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Thread: The Academy

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    The Academy

    Looking for opinions on "The Academy". I downloaded the whole series from Amazon.com and enjoyed it.
    Im not an LEO yet, but it seems to me that they spent too much time looking up the recruit's asses for peanuts. I know they couldnt highlight too much training for security issues, it just seems like they went overboard at times. Especially Officer Hart from Torrance P.D.
    Thoughts anyone???

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    I expected to be disappointed with it but I actually liked it. The recruits story lines were interesting and it brought back a lot of memories.

    Sweating recruits over seemingly trivial details is a key component to good training. Learning details do matter is important and as far as getting sweated over it-- well--if you can't take it in the safety of the academy you aint going to do well the first time some prison shined dirtbag who wants to kill you gets in your grill and you need to take care of business. And I dont think you will find many cops objecting that too few tactic's were revealed lol.

    Second season on the way.
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    I'll start off by saying that I do not watch this show nor do I plan on it. There is a good reason why instructors do what they do while a recruit is in the academy. When you get through it, and when its all said and done, I would expect that you will see this reasoning. Like I said I don't watch it, I have some problems with the public being entertained while watching police recruits train. Having a camera in the academy setting, I feel is a distraction to the quality of the training they would normally recieve. Could you imagine being a recruit, after getting a solid ass chewing for doing something stupid the director saying "Um yeah were going to have to do a second take on that ass chewing, my camera guy didn't get the best angle to see the true emotion in the face of the instructor. To me it makes it look like the police academy is a game built for your entertainment. And we all know that it is not.

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    Reminder of the "Academy" ENTERTAINMENT!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaBear View Post
    Reminder of the "Academy" ENTERTAINMENT!!!
    Exactly. They took what the producers determined to be the most interesting aspects of the 16 week course and condensed it down into 8 hours of TV. An ass-chewing always trumps a report writing class in terms of interest.
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