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    crimes involving kids without a doubt but possible harder if not worse, having to escort the sick scumbag out of his home and protect him from the mob of parents when I would have loved to join in with them.

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    Politics and pretty much the same bullshit over and over again. But other days I love it. All depends on what mood I'm in LOL.
    This message was brought to you by Tampons. We
    aren't the best thing in the world but we are right up
    there next to it.

    To them its always 'scary and aggressive' driving. To us its at times a matter of life and death." -LawnMM


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    I'd have to say the worst thing I've had to deal with is punked out a$$hole juvenile delinquents. They have no respect for anyone, especially their parents, much less LEO's. And the bad thing is that it's the parents' fault. They're either never home, or they just don't care. I've dealt with 2 kids in particular who were absolutely TERRIBLE! They were out slinging dope and stealing cars at like 14. Neither of their parents wanted them, nor did any other family members. It's absolutely horrific! I despise juveniles! Not to mention the fact that you have to watch what you say to them, and pretty much can't lay hands on them as easily as adults when you need to. It's terrible! Oh well, there's my two cents.

    Stay safe

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    one hard thing is dealing with people who hate the police and bad mouth you all the time then call on you when they need help....no matter what you do, it's not good enough for them, and they complain, saying you are racist/biast or that you dont care about them....i know they're just attacking the uniform but its the fact that we risk our lives and the well being of our loved ones for those people who just complain in return.



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