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Thread: No Refusal DUI Checkpoints

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorwaycop View Post
    We aren't allowed to carry out random breath tests here. But....We can require a test if we stop a driver and a traffic offence has been committed or if no offence the officer suspects alcohol.
    Threfore you set a roadside checkpoint to check the roadworthiness or documents of drivers.
    Then if you catch a wiff of alcohol or they state they have consumed alcohol recently you can administer a test. If refused that is an offence and gets you arrested if alcohol is suspected. Back to the station for two further breath tests. Refusal here results in a charge and madatory ban of 12 months. Here you only get the choice of blood if you blow between certain parameters on the breath test. Over the limit charge again results in mandatory ban of at least 12 months.
    I know that Australia also have random breath testing checkpoints.
    At any checkpoint you always put a car down the nearest turn off point to catch the ones trying to avoid the said checkpoint. these are always the best ones to catch.
    DUI here is the only offence for which you cannot delay the procedures before being allowed to consult with free legal advice(even by phone) In other words as soon as the sgt in the lock up has authorised detention you go straight on the breath test machine.
    Ah I miss my days as a jackbooted tool of big brother.
    What's the per se level over there? In pretty much all of the US, it's now .08 g/210 liters breath or .08% mass/volume.
    Voting against incumbents until we get a Congress that does its job.

    TASER: almost as good as alcohol for teaching white boys to dance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorwaycop View Post
    Ah I miss my days as a jackbooted tool of big brother.
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    "...but to forget your duck, of course, means you're really screwed." - Gary Larson

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewisipso View Post
    I don't approve of this, I don't approve that... What then is acceptable? Apparently just let drunk drivers continue to drive and as we always do, we'll just clean up the mess. It doesn't take that long to get the brains and guts of innocent kids off the roadway with a firehose.
    Its a matter of tactics. Stopping a car for swerving is reasonable. Stopping all cars and making citizens prove their innocent is the opposite of innocent till proven guilty. It's not that I think OVI is fun and cool. My opinion is only Germany has check points. Let us be free of such tyranny.
    "to serve, protect and lean in to smell your breath"? Not funny but that's what it is.

    Tapatalk does not require a sobriety test to post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jks9199 View Post
    What's the per se level over there? In pretty much all of the US, it's now .08 g/210 liters breath or .08% mass/volume.
    It is 35 migrogrammes 100 millilitres of breath. Apparently that does convert to 0.08. I think!

    Our biggest challenge is to put an end to drug driving. be that prescribed or illegal narcotics. I believe we are quite close to a good roadside test.
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