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    I'm not sure why this is still in the public area. Anyone want it moving?

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    In my agency, in Texas, we are covered if a unit has a video camera in it. If the unit doesn't have a camera we have to fill all that crap out. If we elect to cite an offender all that trivial info is filled out on the citation...now jump through the hoop little doggy!!! LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongTail
    I'm not sure why this is still in the public area. Anyone want it moving?
    Personally, I don't have an issue with this being open. It's not a tactical issue -- it's a fact of life. Check blocks on forms and consent decrees are public information. And, maybe, some readers will learn that a cop driving down the road at oh-dark-hundred really can't often see the driver to make a stop based on racial profiling. In fact, considering how hot racial profiling is, I think it's a good topic for open discussion!

    I remember reading a message board some time back where an officer was working a speeding detail at night. He stopped on car, and the driver, a budding young lawyer or maybe a law student, happened to be black. The driver accused the cop of racial profiling -- but took the cop up on his challenge. They sat there together for a while, and the driver tried to determine the race of the other drivers in oncoming cars. Needless to say, he wasn't very successful... This opened his eyes up to the reality of the circumstances.

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    If we don't issue a ticket we have to give them a business card with the reason for the stop.

    The race card will be played forever. It is a way of life now. People use because it has been used so much in the past.
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    Holy shit. Having to fill out forms for every damn stop. That would drive me nuts. If I issue a citation, race goes on the citation. Options are ONLY black or white. If I give a warning, no one gives a shit. The only thing we do have to do when we call out our traffic stop is advise the PC (Speed, equipment, fail to maintain, etc...) which I think is a crock of shit... like you can't make something up.
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    To be honest, there used to be a lot racial profiling. We called it "being wrong in the area". My ex partner is black and in the 80's when we worked together, he lived in a fairly affluent suburb. He was getting stopped by the police all the time until they finally learned who he was. And Tony was a good driver, it wasn't because of his driving that brought him to the attention of the police.

    The only time I saw him blow up was when he was stopped by one of our guys when he was in a white neighborhood where there was some prostitution starting on a major street. By this time he was nearly 50 and this was about 1990. Can't say as I blame him..... But that young officer got a quick lesson in racial profiling!
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    We deal with two races here, REDNECKS and Floridiots

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjpuclik2
    I was putting "M" in the race block for Mexican, but was told that I need to put either "H" for Hispanic or "W" for White. No more "M's"! (The judge thought it was funny)
    ohhh i had to laugh at that!!!! I put C for cuban once *blush*

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    I know this thread has pretty much worn thru but need to tell you a story.About 3 weeks ago they had a murder in the parish that borders mine.The suspects were described as 2 B/M one with dreadlocks the other with a chee-wee hairstyle .That is it.The sheriff went on the news (bad move) and stated that he will not tolerate spillover crime from New Orleans and that "if you have a dreadlock or chee wee hair style you can expect to see a deputy"(I put that in quotes but it is not an exact quote).They have a multible murder (*4victims -all dead) and guess what gang????The ACLU (it kills me to put those letters in caps) and the NAACP (ditto) are now DEMANDING his resignation.WTF.If his deputies didnt stop these people it would be that he didnt care.I know this sheriff since he was a pup and thankfully ,he is telling them all to go f*** themselves basically.I trully wish I knew how to post links to news stories etc.You may find it on www.nola.com

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    Ouch... I feel sorry for some of you guys. We obviously cover most of the demographics (address, age, race, sex) on our citations, but we don't have any rules on reporting verbal warnings, etc.

    I will add that we are required to give a business card and tell the person the reason for the stop when no citation is issued, but that's pretty easy.

    I work in the city, and although I certainly wouldn't call our stops profiling on race/gender (we have an ethnically diverse group of bad folks in this area, and you can find a winner within any nationality), I think it is safe to say that there are some cars that get a little extra attention until we find legitimate PC to make the stop... realistically it is quite possible that we could have articulated the PC initially in many of these cases, based on their behavior alone, but in my opinion it is sometimes easier to wait for a solid traffic violation than it is to explain why they were suspicious enough to stop as is.

    I sort of had one of these the other day... something got my attention while I was behind this car, and maybe it was just the way they reacted once I was behind them, so I didn't turn off where I initially planned to... I waited for a red light violation, then initiated the stop... The driver had a warrant, and took a cheap shot at me during the course of the arrest, and I ended up spending the night on a Use of Force while they spent the night in the ER... personally, I'm sure glad I had the red light violation going for me to begin with, rather than trying to justify how this vehicle "looked" suspicious enough to justify a contact before the violation.

    sorry if that went off on a bit of tangent...


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