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Honestly, it depends on where you apply. CHP, Vegas Metro and the FBI will most probably tell you to pound sand. However, if you apply to a small agency like Haystack, Arkansas then they will probably take you as long as you have no DV, DUI's or felonies. That sounds like a good place for you to start until you get that driving record WAY in the past. All of us have skeletons, some of us never got caught, and those who did just had to let time heal those wounds. I live and work in a small town because this is the environment I want my kids raised in. If you want the guns, guts and glory of high-speed, low-drag metro stuff then go for it while you're still too young to be scared. But like I said, you might want to start off small with that record. CountryBoy is right, that is a lot of tickets!

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