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    US military facing supply bottleneck at Haiti airport

    The United States military is trying to find a solution to the supply bottle-neck at Port-au-Prince airport, as Haitians struggle to survive what the United Nations has described as the worst disaster it has ever confronted.
    The USS Carl Vinson is now situated about 15 kilometres off the Haiti coast and its aircraft have been dropping supplies, so many in fact they have run out.
    They are not the only navy ship in the region and they are waiting for more supplies from Guantanamo Bay.
    But Rear Admiral Ted Branch says he is frustrated that there are supplies sitting at Port-au-Prince airport brought in by other agencies, which they can not get out.
    He says he would like to use the navy's choppers but the coordination on the ground just is not there.
    A UN spokeswoman has said earthquake is the worst disaster ever confronted by the organisation, pointing out that the catastrophe has left affected regions with little infrastructure.
    More here: Haiti disaster 'like no other' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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    It doesn't help that much of what they called a government is gone, the UN are masters of the cluster fuck and the roads are impassable. Machete weilding citizens are acting just like the somali's when we dropped food and supplies there. We don't dare to "take charge" for fear of what the so called international community will say.

    You know there are reasons why Haiti is the most wretched country in the western hemisphere and folks are just now beginning to see some of them. It doesn't help that a significant portion of the population has AIDS and that medical personnell must assume each patient is infected, thus slowing down even that process.

    Natue hasn't been good to these people either hitting them with 7 major disasters in the past few years.

    I feel sorry for the children especially.....but the country has always been a mess and we aren't going to change that while we try to render some aid.

    Car 4
    I would like my country back. I used to believe that one man could never destroy this country. Not so sure anymore!

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    After being there for three years from 04-07 I can say that the people and the country will never change. They have no respect what so ever for each other. If they can move ahead one inch they will do it even if it means screwing 10 other people to do it. All they want is hand outs and complain that the world is ignoring them if they dont get it. They complain that there is no jobs or money to feed themselves, but when you try to find people to help re-build the roads or anything they are no where to be seen, or just dont want to be bothered. If you cant show them how something will directly benefit them they dont want anything to do with it. I have many stories that would cause people to just shake their head.

    One afternoon I was coming out of a grocery store with supplies and had some kids complaining that they were hungry. So I gave them a full loaf of french bread, they looked at it and threw it on the ground and demanded money. I walked off and never gave them anything again. (just one example)
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