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  1. Colt AR for sale
  2. R.I.P bullet (radically invasive projectile)
  3. Police called about gun tattoo
  4. C models gone?
  5. Supreme Court declines to review case about whether the right to bear arms in public for self-defense extends to responsible, law-abiding 18- to 20-year-olds
  6. New duty pistol
  7. Federal judges rule against Calif. restrictions on concealed carry
  8. Federal judge rules ban on Chicago gun sales and transfers unconstitutional
  9. Sock monkey's 2-inch pistol confiscated by TSA
  10. New Duty Shooter
  11. Another Pistol
  12. As ban on 3D guns ends, extension sought
  13. Taser X26 items for sale
  14. Controversy over permits for blind people to carry guns in public
  15. TALON Ordinance
  16. New LE website for gear
  17. Bill to make federal gun laws unenforceable in Missouri vetoed by Missouri governor
  18. Shotspotter lets police pinpoint where gun was fired
  19. Holster suggestions - Glock 30S
  20. There's an app for that
  21. Mini Glock 9mm
  22. gun safety
  23. Phoenix police plan to destroy guns from buyback before law requiring them to sell these guns goes into effect
  24. Cartoonists for gun control
  25. Argument over NRA T Shirt gets 8th grader jailed
  26. Connecticut bans 100 kinds of guns
  27. Shotgun giveaway comes under fire in Tucson
  28. Colt may leave CT
  29. Senate panel passes assault-style weapons ban
  30. Custom paint jobs
  31. Police dog finds and fires a gun
  32. Senator Graham says people need more guns after police budgets are cut and wants more prosecutions of people who fail background checks
  33. Colorado House passes tighter gun control bills
  34. 3-D printers could allow gun owners to print high capacity ammo magazines to get around gun laws
  35. Magpul may leave CO
  36. Gun shop stops selling target skeletons wearing turban and robe after complaints from Muslim rights group
  37. My new zombie killer
  38. Gabby Giffords advocates gun control
  39. Major Cities Chiefs Association supports gun control while Major County Sheriffs Association doesn't
  40. Seattle gun buyback nets Stinger missile launcher
  41. Gun raffle to fund police cadet training criticized by gun control advocates
  42. Thousands to march in Washington DC against gun violence
  43. Concealed handgun detector tested by NYPD
  44. 3 hurt at gun show in accidental shooting
  45. "Guns across America" rally at "high noon" today
  46. 7-year-old sent to school with gun in schoolbag; mom arrested
  47. Oregon sheriff says he won't federal gun regulations "offending the constitutional rights" of his citizens, or permit federal officers to go to his county to enforce them
