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Thread: Cash Only Seizures

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    Yep...their arguments were so lacking that the only thing they could seize upon were the signature lines that they took offense to. And they were all Grosman quotes.
    "If anything worthwhile comes of this tragedy, it should be the realization by every citizen that often the only thing that stands between them and losing everything they hold dear... is the man wearing a badge." -- Ronald Reagan, in the wake of the deaths of 4 CHP troopers in the Newhall Incident, 1970

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    Nice to see that my signatures were appreciated...

    It makes people uneasy that the cop thought process is that they are prepared to shoot every one of us if necessary? Really?

    This isn't a war zone. Govt and LE are making it one. Obviously that's primarily because of the war on drugs. It really doesn't matter to me that LEO's claim they "have no choice, the law is the law".

    If they are prepared to kill me, or my loved ones, if they feel threatened... rightly or not... then people I care about, are unfairly in danger.

    Do no harm. There is no room for a process in weighing the good vs the bad, IMHO. The bad needs to be ZERO. (As a serious goal, at the very least.)

    Expect the Unexpected

    Kwai Chang Caine was prepared to defend himself. He was trained to expect the unexpected. He was trained to AVOID situations that may lead to death and violence.

    He was not willing and prepared to kill every single soul he met in the course of his day.
    A comment in response to this... (I know I'm preaching to the choir for OR, but since others may be reading...)

    Kwai Chang Caine was TV character with the scriptwriting gods on his side. And cops don't have the option to avoid danger in many circumstances. We never know if the guy in the car we're pulling over is on the run for a murder spree or someone so nice that they make Mother Theresa look like a Nazi stormtrooper. We have to be prepared to deal with either one... and we don't have hours to figure it out. The mindset of "be nice -- but be ready" is essential if we're going to follow the first rule: Go home at the end of the shift.

    I'm actually a big fan of The Warrior Creed:
    Wherever I walk, everyone is a little safer because I am there.
    Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend.
    Whenever I return home, everyone is happy I am there.
    Voting against incumbents until we get a Congress that does its job.

    TASER: almost as good as alcohol for teaching white boys to dance

    "Don't suffer from PTSD -- Go out and cause it!"
    -- Col. David Grossman, US Army, ret.

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