I hope this is ok to post here, but there is a reunion next year in August and we are trying to get the word out in case there is someone on this site who is a former member of this MP Company or batalion from ANY era. Alot of them are either currently working in LE or retired from civilian LE.


If you have ever served with the 300th Military Police Company or 385th Military Police Battalion, this one is for you.

The 300th Military Police Company will be holding its 4th Annual Reunion on August 6-8, 2010 at the Emerald Grande Resort in Destin, FL. Sponsored by Legendary Hospitality with below normal unit discount rates and no resort fees (normally $20.00 per day) and hosted by John and Ann Sams. Legendary Hospitality has also made it possible for anyone attending to check in 3 days prior to the reunion date and stay 3 days after the reunion at the same below normal unit discounted rate. This could turn into a family vacation and attend the reunion at the same time.

All information on unit rates, itinerary and the Reunion Dinner menu (All you can eat Seafood Buffet) are in the photo album marked Destin, FL on the 300th website.

If you are a former member and belong to the 300th Military Police Company website, log on and vote on the 2 polls that are currently open for the 2010 reunion. (What size bedroom will you need for the 2010 reunion) and (Who will be attending the 2010 reunion in Destin, FL) Make sure that you vote for everything that applies).

Not a member of the 300th Military Police Company Group website? Go to groups.yahoo.com/group/300thMPCompany and join, its FREE. And as we say “Return to the Barracks”. Lots of photos of the past and who knows who you will meet there that you have been looking for. We are currently 180 members strong.

Any questions, feel free to call or email me at bulldogs300mp@yahoo.com

Hope to see everyone here in August

John Sams

300th MP Company 1987-1992

SSG (Retired)
(850) 974-1400