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  1. Happy New Year Sale at The Earphone Guy!
  2. It's Christmas Time at The Earphone Guy!
  3. What Eartip Do You Use?
  4. Earphone Guy's Black Friday Sale Starts NOW!
  5. Annual Fall Sale at The Earphone Guy
  6. Check Out Our New Line of Handcuff Keys!
  7. Annual Labor Day Sale at The Earphone Guy
  8. PCL Soundwaves Earpiece
  9. Need a Deal on Comm Gear???
  10. Baumshoe LE Supply?
  11. New Vendor
  12. New Year Sale Going on over at The Easphone Guy
  13. Grunt's Easy Co
  14. Veterans Day Sale Going on Now at The Earphone Guy
  15. KWA Professional Airsoft in stock
  16. 5.56 AMMO
  17. Memorial Day Sale at The Earphone Guy
  18. NightHawk Wireless Bluetooth Lapel Microphone
  19. Discount on Sig Sauer for forum members
  20. Can You Hear Me Now?!?
  21. Check out our new cases!
  22. Happy New Year!
  23. (HNP) CrossBreed Holsters Introduces the Instructor Belt
  24. (HNP) SIG SAUER Commemorative Program
  26. (HNP) Kahr Arms Introduces the CM40
  27. Thanksgiving Weekend Sale at The Earphone Guy
  28. Veterans Day Sale at The Earphone Guy
  29. Vertx® Introduces Phantom LT
  30. (HNP) CrossBreed Holsters Introduces the MiniTuck
  31. (HNP) Blauer Manufacturing and Avon Protection Systems Achieve Critical PPE Certification for US Military and Law Enforcement Market
  32. Digital Ally Featuring Product Giveaway and New LIDAR Cameras At 118th IACP Conference Booth
  33. (HNP) Bushnell Trophy Riflescopes Put You on Target Fast and are Budget Friendly
  34. (HNP) Pelican Goes To Work With The 1460TOOL - Mobile Tool Chest
  35. (HNP) Team Wendy Launches EPIC Air
  36. (HNP) Kel-Tec Pumps it up with 15-round 12-gauge
  37. Your Positive Force Could Win $250
  38. (HNP) OfficerStore.com Offers the Uzi Protector Watch in Three Variations
  39. (HNP) Pelican unveils the 1910 and 1920 LED flashlights
  40. (HNP) Always Look Your Best with Anchor Uniforms
  41. (HNP) Irrefutable Evidence Captured with Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement Concealable Video Camera
  42. (HNP) Mossberg Introduces 500 Thunder Ranch Shotgun
  43. (HNP) Timberland PRO Valor Boots: Made for Working
  44. (HNP) Kahr Offers Israeli-Made Desert Eagle for Limited Time
  45. Free Speaker Mic with Earphone Kit or Surveillance Kit! **GIVE-A-WAY**
  46. Muzzle Brakes or Flash Hiders anyone?
  47. Tactical Mic Keeper
  48. Something New is Coming to The Earphone Guy
  49. Pre-Labor Day Sale at The Earphone Guy
  50. (HNP) OfficerStore.com Now Offers Three New Rocky Boot Styles
  51. Digital Ally Launches the Most Affordable LE Quality In-Car Video System Available
  52. (HNP) Shooting Simulator Receives Audio Upgrade
  53. (HNP) Introducing the Mossberg Modern Rifle (MMR™)
  55. (HNP) Crossbreed Holsters Introduces Combo Carrier
  56. Trojan Tactical's new modular mag pouches
  57. Happy 1st Birthday to Trojan Tactical (and a giveaway!!!)
  59. (HNP) Panasonic Toughbook To Address Market Void By Delivering Enterprise-Grade Android Tablet
  60. (HNP) Gloves for Professionals’ Latest and Best, a Tough Glove for a Tough Job
  61. (HNP) Lightweight, Tough and Comfortable All Day: the Under Armour Valsetz boot from Officerstore.com
  62. (HNP) New Heavy Duty Wrap around Brush Guards for 2011 Dodge Charger
  63. The Earphone Guy's Memorial Day Sale
  64. Survival bands for police week
  66. (HNP) New Function Fit by Horace Small
  67. (HNP) DigitalPersona Helps Agencies Meet CJIS Requirements with Fast, Remote Access - Free Trial Offered for Agencies
  68. (HNP) QuikClot activates factors in blood to promote rapid coagulation
  69. (HNP) Ruger Introduces All American-Made SR 1911 Pistol
  70. (HNP) DeSantis expands product line to assist first responders
  71. Trojan Tactical offers a Cold Steel Group Purchase!!!
  72. (HNP) Karbon Arms: The Definition of Strength
  73. (HNP) OPTIM Fiberscope Sees It All
  74. Trojan Tactical
  75. (HNP) Brownells Is Exclusive Distributor Of XRAIL's Shotgun Magazine Extension
  76. Trojan Tactical... Ask questions and track orders.
  77. (HNP) VirTra Introduces World’s Highest Resolution Simulated Shooting Range
  78. (HNP) Kel-Tec’s PF-9: Lighter, Smaller, Flatter
  79. (HNP) TruSpec Combat Shirt Review
  80. (HNP) Streamlight Announces New All-LED Twin-Task LED Models
  81. Pre-Spring Cleaning Sale at The Earphone Guy
  82. (HNP) New Heavy Duty Partition from Go Rhino! Products Public Safety Division
  83. (HNP) Virtra Systems Immersive Reality Training is “As Real As It Gets”
  84. Streamlight Introduces New Rechargeable Flashlight Designed for Ultimate Safety in Hazardous Conditions
  85. (HNP) Gloves for Professionals’ SSD 900 delivers comfort, warmth and tactical functionality
