I am a 23 and have graduated from a great university in NC with a BA in Criminal Justice and a minor in sociology....I have a high GPA, no criminal, no driving, minor pot usage over 2 years ago, I am in great physical condition and I have completed an internship at a major municiple agency. To me, on paper, I think I am a stellar applicant. In reality, however, I am 0-3 with the application process. One place turned me down before ever talking with me, another place gave me a 10 min. interview and sent me a rejection letter and the last agency strung me along for 4 months, and I passed every test they gave me. It went to the chain of command review, the last phase, and I was not hired. I guess my main question is...What else are they looking for? I am starting to get frustrated with the fact that I want to do this work, regardless of the horrible pay, I am qualified, and I am extremely eager to being a career in LE since my college graduation....What am I doing wrong and is it normal to go through this many applications? Any advice would be appreciated.