Excellent, thanks a lot for these links. I went there and was sad to learn there's not a RAD instructor or program within 75 miles of us. However, tons of great info for us to use on the site. If we had more time this summer we might have gone for the training ourselves... maybe next year.

This year, for what's left before they start school, we should be able to fill their minds with some excellent safety basics. These kids have three years of judo under their little yellow and orange belts so we'll proceed with the escapes and self defense variations we have learned and practised before and then as mentioned before, really focus on the mental aspects of their safety in this mean old world we live in.

We start classes August 11, wish us luck! and if, it's ok with you all, I'd like to let you know how the girls are doing and what issues we might run into that you'd have insight about, would that be alright?