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    Anyone ever worked on death row ?

    The other day at my current employment meet a new hire strait from Indiana State Prison. He was employed as a guard on death row. I didn't get to talk to him but a few minutes & it was interesting. He said the guards rarely have problems with the inmates as the have it "to good". He also said that most are very calm before being executed as they have them drugged up. Something I never thought of or am I the only one who didn't know this.
    So I'm curious if any of you folks have ever worked on death row & if so what experiences can you share ?
    Thanks in advance.
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    i did for a few years, in delaware

    those guys are typically model inmates. it was the rest of the tiers in the building that gave us the most problems...particulary the isolation (bad behavior) tier.
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    Those who work in Corrections prefer to be addressed, or referred to as "Officer(s)" as in Corrections Officer. They do a lot more than "guard", and they work in high-risk prisons where their clientele are certified low-life. Certified by a Court conviction and sentence.

    Prisons were places that I occasionally visited on investigative matters. County/City jail visits were at least a weekly item, prisons seldom. Many years ago, my very first prison visit was to the max security facility. While screening inbound, I used the word "guard" once, and the Lieutenant who escorted me, very politely and patiently sorted me out on the proper form of address. Part of the business of that day was in the control room at the super-max area where death penalty inmates are housed. Lasting impressions for a 20-30 min. look: the Officers don't get paid enough to do that job, and it was very-very quiet in that cellblock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tapout View Post
    those guys are typically model inmates.
    Why were they model inmates? One would think they would be the worse, given that they had committed the most violent crimes and now have nothing to lose.

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    I read a book called "Hot House" by Pete Early. Normally Pete Early writes kind of/sort of as a prisoners rights advocate. But for this book he wrote from the perspectives of both the officers and the inmates. He pointed out that the officers detest being called guards. He also mentioned that the prisoners hated to be called inmates.



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