
  73. Police officer buys groceries for woman accused of shoplifting
  74. People paid to provoke cops
  75. man assaults cop with parrot
  76. DWI drove across State Police lawn
  77. Al-Qaida surges back in Iraq, reviving old fears
  78. MIA arrival ceremonies faked
  79. Disgraced Detroit mayor gets 28 years for corruption
  81. Unlike prison workers, federal inmates still getting paid during government shutdown
  82. Opelousas husband tells police: ‘I can’t wait to kill again’
  83. City Manager overrides Police Chief
  84. 9-year-old sneaks on to flight to Las Vegas without a ticket or accompoanying adult
  85. U.S. forces strike in Libya and Somalia and capture al Qaeda operative
  86. Driver killed after car chase from White House to Capitol
  87. US government shuts down
  88. Cabinet minister, double standards or just confused?
  89. Well done, Trooper Kleissler
  90. FBI could furlough employees and shut down offices for 10 weekdays if sequester continues
  91. Boy donates savings to Greenfield Police Department
  92. Active shooter-12 casualties, multiple fatalities DC Naval shipyard
  93. Electronic License Plates - Hot New Crimebuster or Yet Another Boondoggle?
  94. Recall successful in CO
  95. Wary of US attack, Syria accepts Russian plan for international control of Syria's chemical weapons
  96. George Zimmerman detained after his estranged wife told 911 he had threatened her and her father with a weapon
  97. Born to sing the blues?
  98. Putin calls Kerry a liar on Syria
  99. 200 hurt in 100-car pileup in England
  100. Go get him boys!
  101. Arial Castro dead
  102. cops to get private social network
  103. BREAKING: Ferret on the loose in Chilwell
  104. Rapist may have HIV after raping
  105. homeless dude helps officer being assaulted
  106. Marijuana Ruling Could Signal End of Prohibition on Pot
  107. Mississippi Open Carry Passes
  108. 4 police kill large venomous spider threatening wheelchair-bound girl
  109. Bismarck police officer grabs man planning to jump from bridge
  110. US could start hitting Syria with missiles by Thursday
  111. Police kill large lizard in Connecticut
  112. Wildfire threatens San Francisco's power and water
  113. British "super recogniser" cops watch camera footage for known offenders in carnival crowds
  114. WW2 Vet beaten to death
  115. Illinois raises speed limit to 70n mph on rural interstates
  116. School office worker talks heavily armed man out of mass shooting
  117. Farmer kills escaped inmate who held him and his wife hostage
  118. Police investigating claim that British Army's special forces being involved in Princess Diana's death
  119. Police stop kids, issue tickets for good deeds
  120. Report: NSA spying broke privacy rules many times
  121. Please tell me this isn't real.
  122. Area 51 declassified
  123. Woman held two men hostage demanding...
  124. Detroit commander mistakenly releases officers' bra sizes
  125. Live by the gun, die by the rock
  126. Federal judge rules that NY's stop-and-frisk practices violate constitutional rights of minority residents
  127. Testicle-biting fish invading Denmark, authorities warn
  128. Oldest cold case to garner conviction
  129. Burglars steal computers from rape crisis center, then return them with apologetic note
  130. Man without Memory survives by smartphone
  131. Man confesses to murdering his wife and posts picture of her body on Facebook
  132. TSA Expands Government Intrusion
  133. After lightning strike, snake bite and monkey attacks, Florida man’s gruesome shark bite is latest brush with death
  134. Tawana Brawley's wage garnished
  135. Americans urged to leave Yemen
  136. CONVICTED US SPY: Snowden Is Discrediting His Leaks By Finding 'Sanctuary In The Arms Of The FSB'
  137. One-Way Mars Trip: Aspiring Martian Colonists Land In Washington
  138. New jobs disproportionately low-pay or part-time
  139. Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans
  140. Cleanup underway at derailment site in Louisiana
  141. Communist Party makes a comeback ... in Japan
  142. Men charged with trying to smuggle contraband by reeling it in from outside accomplice with a nylon cord
  143. Survival Food Company Urgently Contacted By FEMA – Is a War Or Disaster Looming?
  144. McDonald’s Customer Arrested After Calling 9-1-1 About Mixed-Up Order
  145. Husband shoots 2 bank robbery suspects who kidnapped him, his wife
  146. Cops spike tires of speeding father-to-be
  147. Pot farms in California: Too dangerous to intervene?
  148. "Please Slow Drively"
