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Thread: Above the law?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mavriktu View Post
    In La.they are protected against DUI,---as well they should be,hell we have the best politicians money can buy.
    Is that true? I have not pulled over a state legislator so I have not had a reason to look that up. Are you sure that is true or are you joking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmaster View Post
    Is that true? I have not pulled over a state legislator so I have not had a reason to look that up. Are you sure that is true or are you joking?
    Yep. They have diplomatic immunity when the legislature is in session.

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    -Ex-Sheriff Martin Howe to Will Kane in "High Noon"

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    I work as a police officer on a University campus, and we have 2 hospitals here. A couple of months ago, and co-worker was in this same situation, were he attempted to pull over a speeding vehicle. I jumped in behind him to give location & direction of travel for the pursuit. After 3 blocks, the driver jumped out of the vehicle, in scrubs, and ran into the employee entrance. I ran after her, and noticed the initiating officer was not chasing her on foot. He said that she must be a doctor on her way to surgery. I was a little irritated that the Dr. did not even consider calling our PD and informing them that she would be arrving in the area at an accelerated speed, or the nature of her call, ESPECIALLY when she sees 2 police cars behind her with lights & sirens on.
    I guess its a good thing I didnt tackle her, I was pretty close. I probably wouldve gotten an ass chewing over it, but I think I could've articulated why I did what I did, if it would've come to that.
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