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    Help needed with text messaging

    I came up with an idea to use texting to alert the community. Some of the things that would be sent out via text are, missing kids/people, crime alerts, crime prevention tips, requests for possible witnesses (hit and runs, burglaries) and so on. My Lt. liked the idea and I have the go ahead to see if it is feasible.

    Here is what I envision. The public can sign up via the sheriff's dept. website. The can enter their phone # or email address. They would also enter their location in the county (so we can localize alerts).

    Anyone have any ideas on a program that would be able to do this? Does anyone have anything like this at their current department?

    Thanks in advance!

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    My brother "dispatches" for a similar system although it is not run by LE. They have a network of "dispatchers" that can log in to a website and send out a text alert. The people who sign up can pick what areas they get alerts for.

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    How to use Twitter for police departments: Cops 2.0 Blog Archive Twitter: Not If, but How

    Program to help you broadcast info: Cops 2.0 Blog Archive Nixle adds stability to Tyrone, GA tweets
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    What you are describing has been done and is being used in multiple communities - heck even radio stations do it around here.

    It's a worthwhile idea, but heavy on maintenance.

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    NY launched a program that the public can sign up for emergency notifications either via phone, text or email for events in the areas with in the city they sign up for (work, school, home) Program is called Notify NY, I was enrolled in the pilot program and got calls for power outages, inclement weather, serious traffic conditions (when a truck took out an overpass). You can check out the web for info:


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    See if there is a college police department somewhere near you. Most of them use that type of system. They may be able to put you in touch with a company/supplier that can take care of your needs.
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    Madison, WI PD should use a similar program, check out their website at Madison Police Department - City of Madison, Wisconsin
    Great idea.
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    Both my home town and the city I work in uses a service called "CodeRed" to notify residents if an emergency occurs:

    CodeRED - Rapid Emergency Communication Service

    We only use voice, but I think it can also do Text Messages. The voice notifications are smart enough to sense that an answering machine picks up, and leavea message. it will also automatically call back later if the phone is busy.

    It also has a nifty feature so that you can select an area of the city to send notifications to, and it will figure out which numbers to call by street address.

    CERT has also played with another service like this one - I think it was similar but I can't remember the name. It was "CallingBoard" or something like that:
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    We do the reverse 911 system but we use the phone, not text.
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    The university I used to work at used CityWatch Notification Solutions

    It was a phone system, that also could send text messages. You would subscribe and if an emergency occurred on campus they would send out a text. It seemed to work pretty well. As a dispatcher I used it a few times and it was simple and easy to do.
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