  48. New gun control laws passed and signed in New York State
  49. Tennessee LEOs allowed to carry personal AR-15 rifles on duty
  50. Meet the Press host won't be charged for possessing illegal ammunition clip
  51. Gun rights groups say home invader who ran away after being shot 5 times proves their point
  52. NY county could break state law by refusing to give newspaper names and addresses of pistol permit holders
  53. LAPD allows people to anonymously trade their guns for grocery store gift cards worth $100 or $200
  54. NBC News investigated for breaking DC gun laws by using high-capacity ammunition clip as a prop on "Meet the Press"
  55. wife's Christmas present
  56. Stag His and Hers Zombie Killers
  57. Thinking about buy a Kahr CM9...
  58. Shopping for a new 1911
  59. Chicago police to offer bounty for illegal guns that can be anonymously collected
  60. FPS Russia on Open vs Concealed Carry
  61. Kudos to the Smith and Wesson M&P
  62. Emergency lighting/equipment needed...
  63. Any Interest?
  64. WTB Used EOTech
  65. what is the smallest caliber you trust
  66. WTS Sig P238 Denver metro area
  67. Custom Kydex Holsters
  68. Older style SureFire M500
  69. Florida shooting renews debate over 'stand your ground' laws
  70. Trijicon Acog For Sale
  71. IWB Holster for Glock 26 - Suggestions please
  72. Kustom Signal Golden Eagle II for sale
  73. If browsers were guns....
  74. Firearms safety course.
  75. Police Working on Technology to Detect Concealed Guns
  76. Need some input please
  77. Federal 5.56 M193 LC Ammo Cheap
  78. Boyd's Stocks . . . comments?
  79. I call her tactical Kate
  80. Handguns
  81. TSA detains teen for having a gun designon her purse
  82. WTS: New GH Armor red Firearms Instructor vest cover
  83. Obama Administration decides against new federal limits on target shooting on public lands
  84. FS: Beltman Gun Leather
  85. FS: NIB SureFire M500 Fore-end WeaponLight
  86. So my wife got on me about mt guns........
  87. S&W bodyguard (380)
  88. So, what should I do?
  89. M50
  90. Tight grouping..
  91. Bowling Ball Mortar
  92. Gun Question
  93. Bad News Sniper
  94. Glock 27L
  95. F/S: Mini 14
  96. FN SPR 1st Generation
  97. Diamondback DB9 (9mm)??
  98. EOTech XPS replica
  99. Not Want, but Must Have
  100. Magazine collection
  101. I'm turning Commie!
  102. My new gun sights arrived!
  103. FS: T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant
  104. FS: Random AR parts and accessories
  105. FS: 3" Ruger GP100 .357 Combat Style Revolver w/ accessories
  106. Eotech 512, Lucid 3x Magnifier, Samson Flip Mount
  107. Surefire Forend for Remington 870
  108. What pistol to buy?
  109. COLT!!
  110. NFA Firearms and Gun trusts?
  111. Glock 19 For Sale
  112. AntiZombie Device...meet your big brother!
  113. Utah becomes first state to have official state firearm
  114. SLR-15 Rifles / The Defensive Edge
  116. FN SPR .308 for sale
  117. Danner Ft Lewis Boots
  118. Safariland 6270 Duty Holster - Glock 19/23
  119. Competition Shooting...
  120. New toy
  121. Mailman made a delivery!!!
  122. I think I've achieved near pistol perfection...
  123. Good Deals Thread
  124. WTS S&W M&P Night Sights and Holsters (Safariland 6360 and Crossbreed)
  125. M&P 9mm
  126. Safariland 6320?
  127. Full Gen4 Glock 19 Review (long)
  128. Glock 19 (gen iv)
  129. New Duty pistola
  130. EOTech 516 for sale!
  131. Filled, chopped, bobbed, gripped, and stippled...
  132. New Gun Arrived Today
  133. FS: Lots of holsters, Gerber LMF II, Sig 556 mags
  134. WTS: NIB ASP 21" Friction Loc Baton w/ holster
  135. Ar-15 Upgrades
  136. Getting a 10mm
  137. Sig P229 in 40 S&W
  138. Holster for 5" 1911 and S&W 4" N Frame revolver
  139. My new duty weapon
  140. Reloading brass for giveaway
  141. SOLD!!! Andrews McDaniel II IWB for Commander sized 1911
  142. Duty gun...badass once again!
  143. FS: CAA Vertical Forend
  144. Homemade Holsters
  145. New patrol rifle
  146. Firearms Safety / Parenting Fail
  147. WTS: Holsters, Mags, Mag carriers, misc.
  148. Reloading
  149. Appleseed Project
  150. New Sig Sauer P238 .380ACP 1911 > SEX
  151. .50 AE Ammo in Detroit
  152. I Like Guns!!
  153. Selling a DPS 6.8mm
  155. Range Bag/Ammo
  156. Supertuck or M-tac
  157. VHF Motorola HT-1250 For Sale
  158. Springfield M1A
  159. Short Barrel Rifles and the BATFE
  161. Ammo
  162. Stinger Flashlights FOR SALE
  164. Off-Duty Carry and concealment
  165. WTS: NEW HK P2000 Safariland Holster/Blackhawk Sig Holster
  166. WTS: Kimber Desert warrior
  167. WTS: CO - H&K USP Mint condition
  168. H&K USP .45
  169. Weapon
  170. New Pistol
  171. XD line of handguns
  172. Help please
  173. Yet another old gun
  174. Gen 4 Glock
  175. AR15's for Patrol
  177. FS: HK USP Compact .40
  178. Second Chance EAS tactical carrier for sale
  179. New to Me. Colt Trooper.357 mag, Pre MkIII
  180. WTS: Blackhawk Gladius/SF L4
  181. Bought a Manuhrin MR-73 revolver today.
  182. SW99/P99
  183. FS: Whelen Talon LED's Red and Blue
  184. New Springer EMP 9mm
  185. FS/T SigSauer Blade-Tec holster
  186. Holster recomendations
  187. Spring National Shoot/NRA National Muzzle Loading Championships
  188. Civilian Marksmanship Program
  189. Duty/Field Holster
  190. Ar15
  191. Finally! I now own a Luger.
  192. Finally!!! Got my new patrol rifle
  193. Gun pr0n - King of the Castle!
  194. Stinger XT led/Inova T5 for sale
  195. Mini-14 Help!!!!
  196. WTS Insight Typhoon 2
  197. WTS/WTT: (WA) Surplus .308/7.62NATO ammo
  198. Where did the ammo & reloading supplies go?
  199. WTS: H&K P2000 V3 .40 night sights/Full Robar NP3 Finished
  200. Best ankle holster for Glock 33?
  201. AR 15 Accessories
  202. WTS/WTT: Wilson Combat 47D mags
  203. WTS: New Safariland 6280 1911 holster
  204. AR15 Uppers...WHERE??
  205. MY New Rifle...
  206. Gun Brokers?
  207. Best back-up gun or off duty gun?
  208. WTS Safariland, Sparks and Galco Holsters
  209. Shoot'em Up
  210. OK, My turn... My new rifle
  211. Glock 27 Ankle Holster
  212. New Rifle
  213. Charlton Heston's gun collection?
  214. My New Rifle
  215. Here we go...
  216. And the libtards and pundits wonder why cops support Gun Rights
  217. WTB duty holster for N Frame
  218. Glock 27
  219. Suggestions for AR parts - starting with Bolt Carrier Group
  220. Shotgun Pr0n
  221. Tapco AK-47 magazine test.
  222. WTS: Surefire M910A. $400 shipped.
  223. WTS: Sundevil Billet AR receivers
  224. My gun show buys today
  225. XS 24/7 Express Sights
  226. Non duty guns or fun guns.
  227. Trijicon Night Sights (Orange)
  228. reloading press
  229. Decisions...descisions.
  230. Photos from this weekend's GSSF match in Creedmoor, NC
  231. Delaware Police Patches
  232. Question about possible AWB
  233. With the holidays approaching, gifts for women firearms enthusiasts
  234. Stinger Flashlights FS
  235. For Sale: Blackhawk SERPA for G27
  236. Couple of questions
  237. Day Night Day Match Dec 13th and 14th, Oxford, NC
  238. Anyone dislike Kimber?
  239. Looking for a gun
  240. RRA
  241. 10 patches to trade
  242. Talk me out of it!!!
  243. WTF?
  244. IDPA matches Oxford NC first and second Sunday every month
  245. GSSF Match Creedmoor, NC Nov 15 and 16th
  246. Trooper Blanton benefit match Sept 13
  247. The Carolina Cup
  248. My new Pink Sig Mosquito is here!
  249. i need a holster
  250. Where do you shop online?