  149. US warns closes 21 embassies and consulates, warns al Qaeda may launch attacks in the coming weeks
  150. Just in case you thought you were having a bad day...
  151. Alien Power Plant Found in the Moon
  152. Girl Suing Summer Camp After Expulsion For Kiss
  153. Pennsylvania police chief: F*ck all you libtards out there, you take it in the a**
  154. Gunman kills six in apartment complex in South Florida, SWAT teams fire back after standoff
  155. FBI rescues 105 young people in child prostitution sweep in 76 cities
  156. New Orleans - the next Zimmerman trial?
  157. German police seize opoen-top BMW with built-in pool that driver splashed in as he drove
  158. New York makes it a felony to kill police animals
  159. Weiner strikes again
  160. Dennis Farina has died
  161. Southwest jet's landing gear collapses on landing, injuring 10
  162. Zimnerman back in the news
  163. It's a Boy.
  164. AZ Republicans legislated Libertarians off the ballots.
  165. Norwegian woman who reports rape in Dubai gets 16-month prison sentence for having unlawful sex, making a false statement, and illegal consumption of alcohol
  166. Protests for Trayvon Martin
  167. TSA will offer travelers faster checkpoints if they pay $85 fee for background check and fingerprinting
  168. Sex, home delivery style
  169. Detroit goes bankrupt
  170. Officer says he cannot condone Rolling Stone's cover featuring the man who wounded him
  171. NSA spying under fire: 'You've got a problem'
  172. Colorado town to consider drone hunting license, bounty
  173. Columbia Police Dept - The saga continues
  174. AG strongly criticizes stand-your-ground laws
  175. Martin/Zimmerman trial's star witness to get free ride
  176. Strange, but True Chief wanted Drugs planted in City Officials Car
  177. Zimmerman not guilty.
  178. appology issued for wrong pilot names
  179. Firefighters ambushed
  180. Police question owner of Canadian train that killed 15-45 people
  181. Police baffled by strange crime scene of charity store with a hole in the ceiling and smelly pool of vomit-like liquid learn that culprit was 37-lb python was responsible
  182. birth control for deer
  183. Real Inspiration
  184. Brazil still has gladiator sports?
  185. Plane crashe while landing s at San Francisco Airport
  186. Man hogties burglar and leaves him on the lawn for police
  187. Division of Criminal Investigation agent removed from duty 5 days after he encouraged troopers to pull over Iowa governor's speeding vehicle
  188. Masked cancer patient mistaken for bank robber
  189. Spontaneous combustion of a raccoon burns a barn down.
  190. Britian has fallen.
  191. 18 Firefighters Dead
  192. Swedish Tourist helicopter loses power but lands safely on Hudson River
  193. Police set up fake drug checkpoint and arrested drivers who reacted suspiciously
  194. Heat wave pushes Western US near record temperatures
  195. Are happy endings prostitution?
  196. Not again. AK Hikers rescued
  197. NYC homicides drop significantly
  198. Injunction Granted on Mississippi's New Open Carry Law
  199. Police need warrant to open package that reeks of marijuana, CA Supreme Court rules
  200. You can run...
  201. Civil rights panel rules male-to-female transgendered 6 year old should have been allowed to use the girls' bathroom
  202. Arizona brothel hid behind porn ruse, police say
  203. James Gandolfini croaks
  204. Boston Bomber labelled gun victim?
  205. Homeland Security Investigations agents use blurry clues from posted photos to track down and rescue child from rape
  206. NY bill to limit BOLO descriptions
  207. Alaska-Shopping Cart DUI
  208. Alleged former Nazi military commander found living quietly in Minnesota
  209. Surprise win in Iran's presidential election for moderate cleric Rouhani
  210. Here we go again
  211. Cat runs for mayor in Mexico
  212. US will provide military support to Syrian rebels
  213. DOJ Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program endangered
  214. Midwest faces severe thunderstorms that could produce tornado-like damage
  215. "Vampire Diaries" actress charged with sending ricin letters to Obama and Bloomberg
  216. 2nd grader saves choking friend
  217. Officer bitten on arm while volunteering
  218. California shooting rampage
  219. DWI+DWF+alluding behind a cactus
  220. Man who killed escort who refused to have sex with him acquitted of murder
  221. Times Are Hard
  222. IRS video's "Mr. Spock" apologizes for wasteful spending
  223. NSA collects phone records of milllions of Verizon customers
  224. Cardiff hit-and-runs: CCTV shows Cardiff 'mayhem'
  225. Teen Punished for Stopping a Knife-Wielding Bully From Attacking a Student
  226. Mom grows nearly 3,000 marijuana plants in Queens warehouse
  227. DNA swab after arrest is Constitutional, Supreme Court rules
  228. Bismarck-area law enforcement agencies struggle to find, keep officers
  229. another school gun policy failure
  230. Loose llama tasered by police in Florida
  231. 8 arrested at kindergarten graduation
  232. Teaching old police dogs new marijuana laws
  233. Al Qaeda leaders lash out at terrorist in 10-page letter about his insubordination, lack of results, and failure to file expense report
  234. Ricin found in letters to NYC Mayor Bloomberg
  235. Man who hijacked plane to Cuban wants to return to the US
  236. Amanda Bynes accuses NYPD of Sex Assault
  237. Geek Pride Day 5/25
  238. There's an app...for that?!?
  239. Civillian volunteers abuse police cars they are allowed to use
  240. London - soldier killed by terrorist suspects
  241. bin Laden death photos can stay secret, federal court rules
  242. Dead monkey, elephant meat and reptile purses seized at LAX
  243. Suspects mistakenly dial 911 as they break into a car and try to get drugs
  244. Tornado watches posted from Oklahoma to southern Minnesota
  245. Man who fired blanks at Cannes Film Festival wanted to change the world
  246. Scandals Threaten Obama's 2nd Term
  247. FDNY rescues cop stuck in tree
  248. Gator bites man escaping from police
  249. VERDICT in Jodi Arias murder trial
  250. Neighbor who helped abducted women escape and call 911 hailed as hero