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    Special Investigator's Basic Course in California

    Hello and good evening. I am new to this forum.

    I am currently a non-sworn investigator for a California state agency. I have accepted a position with another state agency as a sworn-investigator and will be attending the academy in Huntington Beach in August (for four months.)

    I will be enrolling (agency-sponsored) in the SIBC (Specialized Investigator's Basic Course) program. I understand that, although I will be earning my POST cert, the PT is quite different from the police academy. My supervisor-to-be has indicated to me that this will be all that is required for my POST cert and graduation.

    All the investigators I know graduated over ten years ago and the requirements have changed, and the school will not disclose this info.

    If anyone has been through this program, I would appreciate any insight on the daily PT required.

    Thank you
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