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    Interior Border Patrol Stations

    I've been kinda sorta thinking about applying for the Border Patrol. I don't really want to move to the border, but it's better than not being in law enforcement at all.

    Anyway, while doing my research, I see that they have a station in Roseburg, Oregon. Roseburg is over 450 miles from the Canadian border. I assume there are other stations that are nowhere near a border.

    So what do agents do if they're not on the border? Do they assist with raids? I thought only ICE did that. They don't patrol the sea border, do they? I would have thought that was the Coast Guard's job, although I doubt that any aliens sneaking into the country land on the Oregon coast.
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    They wear green so they can hide in the bushes and wait for FSCF and Tony to come by, then they jump out and yell, "POLICIA! NO SE MUEVA!"to scare them. The End.

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