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Thread: I got a problem

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    Candler, West of Asheville.

    The officer found the place and managed to get inside. There was somebody there that told the RO that he was drunk, and when he gets drunk he gets crazy. This guy was not there though. The officer also said his friend, that was in his house, knew nothing of a turck or a fire.

    Now they believe me though.

    I spoke with my neighbor and my neighbor said this guy was hiding in his back yard watching my house until the cops came.

    I'm afraid this dude is going to burn my house down or do something I can't pin on him or prove.
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    Terminator gave you advice on what to do. I'd do it if I was you. Police are your friends but don't "cry wolf". Hope you find a solution to yoru problem.

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    I'm sorry if I'm 'wearing it out' but this guy makes me nervous. I just went outside to put my new bike in the house so he doesn't trash it and when I turned the ignition on, the headlight came on and there he was in the street looking up at me. He said he was on the way to the store for a beer and went on to say he didn't want any trouble and asked for a ride. I told him to stay off my property.

    Thanks for the advice.

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