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    Good song and video

    I found this on a soldier's blog. I think it's great and worth the 3 minutes or so.

    From the blog entry- "Check out this awesome video. Deployment ceremonies are never easy. Emotions can be overwhelming as families and friends gather together for their good-byes. Twelve-year-old Alyssa Gaddis and her 16-year-old sister Cassy Gaddis, of Springfield, IL, know this firsthand. They’ve been to many such events because their father, CW5 Jim Gaddis, is the command chief warrant officer of the Illinois Army National Guard. These experiences inspired Alyssa to write a song — a song to lift the spirits of those enduring deployment, a song to inspire courage and hope. Alyssa titled her song, “The Price of Peace.” "

    The Price of Peace from chcknhawk - Video
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    Beautiful song.



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