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    Career Path to the Feds...

    So I'm currently a student up here in Alaska, having two years left on my Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a minor in Biological Sciences. My ultimate goal is to become a United States Deputy Marshal, although working as an FBI SA or Diplomatic Security SA (I'd really like to serve as an RSO) would be interesting as well. I know it's extremely competitive in these agencies which is why I'm trying to prep myself now as best as I can. I was wondering if you gents could be so kind as to point where in my current plan I'm weak and what I should do or change to tweak my desirabilities.

    I'm currently planning to finish my education here in Alaska at our local university, which is pretty craptastic. Meanwhile, I've been putting in calls to the local USMS field office (got the number of their recruiter and will be talking to her next week) and FBI branch. Once I'm done with my B.A., I plan to transfer to University of Washington to expand my minor into a full-fledged Bachelor of Science in Cellular Biology. However, I've been hearing from quite a few cops and Feds that getting a Masters would be more important. Once I'm done with education, I'm wanting to get into a PD, something like Seattle PD, Tacoma, King's County or Bellevue. Should I join the Army National Guard at this point? I was thinking of doing a four or five year contract while I work as a street cop to get military experience. A former USDM I've talked to said that fed agencies really don't like having a Guardsman on their staff so I'd have to make sure the contract was up by the time I started applying. Is National Guard service attractive?

    I'm also looking at getting into the Police Corps Scholarship program, which I've heard mixed reports about it being shutdown or not, but all the various DoJ offices I've called haven't called me back as is the Washington office that handles it. But with the Police Corps, they pay you 3,500 smackers a year in exchange for four years on the frontlines. No special units (except street units), just pure street patrol in the most hostile environments there are. Have you guys heard of this program and recommend it?

    I'm an Eagle Scout and have some community service stuff attached, along with a State Congressional Youth Award doo-hickey thingy. What else can I do to make myself more attractive to the Feds? I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, haven't puffed the Magic Dragon, so I'll have a clean slate and will be keeping it that way. Anything I should be pursuing now, such as internships with local PDs?

    Thanks guys!

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    Internships, whether FBI or local PD's, would be good. Of course, a Master's Degree would be great. I recommend community service, and joining a club or some law enforcement related activity.

    I strongly recommend getting hired on with a local nationally (CALEA) accredited PD, and getting into investigative work for 5 years. With your background, education, and experience, I think you'd have a good shot with the Marshalls or FBI at that time.

    Call them and ask what they are looking for. I have a buddy who is a drug Detective with a small town. He has a 4 year degree and about 5 years on the job. The FBI told him they want him to get hired on with a CALEA accredited PD, and work as a criminal investigator for about 5years, and then come talk to them.
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