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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradocop View Post
    We didn't do a PT test in it, but oh did we run in that crap a time or two. I recall a 5 mile run in full duty gear (duty belt, pants, boots, vest, uniform shirt, etc). That sucked.

    But, like everyone else said... don't waste the money. Just wrap yourself in sweaty shrink wrap, throw 5 lbs of weight over your shoulders, and start running

    If your academy is as sadistic as ours pretends to be sometimes, you'll have plenty of time for that crap once you are hired!
    Hahaha, they made you do that? Who screwed the pooch for that punishment?

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    When we had to do our annual physical agility test as a wildland firefighter, we had to do it with a 40# pack on. We used our line gear and stuffed fire hose in it. 3 miles worth!

    If you want the weight just to train with, use a small back pack that you can cinch fairly tight to your body so it's not bouncing around, and put some weight in it. I used soft diving weights once instead of hose.

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    I used to run with weight in a backpack, the annual combat fitness test I had to do a a military reserve was with 20Kg in a bergan but the standard fitness test was in sports gear.

    All the UK entry fitness tests are done in the gym. Some specialist units use a military style kitted run.

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    just wear a back pack and put enuff stuff in there to weigh it down. its free and u can use it for other things
    Resistance is Futile

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    Good on you for taking your conditioning so seriously. First thing I'll ask is if you consider yourself "a runner". Are you already able to run at a decent pace for a decent distance in varied terrain? If not, continue training without weight (work some hills) until you are able to hold your own.

    Buy yourself a weighted vest if you want to simulate your gear and vest. It will be a lot cheaper and you won't stink up your vest unnecessarily (you'll have plenty of time to do that).

    When running with extra weight you need to do all you can to limit the impact on your joints as you'll be causing more stress on your knees and hips. Wear quality shoes that aren't worn out and run in the grass if you can.

    Obviously, start slow and short and work your way up to prevent injury. Continue training with a vest and you'll be running 6 minute miles with hills in no time

    It's good to see that you realize you're not merely training for a fitness test but increasing your and fellow officers' chances of survival.


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