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    Indy Guest

    Man with a gun call

    So you think you live in a safe neighborhood....until a sheriff comes knocking at your door...

    Early this evening an officer came to the door advising me to stay in the house and there would be officers surrounding the area, in the yard, etc..he saw the dogs and said not to let them out either. Apparently the man next door/behind me (I'm the corner house) had a gun and was threatening to commit suicide. His girlfriend had called the police and her and his two teenage kids had vacated the house. My understanding was that they walked to a sheriffs house several doors down and stayed there. The man stayed in the house w/the gun.

    The sheriffs were indeed surrounding the house. My neighbor across the street called to find out what was going on and suggested it would be safer at his house, that I should come over. I said the officer specifically said, rather strictly, NOT to leave the house. He said "all was clear" and I wouldn't be seen. As he was finishing up that sentence, he said, "nevermind, there are two in your bushes." Obviously, I did not leave the house...nor would I have.

    All was quiet for awhile but I could tell they were moving around based on watching my dogs and where they were paying attention to. Some of the curtains were still up so I could see them searching the house (which was completely dark at this point) room by room with flashlights. After what seemed to be a long, careful search, they searched the entire yard, shed, etc.. complete with the "sheriffs dept" entrace. Different officers were checking in on me once in awhile asking questions about the guy and whatnot. He's rather anti social with the rest of us, so I really couldn't offer much. Felt bad about that. The house next door is vacant, so he said they looked through their bushes, yard, etc..as well.

    He thought someone might be hiding him out in their house, asked if I thought anyone was close enough to him to do that. I advised him he's sort of the "outcast" of the neighborhood, for a variety of reasons (won't list them here). So no, I didn't think anyone would do that. He talked to everyone anyway, obviously. I'm sure they hear, "Oh no, he's not here..." often.

    I later talked to another neighbor on the phone who advised me that the house that's for sale next door to me is occasionally left unlocked (unsure why). The owner is deceased and the sons (IE: owners) live in TX. So I called the dept and advised them of that so they could go back and more thoroughly check it. There were still officers outside around the "target" house (what they called it), but I didn't think it was a smart idea at all to walk up in the dark and try to give them info. While I was on the phone with the dispatcher, I could hear her talking to the officers and she had me wait on the line while they figured out which house it was they needed to search again (didn't know my own neighbors address! but it's the guys house, mine, and the vacant one, so it wasn't hard to figure out). They later said it was clear but thanked me for letting them know since he could have been hiding out inside.

    Now they seem to have left - just one officer parked out in front of their house. I guess watching/waiting? I figured they were probably out looking for him, just curious what do you guys do when you can't find the person? Keep looking or go back on regular patrol after awhile and hope you run across him?

    The girlfriend and kids seem to be back in the house, and the dogs are back in the yard (they had them locked up in a car). Whereever he is, he left on foot because all the cars are still there. They (the family) were watching after he left and no one picked him up from the home, but he could have walked somewhere and met someone.

    Just curious how this sort of thing is usually handled. Not really nervous, but a little uneasy knowing he could be nearby with a gun and not in his right mind. He's always been a little "odd," but you know neighbors sometimes. Seemed nice enough, just gave me an uneasy feeling.

    Sorry for rambling. Hope everyone is doing well.

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    Indy Guest
    Something I meant to ask as well - are silencers (sp?) pretty common? My elderly neighbor was really worried that he has killed himself and is laying in between two houses somewhere in the neighborhood. You'd think we would have heard the gunshot though, or someone would have if he walked a good distance....

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    Wow, that's a little spooky. lol I hope all goes well your way.

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    Just curious how this sort of thing is usually handled <<<<<there is no exact way to do things every time. If there were, I wouldnt tell anyone.
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    Indy Guest
    Well...I didn't want the deep dark secrets of the inner workings of the PD. Just curious if you keep looking or if you have to move on to other stuff.

    I was hoping to see a K9, but no such luck. If they had one I didn't see it...I didn't want to be the "nosy neighbor" and keep looking out the windows though, and with the angle of the houses it's entirely possible they ran a K9 through the house and I didn't know.

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    Bearcat06 Guest
    Keep your doors locked.....and if you do answer....make sure one of your doggies is near by to help "Take a bite out of Crime."

    Be safe....

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    In most states the effort required to obtain a silencer isn't worth the hassle. I doubt he has one, and if he's going to shoot himself, I doubt he'd worry about noise.

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    FishTail Guest
    Strangely enough, where I am it's really easy to get a suppressor for a rifle but almost impossible to get one for a pistol. Then again, maybe that's not so strange.

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    Depends on how many officers are available. Could continue to patrol the area and stay 10-8 to handle calls or they may stay out of service and patrolling the area. The officer that you had seen still at the scene simply was probably doing paperwork.

    Just a word of advice to all the civilians on this site. When its dark outside its never a good idea to come up to an officer that is not expecting something to come up on his/her backside. Especially when we are looking for a potentially dangerous suspect. Doing something like this could get you hurt or even worse killed.

    Indy you did an excellent job of telling the officers things that could potentially help them out. Always remember that now matter how insignificant you think the info is, it could possibly break the case open for us and or allow us to find the person or person's we are looking for.
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