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    Indy Guest

    Indiana window tinting

    I'm gearing up to sell my Chevy Camaro. I had the windows tinted a little over 4 years ago. I didn't know a whole lot about that sort of thing (still don't particularly) but I asked them to do it as dark as was legally allowed.

    It looks great...thing is, I think I read not too long ago that the window tinting laws here have changed and it can't be as dark as it was 4 - 5 years ago. I have a lifetime warranty on the tint from the place I got it from. I'm considering doing a favor (ha! I'm sure the local teenage boy who buys the car will consider that a "favor") for the future owner to just have the tint corrected while I have it and can do it for free.....rather than them get pulled over or have to pay to fix it themselves.

    It's got a couple minor scratches on the tint anyway, not caused by me I might add.... so it needs to be corrected anyway.

    How do I go about finding out what the new tint percentage is so I don't have to just take the word of whoever is working that day?

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    Call the police station. Or look up the local codes on the net.
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    MountainCop Guest

    Here's the section of the Indiana Code that deals with tinted windows.

    See the bold below - that's a defense if you are charged.

    Looks to me like it's really a judgement call - the standard is 'can someone see and identify the occupants from the outside of the car?'.

    Take care...

    IC 9-19-19-4
    Tinting, glazing, or sunscreening vehicle windows
    Sec. 4. (a) This section does not apply to a manufacturer's tinting or glazing of motor vehicle windows or windshields that is otherwise in compliance with or permitted by FMVSS205 as promulgated in 49 CFR 571.205. Proof from the manufacturer, supplier, or installer that the tinting or glazing is in compliance with or permitted by FMVSS205 must be carried in the vehicle.
    <medical exception deleted>
    (c) A person may not drive a motor vehicle that has a:
    (1) windshield;
    (2) side wing;
    (3) side window that is part of a front door; or
    (4) rear back window;
    that is covered by or treated with sunscreening material or is tinted to the extent or manufactured in a way that the occupants of the vehicle cannot be easily identified or recognized through that window from outside the vehicle. However, it is a defense if the sunscreening material applied to those windows has a total solar reflectance of visible light of not more than twenty-five percent (25%) as measured on the nonfilm side and light transmittance of at least thirty percent (30%) in the visible light range.
    (d) A person may not tint or otherwise cover or treat with sunscreening the parts of a vehicle described in subsection (c) so that operation of the vehicle after the tinting or sunscreening is performed is a violation of subsection (c). However, it is not a violation of this chapter if this work is performed for a person who submits a physician's or optometrist's statement as described in subsection (b) to the person who is to perform the work.

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    Indy Guest
    You definitely can not see (much less identify anyone) inside the vehicle from the outside unless you press your face right up to it. I just went to check the paper thinking it said what % was done, but it doesn't.

    ETA: thanks for the links!



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