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    Laser Pointer Laws

    Another thread got me wondering how many of you have laser pointer laws?

    Have any of you had any experiences with them?

    MS Laser Pointer Law:
    SEC. 97-35-49.
    Focusing laser beam at law enforcement officer, fire fighter or other emergency personnel; penalties.

    (1) It shall be unlawful for a person intentionally and without legal justification to focus, point or aim a laser beam directly or indirectly at a law enforcement officer, fire fighter or any emergency personnel who is in uniform and engaged in the performance of official duty in such a manner as to harass, annoy or injure such law enforcement officer, fire fighter or emergency personnel.

    (2) A person who violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be fined not more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).
    I had a drunk point one at me and a couple of other officers from the second floor of a motel while making an unrelated arrest. This was prior to the law but we went and snatched him up for interfering/disorderly conduct.
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    37.3. Unlawful use of a laser on a police officer
    A. Unlawful use of a laser on a police officer is the intentional projection of a laser on or at a police officer without consent of the officer when the offender has reasonable grounds to believe the officer is a police officer acting in the performance of his duty and that the officer will be injured, intimidated, or placed in fear of bodily harm.
    B. For purposes of this Section the following terms have the following meanings:
    (1) "Laser" means any device that projects a beam or point of light by means of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation or any device that emits light which simulates the appearance of a laser.
    (2) "Police officer" shall include commissioned police officers, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, marshals, deputy marshals, correctional officers, constables, wildlife enforcement agents, and probation and parole officers.
    C. Whoever commits the crime of unlawful use of a laser on a police officer shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.
    Acts 1999, No. 1076, 1.

    I have never personally had an incident involving this.
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    The "offenders" could not have known I was a cop but I had one pointed at me about a week from academy graduation. We did a night op in a "shoot house" (an abandoned academy property in the middle of the hood) with paint guns and on the way out I took a wrong turn into a housing project. It was my own fault. I knew better. From the time I entered until the time I exited there was one of several laser dots on my POV. I felt fairly sure they were attached to weapons.
    In uniform and on duty?...... not as of yet.
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    1950 Code of Virginia, as amended:
    18.2-57.01. Pointing laser at law-enforcement officer unlawful; penalty.
    If any person, knowing or having reason to know another person is a law-enforcement officer as defined in 18.2-57, a probation or parole officer appointed pursuant to 53.1-143, a correctional officer as defined in 53.1-1, or a person employed by the Department of Corrections directly involved in the care, treatment or supervision of inmates in the custody of the Department engaged in the performance of his public duties as such, intentionally projects at such other person a beam or a point of light from a laser, a laser gun sight, or any device that simulates a laser, shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

    Haven't actually used it myself... Then, of course, there are also the laws about pointing one at aircraft.
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    I'm not aware of a laser pointer law in MN.
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    Never had one pointed at me, but with 2 air force bases, we get reports of people shining them at military planes. Not the brightest thing to do, point a laser at a plane that can level your neighborhood with one shot if it felt the threat was real.
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    Yep. Almost shot a guy back in CA that thought it would be funny to point at me. Another time was out patroling in a caprice. Looked down and there was a laser pointed at my chest. Layed down on the seat and punched it. A half second later a shot went off. We later killed the guy that did that.
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    Texas has one. Hooked a kid at a basketball game for it. Had it happen at a festival too, finding a laser is pretty hard to do if the pointee isn't stupid.

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    Florida makes it a 3rd degree felony to point one at a LEO & aircraft, misdemeanor for others.
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