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    starting colckwise-----doublecuff holder, single cuff on loop, holster w/ 9mm berretta, oc spray. nothing on my back. asp w/ open top holder, a streamlight strion backup light w/opentop holder, radio holder, a belt loop to hold squadcar key, double mag pouch, and knife in my left pocket. here in chicago we wear outer vest covers so i also carry in sewed on pockets a full size polystinger and my cellphone. ( on vibrate )
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    From the buckle clockwise:

    Cuff case, keeper, Glock 37 (.45 GAP), keeper, glove pouch (only thing on back), keeper, Radio on swivel attachment, Streamlight Stinger flashlight, OC, baton ring (though I usually just attach an X26 taser on a leg drop holster through the ring -- I wear the taser on my weak side leg to free up belt space), keeper, mag case.

    Oh, and since I still work over here in the "good ol days" I keep a Jaypee SAP in the right-hand SAP pocket (this is far and away my favorite piece of equipment).

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    Clockwise from buckle
    Glove pouch-moved there because I was getting back trouble from sitting on it
    cell phone and case
    key ring
    Sig P226 in Bianchi SL321 holster-COMFY!-seriously try it.
    asp-26 inch in break away
    radio-motorola p1225-yes, ancient I know-but she works
    Surefire z2 combat light and holder
    Oakley adjustable payload case and my half jackets
    dual mag pouch

    I'm told that I'm gonna hafta find room for a Taser in all this mess in a year or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tx-leo View Post
    I'm kinda dissapointed in how many of you carry cell phones on your belt.
    Don't carry it on belt, Carry it in vest. One more item a bullet has to go though to get to me.

    Wireless earpiece in pocket.
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    Originally posted by SeriousStudent
    "Granny wasn't always this smart. Once she played deaf to a cop, and got to ride the lightening. They didn't have those fancy phasers set on stun in my day. No sir, you took the barbs and did the kickin' chicken!"

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    Same here, same as who I dont know but here goes
    Triple retention buckle, double mag puch horizontal, keeper, gun Glock 9mm, keeper, Poly stinger, handcuff case, keeper in lower mid back, ASP, radio, O.Sh!t spray, keeper, belly. Iam not fat Iam just big boned...
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    RIP Eric

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    If you are looking at me, from the buckle clockwise:

    Cell Phone pouch (sorry- but it is set to vibrate)
    OC Pouch
    Baton Ring (Usually holds Streamlight Stinger but is supposed to be for PR-24)
    Double cuff case
    About a 4- 5 inch gap across my spine area with one "special keeper".
    Protective glove pouch
    Keeper- with key ring
    Mag Pouch- diagonal with mag draw towards my right.

    That's it, there isn't room for anything else. If we ever get Tasers, I'll have to can the OC, move the cuffs up front, and use a drop-rig for the Taser. There is only so much room.
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    Duty belt is a Cordura, nylon with velcro inner , so no keepers. Motorola XTS 5000, cpr pack which also has my rubber gloves, leatherman,, thats for teh left side, right side is double cuff case, INOVA T2 tac police light, S@W 38.spl for armed escorts and patrol duty, double speedloaders with +P ammo. baton/Maglight holster, thats the only thing on my back, if the situation call for it, we have 3 types of batons, 24 inch,36 inch and 42 inch and I may have to carry O/C sizes from mrk 4-mrk9. Also on some posts you are armed with a rifle as well so with my belt i may have to pack a AR-15 9mm carbine or AR-15 .223 or a Remington 870 pump. That about covers it.
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