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    Question Who Is In Charge In You Area?

    I light of recent events in Colorado and Florida, I have a question: In a tactical situation in your area, who is in charge? I am from Wyoming but now work in Nebraska. In Wyoming the Sheriff is the scene commander unless relieved by federal agents or the Governor. Even if the event happens inside the city limits, the Sheriff can relieve the PD guys and put his guys in place. Maybe my Colorado friends can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Colorado is the same way. In Nebraska the State Patrol is in charge until relieved by the Feds. Just wondering how it works with you guys.

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    Birmingham Police Tactical Unit is in charge until relieved by the Feds. (Even then, they use us for the hard stuff, while they "stategize" over coffee.)
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    In NYC the NYPD is in charge, with limited exceptions on an agency by agency basis. They provide hostage negociators, bomb squad, etc. for most of us. They were at one time the only Emergency Service provider also. Now NYC Correction and NYS Courts are in the process of providing their own emergency response teams. Overall in any incident other than one involving a special response team, i.e., a hostage taking, bomb incident, NYPD is in charge of the scene.

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    It's never been an issue here. In the county, the county PD has a joint SWAT team. In South Bend, we have our own and handle it ourselves. I don't recall any time that another agency came in to took control.

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    I'd be in charge. Really! At least for a few minutes!

    We're a state agency, but....

    in any big incident, we'd call the city PD for back-up. They have a team: we don't. Once the city team arrived, I'd turn over the IC to their boss. And breathe a sigh of relief when I did it.

    My crew would take outer perimeter duties. I figure the city team should be run by their own C and C, since they have trained as a unit and there'd be less confusion that way.

    We would also notify the State Police. I'm not really sure what would happen when they arrived- it may turn into a turf war. The problem is that the city can field a team in about 20- 30 mins. It would take the Staties about 45 mins + to get a whole team here.

    of course, then my chief would arrive and everything would go to shit!
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