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Thread: Hinge or link?

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    My cuffs are the same as those pictured in Long tails reply they offer greater restraint and control on the prisoner than any other type of cuffs I have seen used.

    Allowing a whole set of compliance and takedown options using the cuffs.

    Wish I could show you the video of me using a top cuff take down on a drunk in a busy shopping street who pushed it that bit to far and then resisted arrest after I had one end of the cuffs on.

    Only had one person get there hands infront wearing these cuffs from a rear back to back position, had to re-cuff in a rear stack he didn't manage it from that position.

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    FishTail Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Standard Dave
    Wish I could show you the video of me using a top cuff take down on a drunk in a busy shopping street who pushed it that bit to far and then resisted arrest after I had one end of the cuffs on.
    He he he. That is the sweetest move ever!

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    I carry one of each on my belt and have an extra of each in my car! I think the hinged have greater control over the persons movment!

    My 2 cents
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    I keep a couple of flex-cuffs in my duty bag, and we keep several in the cruisers in easy access. They're convenient, and reasonably secure when you're short on cuffs, or dealing with people that regular cuffs won't work on for various reasons. They can also be used to secure a squirmy prisoner a little better by looping a flexcuff around the cuffs and a belt loop...

    Having the prisoner saw through them somehow shouldn't be a problem. Any cuff, metal or nylon, is only a temporary restraint, and prisoners in cuffs should be monitored. And it'd take a while to saw or abrade through them.

    I have broken a flexcuff in the past...

    It involved being cuffed in front, with two cuffs, and having room and time to work it. And it hurt like hell! I don't think it'd be an issue for most prisoners, especially if the flexcuffs were used properly.

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    Two pairs of linked. I like hinged but my girlfriend bought me one pair and my department the other, They work well enough, no use in shelling out any more cash.
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    These are great just to have in your pocket (even while off duty). They take up hardly any room at all and seem to work very well.

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    Hinged, easier to use IMO.
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    I carry both because when I started, the hinged ones wouldn't fit in our belly-chains. The belly-chains we have now will accomodate hinged, but I still have the old link ones on my belt.

    NOTE: I would avoid the ASP cuffs. I've got a video of them being picked with a knife in about 4 seconds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 213th
    Okay, not that I use them much, but recently we were mandated to carry link handcuffs. I personally prefer the hinge, it seems like it is easier to grip with my large hands. Also, since some people are anal about how they actually go on as apposed to getting them on quicker, the hinge cuffs are much easier to get on IMO.

    My questions are what style do you use? Is it mandated that you use that style? Do they prefer that you use one style but you can purchase whichever you want? Which style do you like best?

    Just curious.
    Me too, every thing you said.

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    I have 3 or 4 sets of hinged peerless cuffs, and two chained in my bag. I prefer the hinged, far easier to control with, and apply.
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