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    Have you ever had a traumatic event in the line of duty?

    I know most officers will have a traumatic event during their career. A recent trend in my academy has been bringing officers who have suffered traumatic events or have been injured or shot in the line of duty in to speak with us about their incident, how they handled it, and what they've learned from it. Anyone here feel comfortable telling their stories of a life changing event in the line of duty? Thanks

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    Some guys here have 25+ years on the job....they got stories. Me, I've only got about 2 yrs on, and even I have some stories.

    And soem guys here will feel comfortable sharing their stories, and some won't. But I would imagine (maybe it's just me) that most don't want to share their stories in the public section. You might have to wait until you can get into the verified section to hear them.

    That's just a guess.
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    We keep some experiences guarded, matt. A reason that this is done is that when one such occurrs, we usually wind up hashing it out over years of media coverage, courtroom drama, etc. It just gets better for us not dwelling on it anymore. Our healing process usually only includes those closest to us. Our laundry gets aired out enough in public.

    I'm going to say that you probably won't get many responses, if any, especially in the public area of the forums. If one of the officers here wants to share it, that's his option and I'd certainly honor it, however I wouldn't much expect it.

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    What he said. When you are verified, we'll talk.
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    I understand.. Thanks

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    Yes, I have. No, I won't. Get verified. Most of us tend to open up a bit more in those sections of the forums.

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    The sun turn tail and
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRich View Post
    Yes, I have. No, I won't. Get verified. Most of us tend to open up a bit more in those sections of the forums.
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