the Danish petty criminal turned double agent who receives $250,000 in cash for helping the CIA try to ensnare one of al Qaeda's most wanted -- by finding him a wife.The wanted man was American-born al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who had become one of the most effective propagandists for the group. The bride-to-be was a pretty blonde from Croatia. The agent was Morten Storm, who had long moved in radical Islamist circles and had apparently won the trust of al-Awlaki during a stay in Yemen in 2006.But unknown to his militant "brothers," Storm had contacted Danish intelligence late in 2006 and offered his services. They had brought in the CIA.
"He asked if I knew a woman from the West he could marry. I think that he lacked someone who could better understand his Western mind-set," Storm told Jyllands Posten.Al-Awlaki, according to Storm, already had two Arab wives, but they lived in Sanaa. He wanted a white Muslim convert who could be his "companion in hiding" in remote tribal areas.
Aminah, a pretty 33-year-old with long blond hair who worked with young disabled people in Zagreb, had recently converted to Islam and become a fan of al-Awlaki. After a series of exchanges with Storm through Facebook, she said she would be keen to marry the cleric, according to Storm.
In the second video, Aminah took off her veil and said: "Brother, it's me without the scarf, so you can see my hair ... I hope you are happy with me, inshallah," according to Jyllands Posten.At the same meeting, Storm handed Aminah a suitcase that had been rigged with a tracking device.On May 18, 2010, Storm traveled to Vienna a third time to buy Aminah's plane ticket to Yemen and hand over $3,000 in cash on behalf of al-Awlaki, he told Jyllands Posten. Aminah and the suitcase arrived in Sanaa at the beginning of June, and Storm's work was done.Two days later, one of his Danish intelligence handlers texted him: "Congratulations brother, you just got rich, very rich," Jyllands Posten published the text Sunday on its website.Storm said that on June 9, 2010, a CIA agent handed him a briefcase at a Crowne Plaza hotel near Copenhagen, Denmark. "What's the code?" Storm asked. "Try 007," the agent responded. Inside was $250,000.
Al-Awlaki was eventually tracked down and killed in a drone strike at the end of September of last year. Storm insists it was his work that finally tracked down al-Awlaki -- using a messenger carrying a USB memory stick that included a tracking device.
After al-Awlaki's death, Aminah continued to communicate with Storm through encrypted messages, unaware that he had been working with Western intelligence. A few months ago, she said she was working on Inspire, the online magazine of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP.
She also suggested she wanted to be involved in a terrorist attack, according to Jyllands Posten.
"I would be making a martyr operation, but Sheikh Basir (al Wuhayshi, the emir of AQAP) said that the sisters so far (can) not carry out operations because it will mean a lot of problems for them ... so I can not perform operation. ... I want to be killed the same way as my husband was ... Insha'Allah," she wrote.
The Danish agent, the Croatian blonde and the CIA plot to get al-Awlaki -