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    Gates tells Marines they can't quit over the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

    Sir, we joined the Marine Corps because the Marine Corps has a set of standards and values that is better than that of the civilian sector. And we have gone and changed those values and repealed the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy," the sergeant told Gates during the question and answer session.

    "We have not given the Marines a chance to decide whether they wish to continue serving under that. Is there going to be an option for those Marines that no longer wish to serve due to the fact their moral values have not changed?" he asked.

    "No," Gates responded. "You'll have to complete your ... enlistment just like everybody else."

    "The reality is that you don't all agree with each other on your politics, you don't agree with each other on your religion, you don't agree with each other on a lot of things," he added. "But you still serve together. And you work together. And you look out for each other. And that's all that matters."
    More here: No opt-out for opponents of gays in military: Gates | Reuters

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    It hasn't mattered before and it won't matter tomorrow.

    Gates may not understand Marines very well. I don't either.

    The folks that serve do *not* see eachother as "categories."

    Or that was my experience, anyhow.
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    I was a navy corpsman with the Marines many years ago. I spent 12 total, 6 active and 6 reserve. I knew of some who were possibly gay. I saw some get arrested in the P.I. for conduct unbecoming. What unifies us all whether its a gay person or straight person is professionalism in uniform. Act in a honorable, professional manner, and no one will care how you get off. Act like you are entitled to make others uncomfortable with your presence, it discourages good order and discipline. There are no monuments that describe a straight or gay hero on the battlefield. If you truly love this country, and want to continue the legacy of honorable Americans who served, so be it. Act like a disciplined, educated professional and you will be respected. Act like a flaming floozy, and you will receive the scorn of your peers.

    Marines, of all the services, have the discipline to overcome this political decision till their contract is up. After that, they can voice their displeasure by walking away. But remember, anyone can be replaced. Dont throw a promising career away cause you think you're being exposed to cooties.

    If you are pinned down by enemy fire and call in air support, I doubt you or anyone willl care if the pilot was gay. LOL.
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