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    Need some advice......

    I'm looking for some advice to help my resume stand out once I start my application process with the FBI. I know that unique resumes will stand out more and you have a better chance of being selected for the academy. I'm currently a college student going for my bachelors degree (in Marketing) and then will be getting a Masters in Marketing and Communication, as well as a Professional Certificate in Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism. I've met with an FBI recruiter and talked with her about my plan and she gave me some great advice on what I've got right and what I can tweak. She suggested getting some volunteer work and special certifications that I can put on my resume to make it stand out. I was just wondering if any former/current FBI agents or other law enforcement officers could give me some ideas. I'll be volunteering with a local K9 search and rescue group this spring, and I've got some other good suggestions, but I wanted to get some more and I figured this would be a good place to do it! Thanks in advance for all the help!

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    Well, generally I would suggest Sheriff's Posse, Police Reserves, Volunteer firefighting/medical if you have the certifications. Big Brothers/Big Sisters shows your character....

    I guess volunteer ideas that would be geared specifically toward the Federal BI....I dunno. But those are some general ideas.

    How about an internship at your local PD,SO, or FBI Field Office??
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    What you need to know/understand is this... You're dealing with the feds. They use computers to proccess the resumes... You have to have the right weasel words and phrases. If you don't have the minimum number of the words that they are searching for you will get Nowhere. I don't know what they are for the FBI. I suggest going to the website and looking at the announcement and ferreting out the words that they seem to concentrate on...
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    Not a cop, but I don't believe we have many FBI folks so I'll offer this - try to get as much accounting as you can. Lots of FBI work involves accounting, and they're always looking for people with experience/education in it. If that's not appealing I would recommend the military for a few years, and/or becoming fluent in a high value language, such as Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Chinese or anything else you see in the news.

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    Wow, thanks for all the responses everyone! Keep 'em coming please because it's all good stuff. A friend of mine that's a police officer also suggested the accounting classes. I've had to take a few to get my bachelors degree, so I understand the basic stuff at this point. I asked the recruiter about taking a language and she said it didn't hold much weight unless you were very fluent, and they prefered people that had spent time in the area that spoke it. But I would imagine it wouldn't hurt to have one though.

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    Accounting and language are very important to the Feds.
    Most important is to stay clean from 10 years ago to well forever.
    Staying clean means no bad friends, no late nights oout at the bars, no citations, NOTHING. I would say stay at home and be a hermit but running and classes but u want to volunteer? Volunteer Fire Depts., and the above mentioned stuff...
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