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Thread: Memorial Day

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    Memorial Day

    Thanks to all who gave their lives. May they rest in peace.

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    I was working today, and I saw the local VFW setting up for the celebration. I stopped and asked them if they needed anything, and they said they needed a speaker. I ended-up giving about a 5-minute speech to the crowd, and hopefully I did OK. I had been talking to one of the old vets before the program, and he told me that he'd lived through over 40 missions in WWII as a gunner on a B-25. During my speech, I reminded the crowd that it was it was our duty to remember not only those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice, but also to "remember the people that were still with us but had sacrificed as well." The VFW was standing to my right, and I turned and told the crowd, "to my right is a group you may see as old men. I see them as old warriors that sacrificed part of their lives to insure our freedom. I see men like Orv Schneider, who flew over 40 missions in WWII to protect our freedom. I see Ron Reese who works for the village and served in the Navy, I see Buddy Brown, a man that worked with me as an officer years ago and before that, served in the Army. I see a group of warriors that were called to serve and would probably do so again if they were called upon.I would willingly serve along side of them. Thank them for their sacrifice and remember we have the freedom that we enjoy because of men like them. The next time you're at Wal-mart, Sears or the mall, and you see a grizzled old vet wearing a hat as a proud sign of his service, stop and thank them for their sacrifice. You'll be amazed at the stories you may hear, the history you'll learn, and will without a doubt brighten the day of someone that has given a part of themselves."

    That, in short, was my speech. Now, I'd like to say "Thank you" to all of the vets on this site. I never had the honor of serving my country as you have, and I can't begin to express my gratitude to those that have. I hope that you realize the pride I have in calling you my friends.
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