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    Idaho Officers..Please answer

    A family friend of ours, who my son looked up as a father/grandfather figure was a retired Police officer. He was a Sgt in Kellog Idaho, but I'm not sure in what year. I am guessing in the 50's.

    We have a photo of him in uniform from that time and he looks about 20ish. Is it possible for me to find out what years he was an Idaho officer?

    In 1970 he worked for Rainier Security Uniforms, and after that he was pretty much retired He past away last year, and I'd like to do a webpage in his memory but do not know anything on his police life other than he was a Kellog, idaho Sgt, was in the Army during the Korean War. He was born in 1930 and died 2005.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Free advice:
    Google Kellogg ID for police, news, and museum email contacts.
    Take digital photo (macro setting) of your old pic.
    Email the pic and the story to the Kellogg PD, news, and museum, asking them to pass it on to whomever they see fit, and respond to you with any info.
    Maybe you'll get lucky.



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