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    Thanks, but I couldn't be an LEO in TX for five years because TCLEOSE requires US citizenship. Current destination of choice would be Colorado (because CO POST and depts don't need citizenship). After 5 yrs I could apply for citizenship. Then I'd be in the same boat as all the rest of you bums

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    Colorado is GREAT - I have friends in Colorado Springs that we visit occasionally. I wanta live there too!!! (even if they do occasionally have to tunnel out a window when it snows - The rest of the year makes up for that!!!)

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    That's what MountainCop says

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    I am a State LEO in Texas and from Fort Collins, CO.

    CO rocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mem
    I heard once that if you get pulled over by the police at night you should turn on your interior lights and put both hands on the wheel so the approaching officer can get a good look in the car. Can't say I have seen citizens who are pulled over doing this.

    Is this something officers prefer or does it make a difference to you? Thank you.
    you could handcuff yourself

    If you want to let the officer do the handcuffing - turning on the dome light and keeping your hands visible is nice
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