  86. Merry Christmas and Thank You!
  87. (HNP) WV Trailers Puts Elevated Tactical Platforms Within Reach at $19,950
  88. It's Christmas Time at The Earphone Guy
  89. (HNP) Altus Brands Introduces New Rifleman ACH Electronic Hearing Protection
  90. Monopoly
  91. (Special Offer) Bushmaster Announces Law Enforcement Discount Program with a Twist
  92. (HNP) SIG SAUER P290 Sub-Compact 9mm Pistol
  93. (HNP) ICx Technologies IdentiFINDER 2
  94. (HNP) Pelican Launches Pelican-Hardigg Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP) Cases
  95. (HNP) Awesome new duty wear from Vertx
  96. Tiffin Infinity Locker to Debut at IACP, booth #2865
  97. (HNP) DeSantis Gunhide Announces New Product Availability For the New FN Herstal FNP-45 4 1/2"
  98. (HNP) OfficerStore.Com presents special Law Enforcement Edition of MONOPOLY
  99. (HNP) Pelican Deploys the 9440 Remote Area Lighting System
  100. (HNP) Tru-Spec takes another leap forward with the Tru Xtreme Tactical Response Uniform
  101. Breast Cancer Awareness
  102. Comply Foam Tips
  103. (HNP) VirTra Systems Takes Simulator Training to New Levels with Progressive Incremental Training
  104. (HNP) New Comply Foam Tips from Ear Phone Connection promote superior sound quality for clear radio transmission with no loss in ambient sound for more complete situational awareness.
  105. (HNP) Pelican Launches Pelican-Hardigg Composite 19” Rackmount Cases
  106. (HNP) Introducing ErgoForce—the only office chair designed specifically for police officers
  107. (HNP) Pelican Launches The Compact Safety-Approved MityLite 1965 LED
  108. (HNP) New Horus Reticle Options for Leupold Mark 4 12-40x60mm Tactical Spotting Scope
  109. (HNP) Vertx Introduces MultiCam Gunfighter Shirt
  110. (HNP) Zistos Introduces The HD-A9 Body-Worn High-Definition Pole Camera Inspection System
  111. More Bluetooth's Added for Motorola
  112. Purchase a SIG SAUER Qualifying Firearm and Enter for a Chance to Win a New Mercedes Benz GLK SUV or a Smart Car Pure Coupe
  113. (HNP) Tru-Spec Cordura baselayer garments make the grade for comfort and longevity
  114. SureFire Releases First AA Battery Flashlight
  115. (HNP) Wellco Selects GORE-TEX® Fabric for New Guardian GTX Footwear Series
  116. (HNP) Precision Lockers: Small Lockers, Big Solutions
  117. Go Rhino! Products Public Safety Division - Trunk Trays
  118. (HNP) Digital Ally’s LaserAlly Handheld Speed Detection LIDAR System Placed On International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conforming Product List
  119. (HNP) Thinkstream, Inc. announces new remote lineup software to improve eyewitness identification process
  120. (HNP) Panasonic Upgrades Toughbook Permanent Display Removable Computer
  121. (HNP) First Look at the new omniscout LT300 Covert Tracker
  122. All-in-One Chameleon Tactical Communications Kit
  123. Thinkstream Poised to Take Statewide Information Integration Solution Across Nation
  124. (HNP) MINI & MICRO Suppressors from SureFire: Smaller Size Doesn’t Diminish Performance
  125. (HNP) Upgraded Getac E100 Fully Rugged Tablet PC Offers Most Comprehensive Features Ideal for Handheld Applications
  126. (HNP) Streamlight Introduces PT Family of Flashlights
  127. (HNP) DoorStorm Forcible Entry System available from OfficerStore.com is a game-changer: quiet, quick and effective
  128. QuiqLite Pocket Lites Now Available at The Earphone Guy
  129. Earphone Guy -- Open ear inserts earpieces
  130. Going out of Business
  131. Tactical/uniform pants for shorties
  132. Blackhawk Warrior wear Light boots, from baumshoe.
  133. Going out of business sale
  134. Five, Five Dollar, Five Dollar Footlong...
  135. Pro-Lights Web Update
  136. Baumshoe
  137. Prolightsonline.....
  138. Baumshoe: What's the scoop on new Blackhawk duty gear?
  139. It's Christmas at The Earphone Guy!
  140. Earphone Guy
  141. Turkey Day Sale at The Earphone Guy
  142. Do You Work Undercover?
  143. Thanks Earphone Guy.......:)
  144. Streamlight Poly DS LED
  145. Duty/Field Holster
  146. 5.11 Light for life
  147. Duty belt case for Blackberry
  148. Man Bag
  149. Mechanix Wear Stealth
  150. Ok Gadget Guys/Gals
  151. Under Armour Boxer Jock
  152. Bluegrass Holster I received today
  154. Shipping to an APO
  155. They did it again!!
  156. Parts for Streamlight M-3
  157. So is this Baumshoe place any good?
  158. Holster for Sig
  159. 4th of July Holster Sale
  160. New Give-A-Way from Officer Resource
  161. Holster Ideas/Wants/Needs
  162. Pulse™ Smartpen Question - Anyone carry it/ is it any good?
  163. Hey Baumshoe
  164. November Winner
  166. Welcome to the new Friends and Vendors area