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    Dunno. The only person close to a LEO is my uncle, who is a firefighter. He always tried to recruit me to become a firefighter, but I never saw eye to eye with him on that career choice. My parents never pressed me for it, my family respects LEOs, but they are terrified of the work. So, I guess it's just one of those "calling" things. I do remember as a kid always playing with police cars and always watching the news to see what kind of incidents the police were handling. Guess it just rubbed off on me.
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    It would be 2 people. First and foremost my dad. He was an LEO, and I always respected him and they way he did his job. He was an inspiration to me. Second was a Sargeant at work who recruited me, she is a good friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackalope View Post
    If I was single, I'd be on the first bus to Arizona. Hundreds, if not thousands of openings down there. But my wife doesn't want to move. I have applied a little bit in Washington state, because their job market is better. But if none of those work out, I'm pretty much done.
    Yer not kidding. Every department down here is fighting for good people. Hell, Lake Havasu PD is giving 10k signing bonuses to good laterals. (No, not gonna get that as a recruit.) I don't think theres a signle department in the state that isn't hiring. And all you guys already certified (in other states, just need to challage the AZ Post test, info on that is at http://www.azpost.state.az.us/) I can guarntee you could get hired in or near whatever city or town you wanna live.

    Another reason is massive growth in Arizona. All the big cities (By big I mean 20,000+) is growing by leaps and bounds because so many people are relocating from California.

    But yeah, if yer willing to relocate to be a cop this state is the place to do it. My agency has a good 6 openings. May not sound like much, but we're a 60 officer agency. So thats 10% of our slots unfilled. Every time they fill a slot, someone leaves for another dept. AND we add new slots almost yearly because of the above mentioned growth (Marana is the fasted growing town/city in AZ) Its brutal.
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