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    Is this excessive?

    With cameras and radar, is this necessary?

    Last year the March safety enforcement effort resulted in more than 18,000 traffic citations and warnings.
    Read more: State Plans Special Traffic Enforcement This Week - Des Moines News Story - KCCI Des Moines
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMGreat101 View Post
    Since those types of enforcement efforts are grant driven and based on crash and historical traffic information I'd say yes. All those cameras and people are still driving poorly enough to justify massive grants and off duty pay. I'll also bet the vast majority of those 18,000 contacts were warnings too.
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    Nothing gains voluntary compliance like seeing several squads out stopping violators. Also these types of grants often lead to other stuff, such as drugs. Its too bad they don't include in their stats how many people get picked up who have outstanding warrants, how many cars are found with drugs, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjohnson63 View Post
    Its too bad they don't include in their stats how many people get picked up who have outstanding warrants, how many cars are found with drugs, etc.
    When we do a federally funded traffic blitz we tally that information too. It includes things such as insurance. license, and dui violations too. The public are usually pretty happy with those numbers. Lot and lots of equipment warning cites. Most working citizens are not aware they had a tail light out, they are annoyed with the stop, and then in agreement when I explain what we are doing ie looking for drunks, dope, and wanted persons. The blitzes also include presentations to schools too. Especially around Prom season.

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