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Thread: music

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    You know, this thread would be locked by now on some other sites...

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    last thing

    the fbi agents told us he would be ok and that they could not use the emails agasint him could we use this if they tried something or not
    if they would come and try to get him whats the worst thing they could do and how could we get out of it

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    You've asked the same question SEVEN times, and got basically the same answer each time. The same answer you got from the FBI.

    Enough. Time for you to move on.

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    Exclamation Very important message


    In order to get the feds off of you sons back this is what you MUST do. TRUST ME IT WORkS!!!!!

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    Question asked and answered. IF your son is 20 years old he is old enough to know what could happen. You cant protect him anymore he is an adult. The FBI has other things to worry about than downloading music. Do you know how many people download music daily.The FBI and All the record companys would go BROKE before they got to everyone.


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