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    Calling the court clerk is a good idea. You can call the DA earlier than the day before your scheduled to appear also.

    I don't know about Alaska but a Grand Jury is a pretty big thing here. I get subpoenaed just about every week (maybe have to testify every couple of weeks) for District Court but I've only gone before a State Grand Jury once and a Federal Grand Jury once. Whatever you do, don't discuss your testimony with anyone except the DA, they're real serious about that.

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    I get called to the Grand Jury on a regular basis. I usually get the summons a week ahead (State vs XXXX). No big deal. I just take my case folder, go over it a day ahead, and just tell them what occurred. They may ask a few questions, just answer to the best of your ability. Just remember the old adage, "The Grand Jury would indict a Ham Sandwich."

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    Well, I just returned home from the Grand Jury hearing. An indictment was returned for Manslaughter against the driver.

    They had me stay after my testimony for the rest of the hearing, until the indictment was returned. This provided me some valuable time talking with the Alaska State Trooper that investigated the accident. He used to be an academy instructor and one of the troopers that interviewed possible new recruits, so he gave me a lot of insight.
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