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    Authority?! Authority?!...we don't need no stinking Authority! We do it because we can...

    Its so easy even Caveman can do it.

    Whoa, the question is deep, like..."What is the true meaning of Life"

    "God Bless America"

    "I have no words of wisdom, therefore I listen..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by esfisher View Post
    Actually, it would be the consumers of their service that would regulate them.

    Consider for a moment that you have a choice of 3 protection services in your area, A, B and C. You choose A, because you have friends that use them and they enjoy their services. Later on, company A is found to be corrupt and protects the interest of the rich while ignoring their other customers who pay for their services.

    People who know this will move away from company A and purchase the services of company B or C. They are likely to inform their friends and encourage them to do the same, just like in any other business.

    Additionally, these companies would be bound by the contract they sign when their services are purchased. I don't believe that people should be able to sue LEOs if they don't show up within 'X' number of minutes when a crime occurs, simply because there aren't enough police out there to be everywhere all the time. However, a private company could be contractually obligated to arrive within 10 minutes and face legal consequences if they are not.

    In order for this to be true, one of two conditions would have to exist:
    1) Parents are sending their kids to schools which allow their kids to smoke
    2) Schools are forcing the kids to smoke on their breaks.

    In either case, you could send them to a different school or home school them. I'm sure the smoking school would run out of students pretty quick.

    One look at our defense budget would give you an idea of how long a company like Microsoft or Citicorp could maintain an army.

    Also, the government has every right to stop a company from infringing on the rights of others. You can deregulate their business operations, but you can't give them the right to rule over others.

    You also have to assume that people would join the Microsoft Army for the purpose of taking territory form the American people.
    I think the problem with this way of thinking is over estimating what people will and won't do. If people cared more about these big cooperation’s and the products they carry and how powerful they are they would have changed on many levels just how they played out.

    Again as posted above, find a group of unorganized people that will ever be strong enough even with the help of these self served companies that care very little about you and your want to legalize drugs or to take down any form of government. Not in my lifetime and I am young.

    What you have is a very political and conspiracy based "Gee I wish it was like this" thought process. Good luck.

    No, we are not a third world country and if you, and like minded people ever actually got what they wanted you would find it hard pressed to live, much less survive in a world such as that. You want to test my theory, move to Africa, way down south and open a Christian church.

    If you are so confident it will work, show me substantial gains for this process. Show me organized groups of people moving in the same direction as what you and like minded folks want to see the world become. I have not seen nor heard of it as of yet. You guys planning a sneak attack after the world ends or something?

    That means you and the rest of the people that want the world to change so it fits you better need to get a move on, as none of it will likely materialize in the next few lifetimes.

    This country was based on two things, war and God. We fought to build a country that followed Christian values based on common principles of right and wrong. The fathers developed a way to take care of the nations and it in my opinion in most cases has improved. I can however think of several areas that need improvement (anything with the Clinton name on it) none of them involved legalizing drugs and taking power away from the police. None of them involved taking away gun rights either.

    I feel that taking the principles of what the country is based on out of the country will in the long run be something that hurts us very bad.
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    For he is God's servant to do you good, but if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.

    The opinions expressed in this post are mine, and mine alone. They are NOT the opinions of my Agency or my Agency Heads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin Warrior View Post
    My authority comes from Brad and Will.
    dood u kiss ass

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    I only have as much "authority" over someone else as they are willing to give me.

    I may have to arrest someone, but if that sucker trys to shoot me It dosent seem like I have much authority over him does it? If he runs and loses me, I have no authority over him...until I catch him and assert it.

    "Authority" is only as real as a person lets it be.

    Where it comes from and everything else that says you have it is B.S. cause it really dont matter if you are way out in the boondocks, your nearest backup is 30 minutes away and someone declares that you have "no authority" over them.

    All the authority in the world wont keep you from getting an azzwhooping on a cold dark night if someone trys to make it happen.


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