Want to learn everything about bombs from A-Z? Look up New Mexico Tech... on search box to the right once youre on that page, type in bomb class... & then click on RESPOND: IRTB & ( i forget other letters)
free train the trainer class on bombs, how theyre made, what to look for, case studies, etc. you actually go to military bombing range to examine what stuff looks like in its many various forms. (i knew nothing, no military, so i learned ALOT!) theres a pre-test to see how much you know before the class, & then a very long test at the end... (that you really should pass!)
they show you everything from pipe bombs & damage they can do, all the way to blowing up buildings (if bomb was in a briefcase.. investigate damage to person, bldg, area) all the way to bombing up a a car w/ amfo. really cool stuff... eye opener. definately a wake up seeignit in person than tv or video.

instructors are great, they give you a class photo.

Training Courses
To participate, you must have job responsibilities related to responding to WMD incidents.
Be approved by your State Point of Contact. Have the required job experience.
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Operational-Level IRTB and PRSBI Courses
The advanced training courses teach the effective response to WMD and suicide bombing events involving explosives. These four-day courses are taught in Socorro, New Mexico.

Expert instructors have front-line experience.
Field exercises take place on EMRTC's 40 square mile test site.
Participants analyze actual explosives, including pipe bombs, letter bombs, package bombs, and full-scale vehicle bombs.
Train the trainer structure enables graduates to teach Awareness-Level courses in their local communities.
Continuing Education Units are available through New Mexico Tech.
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Awareness-Level IRTB Course
Four-hour Awareness level IRTB courses are taught locally. Contact your State Point of Contact or EMRTC to arrange a class in your area.

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